A Foot in the Door (Epic 7)  

Submitted by:Muas of Gareth
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:class trainer
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  The Final Strike (Epic 9)
  Shattering the Alliance (Epic 8)
Related Zones:
  Lough Gur
Min Level:35
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Fomorian Sentry
  Gatekeeper Haelad
  Nightshade Commander
Last Updated:Wed Apr 13 01:58:33 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

[Step #1] Starts with your trainer in TNN

[Step #2] Talk to Brigit in the palace of Alainn Cuir in TNN to find more information about the Fomorian staging area that her rangers have been scouting. She explains that a Fomorian King named Tethra has allied with the Siabra and the Dark Druids. They are preparing to attack.

[Step #3] She explains that she has dispatched a squad of Nightshades to investigate the Lough Gur area for signs of a fortress. The leader of the squad has a headquarters in one of the buildings in the Parthanan stable north of Innis Carthaig. Travel there and find his progress in the search for Tethra's stronghold.

[Step #4] The Nightshade Commander (/loc 56560, 26385) tells you that they have located the fortress but have been unable to determine how to get in.
They have seen Fomorians enter and leave an old Firbolg house but do not know how to get to the structure below. He has been under orders to observe but he suggests that you kill or capture a patrol to find out how to get in. The name of the house is Dithreabhach. Travel to the northwest and defeat the Fomorian sentries guarding the tree house. The house is almost directly northwest. It is just to the east of the road and is visable from the road. This dungeon is used for the 35, 40 and 45 dungeons so there is usually someone nearby. There are two sentries, one on each side of the door.

[Step #5] The Fomorian sentry drop a Fomorian Statuette that is used to port into the fortress. /use the statue to get in and out. You must be inside of the house to /use the statue. Area is set to 4 level 39 players. The Fomorian Trodach are archers, they run to keep out of melee range until you corner them.

[Step #6] When you kill Gatekeeper Haelad, he drops Haelad's Key. Find his quarters and use the key to search his storage trunk (you will actually pass the chest before you see Gatekeeper Haelad). Take the documents you find. I pulled him from range and the two Fomorian wolfbeasts with him didn't add.

[Step #7] Return to Brigit in Tir na Nog with Haelad's Logbook. /use the Fomorian Statuette to leave the fortress.

When you give the logbook to Brigit she reads through it and explains that the Great Druid of the Draoi Dorcha arrived at the Fomorian fortress as Torrance let the attack on their grove (druid epic 30). Siabra sent a delegation led by Prince Sephius that attended the same meeting. King Tethra intends to use the manpower of the Siabra and their knowledge of the realm along with the magic of the Dark Druids to supplement this Fomorian host.

Briget is going to call a meeting of the Path leaders, Chieftains, and Elven House leaders to plan.

lvls:46-49 received:
81 silver
69,180,220 exp

Grove Oracle Cloak -- Druid
Artificer Cloak -- Ranger
Blade Dancer Cloak -- Blademaster
Shadowmeld Cloak -- Nightshade
Forestmage Cloak -- Animist
Midnight Stalker Cloak -- Vampiir
Consul Cloak -- Champion
Void Master Cloak -- Eldritch
Emeinence Cloak -- Hero
Songster Cloak -- Bard
Possessor Cloak -- Mentalist
Woodsman Cloak -- Warden
Phantom Cloak -- Enchanter
Ridgewalker Cloak -- Valewalker
Revenant Cloak -- Bainshee

  Midnight Stalker Cloak
  Forestmage Cloak
  Phantom Cloak
  Blade Dancer Cloak
  Shadowmeld Cloak
  Grove Oracle Cloak
  Artificer Cloak
  Consul Cloak
  Void Master Cloak
  Emeinence Cloak
  Songster Cloak
  Possessor Cloak
  Woodsman Cloak
  Ridgewalker Cloak
  Revenant Cloak
  Revenant Howler Cloak

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Completed by solo 36 mentalist
# Aug 15 2008 at 7:54 PM Rating: Decent
Attempted this quest at lvl 35, Gatekeeper Haelad was purple and way too hard. Came back at 36 and he was red. Got him to 1/2 health before having to zone out. Zoned back in immediately and he was still standing there and not aggro'ing, still 1/2 health. Re-charmed my pet that was also standing there and finished him off.
the chest is in the room
# Jul 30 2006 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
that is down the long hallway, the loc is
16429, 14883,4474 across the ID from the dude
you get the key from the map from Mythic shows it as nw of the entrance
its easy to find then
at 44.5 these mobs all conned green and blue except Helad he was yello

stick the mobs cuz they run and shoot you with arrows that can go through walls!
# Apr 08 2006 at 7:19 AM Rating: Decent
Ypu get the same exp at lvl 49
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