Symbol of the Broken (level 43)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Trainer
Related Quests:
  Traveler's Way -- Stones of Power (version 1)
  Scura Tragedia
  Animare il morti
  Arc of Ages
  La Morti Parla
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  Forest Sauvage
  Pennine Mountains
Min Level:43
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Caelin Finan
  Master Berwick
  Master Ferowl
  Shaman Saelonna
Last Updated:Thu Sep 14 08:23:04 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

Master Ferowl says, "I have requested The Academy send someone who would be able to help. I am far to weak to travel and fear my powers would fail in battle. You don't need to assist this old man, but if you will [take up the cause] to defend this realm from Morgana's evil ways then your help would be welcome."

Dialog box:

You have been given the Symbol of the Broken quest.

Master Ferowl says, "Your choice is a wise one! I will not waste anymore time with banter. There is a rumor of an Arawnite shaman by the name of Saelonna who has seen into the future. The rumors say the shaman has been driven insane by her visions. It is my hope that Saelonna has seen Morgana's evil and perhaps inscribed it in her [Book of Arawn]."

Master Ferowl says, "Seek out this Saelonna within the borders of Snowdonia and retrieve this book at whatever the cost. Return to me when you have completed this task. May your travel be swift and uneventful!"

[Step #2] Seek out the Arawnite shaman known as Saelonna. Do what you must to retrieve her Book of Arawn.

Kill Saelonna, she is north of the Arawnite camp past Snowdonia. She can be located NEW FRONTIERS loc=55k 40k (And/or 30k(55303,30372)), Dathmul 8k 32k

You receive a Book of Arawn from Saelonna!

[Step #3] Return the Book of Arawn to Master Ferowl at the Inn in Cottswold.

Master Ferowl says, "Oh my! The shaman writes of an undead beast that walks within the Pennine Mountains. This undead beast was not the creation of Morgana, but a beast spawned by the Grimwoods. It seems the wood used in the creation of some acient tower was drawn from the Grimwoods themselves. Some of the necromancers, who harvested this wood, fell prey to the Grimwoods' spells and were turned into eternal slaves. Over the years it seems many of these undead slaves were destroyed. Yet, one of the original necromancers still roams through the mountains. It appears that Morgana has used her own powers to reveal all this beast knew, including its name, Treefall. If this [Treefall] has told Morgana the location of this ancient tower, then it is imperative we locate the beast as well."

Master Ferowl says, "There have been sightings of this beast in the southern portions of the Pennine Mountains. You would be wise to start your search there. Should you encounter this Treefall, slay it and return its remains to Caelin Finan of Castle Sauvage. I believe with the right combination of spells he may be able to delve the location of this tower. Now be on your way! Time is short!"

[Step #4] Find Treefall and retrieve his remains.

Kill Treefall, a named Grimwood, location near NEW FRONTIERS loc= 4k 57k, right behind tower 3

[Step #5] Deliver the dead Grimwood bark to Caelin Finan at Castle Sauvage. Tell Caelin the bark was taken from a beast named [Treefall].

You say, "The bark was from a beast named Treefall."

Caelin Finan says, "Interesting, I have never heard of that name. I will attempt to determine what use this wood may have. One moment please!"

Caelin Finan examines the Grimwood bark.

Caelin Finan says, "Quite interesting indeed! This wood has only been used for one purpose, to build a necromantic altar! This is very bad. If this altar exists, it could be used to summon up demons from places best not spoken about. I assume The Academy has sent you on this mission? It may be wise to inform them of this evil wood and the power it commands!"

[Step #6] The Academy must be told of the news! Return to your trainer in Camelot and inform them of Morgana's interests in [raising up demons].

You say, "Morgana's interest is raising up demons!"

Master Berwick says, "Oh my! This is indeed troubling. I will ask Master Ferowl to consult with us immediately. We must determine if this is truly Morgana's goal. If her chosen path is to summon these demons then we must act at once. Locating and destroying this altar before she has a chance to use it is our only hope. Take this ring as a reward for your trouble. Return to me later and I will inform you of our decision."

  Bernor's Tarnished Ring
  Ring of Coruscating Harmony
  Ring of Mental Acuity

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# Sep 04 2005 at 7:35 PM Rating: Good
I found trefall well south of Outpost #3 past the forest and in the open and a fair amount south of the 4/57 coordinates. He was alone and orange to a 49 sorceror. He killed me on the first two attemps as he had a nearly 100% resist rate to all debuffs and matter or body damage. He can neither be confused nor mezzed. Brought some tanks the 3rd time and killed him easily.
# Sep 04 2005 at 6:57 PM Rating: Good
Found her north of the Arwanite camp at 55303,30372 facing a large bonfire east of Hurbruy. She was yellow at 49 and alone.
Zones for Locations
# Jul 11 2005 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Saelonna is in Snowdonia at 55/40.

Treefall is in the Pennine Mountains at 4/57.

This is not clear in the walkthrough above - hope this helps someone!

# Feb 09 2005 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
I spent a considerable amount of time looking for Treefall in NF. However, I did finally find him S-SW of Surs tower 3 around /loc 4K 57K above. He was not among the grimwood keepers near the tower but a bit further away and he was alone. He was oj con to me at level 46 on my wizzy. Once I finally found him, very easy and simple to kill.
# Nov 04 2003 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
exp reward is 1,970,786,560.
# Nov 04 2003 at 11:18 PM Rating: Decent
Just to tell everyone Treefall is not a tree, hes this very small guy standing by gnarled fellwoods. Found at 40k 60k as said above.
Saolonna loc
# Nov 04 2003 at 8:29 PM Rating: Decent
I found Saelonna at 59900, 16100 in Snowdonia. She coned yellow to me at 49. She comes by herself, easy kill...
RE: Saolonna loc
# Dec 04 2004 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
I found her at 55 30 in Snow at acampsite alone. yellow to me at 49, but blue to the 50 I was with
# May 10 2003 at 10:48 AM Rating: Default
what do minstrels get?
# Oct 02 2002 at 1:34 AM Rating: Default
Im a 43 sorc and did treefall alone. I pulled him with a debuff (low one) and pulled him up towards cliff crawler's and when my pet died (cliff crawler)i sprinted away from him untill he went back to his camp. Then i got a new pet fast and pulled him again and by my 4th pet i got him. He conned red to me and i was sure several times that now it was my last hour.

But use the nearby pets and be prepared to a little runnig forward and back then you can take him alone.

Mazter Mind
Proud member of Illuminati
Excalibur server
Saelonna's locations
# Sep 21 2002 at 9:39 AM Rating: Default
there is 4 camps in Snowdonia that Saelonna could be at, I found her at 23k by 47k, the locs of the other 2 camps are 6k by 55k and 37k by 52k, I checked these after 30 mins of waiting for a spawn at the camp mentioned in the walk-through above, she came alone and, as a fire wizard, I droped her in a bolt and a DD.
# Sep 05 2002 at 6:03 PM Rating: Default
Treefall is a Zombie that is located at the Gnarled Fellwood at 40k,60k. He is hard to spot right away deep in the valley, orange con to 45 and surrounded by orange and red tree's. Two bolts and a DD from this fire wiz knocked him out fast and he came alone.

Misharie TreeBurner
by Moriganne Ys
# Aug 19 2002 at 3:52 PM Rating: Default
the location of Saelonna is near 58k/19k to snowdonia.

# Jul 24 2002 at 9:35 PM Rating: Default
I got "Bernor's Tarnished Ring" from this quest. I am a Wizard. The specs on the ring are:

Fire +2
Earth + 2
Cold +2
Intelligence + 9

Mythious Frostbyte
Gawaine Server.
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