Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) (II)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Class Trainer
Related Quests:
  A New Threat (Epic 7)
  Confronting Vortimer (Epic 8)
  Rest for the Dead (Epic 9)
  Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2)
  The Search at Snowdonia (Epic 3)
  Lost Souls (Epic 4)
  Finding the Way (Epic 5)
  Closing the Way (Epic 6)
Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Arawnite Envoy
  Inconnu Ghost
  Scryer Alice
Last Updated:Wed Aug 10 00:59:21 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.87:
- Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) and Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2) - Heretics, Necromancers, and Reavers will no longer be directed to Bishop Kustan to begin these quests, but will be correctly directed to the Arawnite Envoy.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Your class trainer will direct you to go speak with the Arawnite Envoy, who is at loc=32084,18708 City of Camelot, near the North Gate and the Catacombs entrance.
2) Speak with Scryer Alice who is behind the bindstone in Prydwen Keep at loc=24630,46884 Camelot Hills.
3) Kill the Inconnu Ghost at the base of Prydwen Keep at loc=27889,47387 Cameot Hills.
4) Return to the Arawnite Envoy for your reward.

lvl 48 Necromancer received 5,120 experience, 2 silver and a Apprentice Necromancer Jewel.

Quest Dialog:
Your class trainer will direct you to go speak with the Arawnite Envoy, who is at loc=32084,18708,8255 dir=91 City of Camelot, near the North Gate and the Catacombs entrance.

Arawnite Envoy says, "We live in strange times, (Your Name). We face dangers below from the forces of Morganna. There are dangers outside these walls with the invading forces that we pledged to defeat. Sadly those are not the only [enemies] we may face."

Will you do what you can to keep the peace between Arawn and the Church? [Level 5]
You have been given the Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) quest.

[Step #1] Speak with the Arawnite Envoy near the North Gate in Camelot.

Arawnite Envoy says, "The people of this fair city have a hard time trusting each other. They don't easily feel comfort around others whose appearance and customs are as different as ours. I must admit that I have [trouble] trusting them as well."

Arawnite Envoy says, "I fear that the first real test of this partnership is now a hand. We have received word that several minor artifacts from churches and abbeys across the land have been turning up in the Deadlands. Many souls resting in the shadow or Arawn have gone missing from the very same places. There are many voices within our order that are quick to [blame] the church as a whole for these thefts."

Arawnite Envoy says, "I have spent enough time in this city to learn of their politics and deception. The church may be behind this but the truth is more likely that only some in their order are responsible. These few may be trying to weaken our position here in Albion. Mistrust is [nothing new] to either side in the years since we entered this place."

Arawnite Envoy says, "We must do what we can to stop this before it escalates to conflict. I need you to venture out of the city and find [one of the souls] returned to this land."

Arawnite Envoy says, "If you destroy its physical manifestation then the spirit will make its way back to the Deadlands, where we should discover more of its strange passage back to the land of the living. Make your way to Scryer Alice in Prydwen Keep. You will learn from here where to find the presence we seek."

[Step #2] Speak with Scryer Alice in Prydwen Keep. She may know more about the lost spirits.
( Scryer Alice is behind the bindstone in Prydwen Keep at loc=24630,46884,2896 dir=241 Camelot Hills.)

Scryer Alice says, "Hi there, how may I help you?"

Scryer Alice says, "I know why you are here good shepherd. You seek to return one of the lost to the land of the dead. I have seen [many spirits] in the last few days. They are drawn to this keep for some reason."

Scryer Alice says, "Some here believe it is the graveyard that draws them near. I do not think you will find what you are looking for in any graveyard though. The spirits you seek have no real ties to this land. They are [captives] here, drawn to the will of some dark force."

Scryer Alice says, "Search below the keep to the east. I have seen the wandering souls in that place more than others. Beware that what was once docile in the Deadlands is now lost and confused. I doubt such a presence will depart without a fight."

[Step #3] Find the inconnu ghost below Prydwen Keep to the east. Free it from the restraint of this world.
( The Inconnu Ghost at the base of Prydwen Keep at loc=27889,47387,2371 dir=216 Cameot Hills.)

The Inconnu Ghost says, "Arawn, I am home."

[Step #4] Return to the Arawnite Envoy in Camelot.

Arawnite Envoy says, "Have you [returned] the restless soul to the embrace of Arawn?"

Arawnite Envoy says, "Excellent work (Your Name). I am sure we will find him much more agreeable in the Deadlands. It may take some time to discover how he escaped but we can do [little more] than wait for now."

Arawnite Envoy says, "You have served us well. Arawn rewards those who follow his wishes. Take this as a sign of your loyalty."

You receive the Apprentice Necromancer Jewel from Arawnite Envoy!
You are awarded 5,120 experience!
You are awarded 2 silver!
You have completed the Fragile Alliance (Epic 1) quest!

lvl 5 received 704 experience.
lvl 30 received 5,120 experience.
lvl 48 received 5,120 experience.

Apprentice Necromancer Jewel -- Necromancer
Aspirant Jewel -- Heretic
Dark Squire Jewel -- Reaver

  Aspirant Jewel
  Apprentice Necromancer Jewel
  Dark Squire Jewel


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