Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:The Church
Start NPC:Bishop Kustan
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Related Zones:
  Black Mountains South
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Brother Don
  Wandering Bandit
Related Items:
  Ancient Scroll
Last Updated:Wed Jan 19 03:49:52 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.87:
- Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) and Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2) - Heretics, Necromancers, and Reavers will no longer be directed to Bishop Kustan to begin these quests, but will be correctly directed to the Arawnite Envoy.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504 City of Camelot, in the Church. (Necromancers will begin this quest with the Arawnite Envoy, she will send you to speak with Bishop Kustan.)
2) Speak with Brother Don, at loc=22082,60814 Black Mtns. South, in the main building of Vetusta Abbey, be sure to type /say relics.
3) Go kill the Wandering Bandit, at loc=3304,50801 Black Mtns. South, northwest corner of the valley to the west of Vetusta Abbey
4) Return to Bishop Kustan and hand him the Ancient Scroll for your reward.

lvl 30 Paladin received 61,440 experience, 6 silver and Tyro Belt.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504,8317 dir=171 City of Camelot, in the Church. (Necromancers will begin this quest with the Arawnite Envoy, she will send you to speak with Bishop Kustan.)

Bishop Kustan says, "It is good to see you again, (Your name). The Church has [need] of your abilities once again."

Will you work to strengthen the bond between the Church and Arawn? [Level 10]
You have been given the Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2) quest.

[Step #2] Learn more from Bishop Kustan.

Bishop Kustan says, "There is little time to waste. You must travel to Vetusta Abbey in the Black Mountains. There you will find Brother Don, the keeper of relics at the Abbey. We [have reason] to believe that thieves are after the objects under his care."

Bishop Kustan says, "Anyone attempting to steal these sacred artifacts may be involved in the disappearance of the inconnu souls in the Deadlands. This may be what we need to uncover the true enemies of our alliance."

[Step #2] Travel to Vetusta Abbey and speak with Brother Don about [relics].
( Brother Don is at loc=22082,60814,2495 dir=170 Black Mtns. South, in the main building of the Abbey.)

Brother Don says, "Hello Paladin. What brings you here to our humble Abbey?"
You say, "relics"
Brother Don says, "I am grateful for your concern. Bishop Kustan is very wise to send help [regarding] these items."

Brother Don says, "We keep most of the precious items under lock and key. They remain safe for the moment. However, an ancient scroll, which is often used during our studies was left out near the altar and has [disappeared]."

Brother Don says, "We have many visitors here so I assume some of the [bad element] slipped in. There are some foul dwarves in the area but they would never go unnoticed here."

Brother Don says, "We do have guards that cover most of the grounds. The only way someone could have gotten away without being seen would have been to head down the valley to the west. If you are able to [recover] the scroll, please deliver it to Bishop Kustan."

Brother Don says, "You might want to check the poacher camp in the northwest corner of that valley. I would not be surprised if they would harbor such wandering bandits."

[Step #3] Search the northwest corner of the valley to the west of Vetusta Abbey for a wandering bandit that may have taken the scroll.
( The Wandering Bandit is at loc=3304,50801,1040 dir=233 Black Mtns. South.)

The wandering bandit says, "It was worth the risk. I would have been well paid for that scroll."
The wandering bandit dies!
You receive the Ancient Scroll from the wandering bandit!

[Step #4] Return the Ancient Scroll to Bishop Kustan in Camelot. He may be found in the church.

Bishop Kustan says, "Welcome back (Your name). Were you able to learn anything from your visit to Vetusta Abbey?"

Bishop Kustan says, "I am surprised that this scroll has not been stolen before. The brothers keep the precious metals locked away but [knowledge] is the true treasure."

[Step #5] Ask Bishop Kustan about the importance of [knowledge] to get your reward.

Bishop Kustan says, "The way to true power is only reached through learning. We will study this scroll to determine why these unknown conspirators desired it so greatly. Please take this belt as a small token of thanks."

You receive the Tyro Belt from Bishop Kustan!
You are awarded 61,440 experience!
You are awarded 6 silver!
You have completed the Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2) quest!

lvl 30 received 61,440 experience.
lvl 48 received 61,440 experience.

Tyro Belt -- Paladin
Servant of Arawn Belt -- Necromancer
Novice Cleric Belt -- Cleric
Apprentice Heretic Belt -- Heretic
Strongarm of Arawn Belt -- Reaver

  Apprentice Heretic Belt
  Servant of Arawn Belt
  Novice Cleric Belt
  Strongarm of Arawn Belt
  Tyro Belt


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