Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) (I)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:The Church
Start NPC:Class trainer
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Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Arawnite Envoy
  Bishop Kustan
  Lady Triss
Related Items:
  Loteth's Skull
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Lady Triss at loc=31100,19436 City of Camelot, in the Chuch up near the altar.
2) Speak with Bishop Kustan is also in the Chuch with Lady Triss, he is at loc=30289,19504 City of Camelot.
3) Speak with the Arawnite Envoy at loc=32084,18708 City of Camelot, near the North Gate and the Catacombs entrance.
4) Go kill Loteth, at loc=16294,45415 Camelot Hills, he is behind the graveyard near Prydwen Keep, in Camelot Hills.
5) Return to the Arawnite Envoy in Camelot and hand her Loteth's Skull.
6) Return to Bishop Kustan and tell him you [assisted] the Arawnite Envoy for your reward.

lvl 30 Paladin received 5,120 experience, 2 silver and Neophyte Jewel.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Lady Triss at loc=31100,19436,8318 dir=108 City of Camelot, in the Chuch up near the altar.

Lady Triss says, "Bishop Kustan has sent word that he is looking for you. It sounded urgent, you should head to the Church in Camelot and speak with him."

(Bishop Kustan is also in the Chuch with Lady Triss, he is at loc=30289,19504,8317 dir=171 City of Camelot.)

Bishop Kustan says, "Come here my child. There is a matter most dire in which your help may [set things right]."

Will you do what you can to keep the peace between Arawn and the Church? [Level 5]
You have been given the Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) quest.

[Step #1] Talk to Bishop Kustan to learn more of the troubles that the Church now faces.

Bishop Kustan says, "As you may know, the Arawnites were once bitter enemies of our church. Their ways are so different from ours and many true believers walk the path of [intolerance] as if it would lead to the light."

Bishop Kustan says, "Nothing heals old wounds as well as desperation. The state of the war in our frontiers combined with the resurgence of the drakorans in Avalon brought about a time of [understanding] between our disparate societies."

Bishop Kustan says, "We understood that we needed each other, and over time we have come to find that our people are not so different. Still, our union is not a strong one. The trust between the Church, the Academy, and the Defenders and even to some extent the Guild of Shadows has been [forged] over a hundred years."

Bishop Kustan says, "The steel of our new friendship has not yet been tested by the fires of time. Any trouble between the inconnu and us could threaten to [shatter this alliance] and greatly weaken the realm."

Bishop Kustan says, "I have received word that several leaders in the Deadlands have noticed that souls under their protection have gone missing. The inconnu claim that they have evidence that the Church is somehow [involved]."

Bishop Kustan says, "There are many within our order that would delight in turning our backs on the inconnu even at the expense of the war effort. I need you to discover the truth behind this plot. The Arawnites have sent a representative up from the Aqueducts. Travel to the sewer entrance near the north gate and find out what you can."

[Step #2] Find the Arawnite Envoy near the North Gate in Camelot.
( Arawnite Envoy is at loc=32084,18708,8255 dir=91 City of Camelot, near the North Gate and the Catacombs entrance.)

Arawnite Envoy says, "Good day to you Paladin. Are you on your way to the catacombs or have you been sent to discuss our [recent troubles]?"

Arawnite Envoy says, "We value each and every soul in our care. These unexplained vanishings are as troubling to us as attacks on your villages would be to you. We do not wish to make any hasty judgments or rash decisions but I must tell you these events have left us angry and [suspicious]. "

Arawnite Envoy says, "A sign of friendship would go a long way towards easing our fears. Would you be willing to become an [instrument] of unity in this difficult time?"

Arawnite Envoy says, "I had a feeling that you would help. If we all show such understanding and vision in this crisis it may [strengthen] the bond between our people instead of causing more anger and hostility."

Arawnite Envoy says, "There are some inconnu that can use certain powerful totems to see glimpses of the future. One of these visionaries has asked me to collect a remnant of ages past. Behind the graveyard near Prydwen Keep, you will find an ancient skeleton named [Loteth]."

Arawnite Envoy says, "Defeat this creature and retrieve his skull. This gesture will go a long way in earning our trust and leading us towards the discovery of those behind the missing souls."

[Step #3] Return the skull of Loteth to the Arawnite Envoy. Loteth may be found behind the graveyard near Prydwen Keep, in Camelot Hills.
( Loteth is at loc=16294,45415,2168 dir=321 Camelot Hills.)

The Loteth says, "Rest is all I seek. I welcome oblivion."
The Loteth dies!
You receive the Loteth's Skull from the Loteth!

[Step #4] Now that you have the Skull of Loteth, return to the Arawnite Envoy near the North Gate in Camelot.

Arawnite Envoy says, "It is good to see you again (Your name). Did you find the skull?"

Arawnite Envoy says, "I will tell the others of your willingness to aid us in this time of trouble. Perhaps continued cooperation between our people will overcome whatever treachery lies ahead."

[Step #5] Return to Bishop Kustan and explain that you have [assisted] the Inconnu.

Bishop Kustan says, "Welcome back (Your name). Tell me, have you news from the Arawnites?"

You say, "assisted"

Bishop Kustan says, "This is great news. You have accomplished many things this day. Not only have you shown trust and friendship to our Inconnu brethren, you have also aided them in tracking down the [true culprits] of this conspiracy."

Bishop Kustan says, "In time we will learn more of this plot. I may call on you again in this matter. Take this reward as a sign of your place in our order."

You receive the Neophyte Jewel from Bishop Kustan!
You are awarded 5,120 experience!
You are awarded 2 silver!
You have completed the Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) quest!

lvl 30 received 5,120 experience

Neophyte Jewel -- Paladin
Initiate Cleric Jewel -- Cleric

  Initiate Cleric Jewel
  Neophyte Jewel


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