Unnatural Powers (level 43)  

Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Trainer
Related Zones:
  Bog of Cullen
  Cursed Forest
  Lough Derg
  Lough Gur
  Shannon Estuary
  Valley of Bri Leith
Min Level:43
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Fruadan Draoi
  Green Maw
Last Updated:Thu Oct 26 02:34:22 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

The Epic for these for classes starts at level 43 and is called “Unnatural Powers”, when you train with (Master Ranger Trainer in TnN was who I saw) your trainer.

He or she will tell you to talk to Lovernios, the Druid Prince in the garden behind the vault room in TnN.

He will tell you his story line & then tell you to go see & talk to Ide (loc 52k x 46k) a named Fruadan Draoi (not on beastiary list?) in the Bog of Cullen, go just a little north of Allian Bin to find her among others of her type (which are Dark Druids). She will tell you her story line.

Then you have find Saemus (loc 21k x 25k not on beastiary list either) he moves around some, but in the water all the time I was there) and kill him to get his Crystal. Seamus is around level 50 (red at 43) but not that hard to kill, bring a friend or 2 to be safe and watch out if Siabia’s have you on their kill on site list, lol which I’m on.

Once you kill Saemus return to Lovernios & give him Seamus’s Crystal, in return, after he tells his story line, he gives you 12 gold plus, almost 1.1 billion exp (about bubble and a quarter to me) along with a “Emerald Threaded Forest Cloak” usable by Ranger and then tells you to talk to “Torrance” when you are ready (for level 47, you get jewel when it’s completed) he lives in Ardee, in front of one of the buildings. loc 54642, 49959. For level 50 you get a full set of Epic armor, all 6 items at once so have room in storage.


Here is some more information on this quest, submitted by Diko 50 Battledruid Bedevere:

1. Speak to Lovernios in the castle, out back in the garden (head towards the vault the you'll see the opening same person you get the Seeking Glory quest.

2. Ask Ide about the [dark magic] that corrupted her friend. She can be found with the other Fruadan Draoi, in the Bog of Cullen. (just north of Allainn Binn at the rock on the road) just tell her "dark magic"

3. Find Saemus and retrieve the crystal, He roams the Bog of Cullen. (21k, 25k) neutral and we killed him orange con to 50.

4. Bring the crystal to Lovernios, so the Druid Court may study it. (Get a ridiculous cloak for rangers Emerald Threaded Forest Cloak, lvl 45, 100% quality, 20% bonus, +9 dex, 6% cold/crush, +18 HP)

5. Speak with Torrance, in Ardee, in front of one of the buildings. loc 54642, 49959. When you are ready, he will set you upon the next course. Just after the bridge jump off at the guard tower.

6. Talk to Asthore in Innis Carthaig about the [crystal]. She knew the merchant that was killed. (merchant shack next to the stable guy)

7. Talk to the locals of Alainn Binn about [Ysberin]. (See Lirla and say "Ysberin")

8. Madawg, a siabra magi, killed Ysberin. Go kill Madawg just north along the lake, rangers have it easy since it'll try to cast run cast, usually kill it before it gets to you. Yellow to lvl 50. 47.5k, 12.3k Sometimes has blue con saibra as guard, instant spawn I think.

9. Bring the staff to Lovenios. (go back to TNN =p lotsa travel).
10. Speak to Brigit, in the palace in Tir na Nog, about ilisa.

11. Speak to Ilisa in Mag Mell. Deliver the letter to her. Don't lose it! It's from the Elven Court. Find out where she learned the enchantments.

12. Seek out Ainrebh in the Empyrean town of Caille. give him the gift from Ilisa, and find out more about the vile magic. Take horse towards Druim Cain and get off at Caille in the building is Ainrebh the enchanter.

13. Say Ilisa sent you. Just click on the hotlinks in the text dialog.

14. Find the hag Ainrebh spoke about. She roams the Bog of Cullen, and looks like one who is dead. Tell her you [need aid]. can be found at 42.2k, 17.1k near where you killed Madawg. Say "need aid" then "cronicorn" if needed. Kill cronicorn, Then return the Cronicorn horn to the Hag.

--Cronicorn can be found at 38k x 44k He often wanders out of the Siabra camp into the water.

--There are a couple cronicorn spawns. I found one at 40k, 33k in the bog. Purple to 50's with 2 purple siabra guards. The fight with cronicorn isn't so bad, but there is a TON of agro in the area. Very dangerous spot.

15. kinda skips over by itself (Get nice Ranger's Jewel lvl 47, 100% quality, 25% bonus, +9 dex, +3 recurve bow, 21 HP)

16. Pay heed to the rantings of these Leprechauns. (Head to Cursed Forest near Druim Cain, 33.5k, 11.5k) Talk to them to make the step change or kill the named.

17. Go to the cursed Forest, and seek out the dancing leprechauns. (steps are goofy 16 and 17 is same thing basically, but kill Luriquay orange con at 50 at that locaiton, seems only 1 per person :( so full group kill it 8 times, spawn is roughly 15-20mins per just stay away from spawn camp and rock)

Jumps to step 20
20. See if a wraith by the name Flame roams the cursed forest. A big draon looking mob will spawn on the rock SW of where Luriquay spawns after you kill it. You will have to wait for full group to finish step 17 first :( Flame is near location 46.9k, 42k spotted at 20h 19m game time.... rumors it's a night spawn. Flame is neutral but attacks :( Purple con to lvl 50. Flame hits fast and for about 152-223dmg on avg against RI, along with nukes that does 258-268dmg

21. skips over fast to 22.

22. Find Green Maw somewhere on a hill in the remnants of a tower. After you kill Green Maw 2 more lower con merman types will spawn so watch out.

Flame is not a night spawn, it is neutral to anyone not on that step of the quest but is aggro if you are on the quest even though it says neutral so be careful.

After Flame check your steps, some may still be on 21 and not advanced to 22.. steps tend to skip for some reason. If you're on 21 go kill the leprechaun again.

Green Maw is inside the ruins of the tower on top of the granny hill, to make it show itself you have to get close to the tower and it will just attack you so just go rushing near to the tower and just fight. Be careful after you kill it, it will spawn 3 red cons then 4 or 5 orange cons after that and so on til 1 green con Green Maw.

Take key to Ainrebh the enchanter in Caille, give it to her and get a token, she tells you to make room in your bag (very very important or you won't get all your stuff) give the token back and you will get your 6 pieces of armor

Approximate loc of base of the hill for the Green Maw is 42k, 35k

  Emerald Threaded Forest Cloak
  Dueler's Belt
  Emerald-Beaded Strand (Eldritch)
  Warder's Ring
  Ranger's Jewel
  Emerald-Beaded Strand (Bainshee)

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# Apr 16 2005 at 6:34 AM Rating: Decent
83 posts
Torrance has moved and now lives in Ardee, in front of one of the buildings.
loc 54642, 49959
step 17?
# Nov 04 2003 at 1:49 AM Rating: Decent
About step 17.. I just killed Luriquay with the help of my Paladin partner (we're on Gaheris) and we only had to kill Luriquay once for the quest to step. Now we're on Flame, and we're hoping that he won't wipe us out completely. :)
# Jun 15 2003 at 2:55 AM Rating: Default
yes you can get near 3 bubs at 49 for doing 40 43, 45 and 47 epic quest

at 49 u get roughly 2.26 billion xp, thats 0.8 bubs for doing the lvl43 epic quest

# Jun 14 2003 at 12:09 PM Rating: Default
Im 49, would doing the 45 and 47 give me any xp?
you forgot something
# Jun 13 2003 at 11:15 PM Rating: Default
you forgot to put in the part about having to kill madawg
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