Emancipation (Epic 4)  

Submitted by:Punchy of Lamorak
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:class trainer
Related Quests:
  Sweating the Smith (Epic 3)
  Mining for Information (Epic 5)
  Reclaiming the Mines (Epic 6)
  The Hand of Nuada Airgedlamh (Epic 1)
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Related Zones:
  Lough Derg
  Silvermine Mountains
Min Level:20
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Chief Proinnsias
  Dian Cecht
  Sheevra Slave Master
Last Updated:Sun Jun 26 04:31:24 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

[Step #1] We've made progress in stopping the flow of enchanted silver weaponry to the Siabra, but your conversation with Goronwy has raised new [concerns].

[Step #2] Travel to Mag Mell and speak to Dian Cecht about the captured Hibernians working in the silver mines.

[Step #3] Give Mag Mell's stable master, Rumdor, the horse ticket from Dian Cecht. When you arrive in Howth, speak to Chief Proinnsias immediately.
(For those not familiar with this NPC/Realm, Chief P is in the Center Hut in the Circle of Howth.)

[Step #4] Find the Sheevra slave camp to the east of Howth, across the water and in the valley beyond the hills. Defeat the Sheevra guarding the prisoners to make the slave master appear.
(This step requires a group of 2-4. It is a lot faster if you cross the river at Loc 27469 47196, and then head back North a little bit.)(Note: Sheevra Slave Master spawns inside of a tent at Silvermine Mountains 50951, 49988 after killing all of the guards in the camp)

[Step #5] The Sheevra Slave Master has arrived to investigate the disturbance. Defeat the Slave Master and take the key to the prisoners' shackles.
(This step requires a group of 2-4. He will appear in the hut on the North side of the camp)

[Step #6] You took the key to the prisoners' Shackles from the body of the Slave Master. speak to one of the prisoners and begin freeing them.

[Step #7] Now that the prisoners have been freed from their chains, speak with them."

[Step #8] The prisoners are making preparations to leave the camp and have asked you to return to Howth and let Chief Proinnsias know to expect them.

[Step #9] Travel to Mag Mell and update Dian Cecht on your progress in freeing the prisoners and assisting Chief Proinnsias

You receive the Magius Cloak from Dian Cecht!
You are awarded 17 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 1,966,080 experience!

Magius Cloak -- Eldritch
Tracker Cloak -- Ranger
Henchman Cloak -- Hero
Leaf Bound Cloak -- Warden
Pugilist Cloak -- Mauler

  Magius Cloak
  Tracker Cloak
  Henchman Cloak
  Leaf Bound Cloak
  Pugilist Cloak

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Warden Reward : Leaf bound Cloak
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Leaf bound Cloak
Emp: 9
Dex: 6

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