Vision of the Visindakona (Epic 1)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:class trainer
Related Quests:
  Eliminating Ingmar (Epic 6)
Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  The Shadow
  Visindakona Magna
Related Items:
  Bothe's Lantern
Last Updated:Sat Apr 2 00:54:56 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with your class trainer.
2) Speak with Visindakona Magna, loc=23751,26644 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim.
3) Speak with Bothe is the shield merchant in Vasudheim, loc=51491,18417 East Svealand
4) /USE Bothe's Lantern when you see the message "You see a shadowy shape lurking near the water. /use Bothe's Lantern to reveal your foe!"
5) Kill "The Shadow" named tomte thief.
6) Return to Bothe and give him back his lantern.
7) Go speak with Visindakona Magna to receive your reward.

lvl 49 Thane received 5,120 experience, 90 copper and Storm Initiate Jewel.

Quest Dialog w/ hints:
Class trainer for Thane's is Frode, loc=21607,26788,8005 dir=352 Jordheim

Frode says, "Now that you are a Thane, there is [work] that needs to be done."

Frode says, "This is the work of Odin and Thor. Our gods speak to us through four mighty oracles called the Visindakonar. One of them, Visindakona Magna, has [been silent] for a while."

Frode says, "Each of the other Visindakonar have prophesied of great danger to Midgard. Each of the others has identified a different direction that this [danger] may be coming from."

Frode says, "Visindakona Magna has said nothing. She has only warned that when her vision comes she will need the mightiest of heroes to answer her call and defend Midgard. To that end she has requested that [all] Thanes be excused from the tasks set by the other Visindakonar."

Frode says, "We have been put out of the war by our own oracle. We must find out if Visindakona Magna is going to have [her vision] soon. This is where you come in, (your name)."

Will you aid your trainer and find out if Visindakona Magna has had a vision yet? [Level 5]
You have been given the Vision of the Visindakona (Epic 1) quest.

Frode says, "I need you to approach her and offer your services. I am sending every Thane to her in this way just so she can see how many of us there are, and that we are eager to do our part to defend Midgard from its enemies. Good luck!"

[Step #1] Speak to Visindakona Magna, and tell her you [offer] your services. She can be found in the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim, directly across from the exit to Mularn.
  • Visindakona Magna is at loc=23751,26644,8028 dir=253 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim.

  • Visindakona Magna says, "Yes? State your business. I am very busy right now, so please be brief."

    Visindakona Magna says, "Another brave Thane. I'm beginning to think there is no end to you. You, however, are [fortunate]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "I have just had a vision. Like my sisters, I have the gift of oracular vision. My vision has only taken longer to develop as [the threat] I am perceiving is that much more dire."

    Visindakona Magna says, "It is a shadow in my mind. An image of red is there, and whispers of a growing war. I see this new threat destroying [all of Midgard] in an eternal winter!"

    Visindakona Magna says, "It is still difficult to see exactly how this will come to pass. I need you to reveal this threat for me. Go to Vasudheim. My mystical vision has made it clear that you will find [the answer] I seek there."

    Visindakona Magna says, "Look for a troll named Bothe, and ask him about the shadow he has seen. Then find the shadow and kill it. Once this is done, report back to me immediately. Go now, brave Thane!"

    [Step #2] Talk to Bothe in Vasudheim to find out about the shadow he has seen. He can be found in the West part of the town.
  • Bothe is the shield merchant standing on the porch of the hut in the most southern part of Vasudheim nearest the water. loc=51491,18417,4656 dir=191 East Svealand

  • Bothe says, "Why you here? Bothe thought you were [shadow]."

    Bothe says, "Yes! Shadow thief come here [sneaking] at night, and taking Bothe's stuff."

    Bothe says, "You [want kill] thief?"

    Bothe says, "Thief hide near water edge behind me at night. When sun rising thief not there. Here, take search lantern. Find thief, kill thief, bring lantern back to Bothe!"

    You receive Bothe's Lantern from Bothe!

    [Step #3] Search the shore behind Bothe at night. USE Bothe's Lantern when you notice a shadowy shape lurking in the area.
  • Watch your chat box for the message "You see a shadowy shape lurking near the water. /use Bothe's Lantern to reveal your foe!" This occured for me at midnight game time near loc=49595,18587,4595 dir=121 East Svealand. You will get a pop up box saying "You have revealed a tomte thief! Kill him before he gets away!" It can be tricky to see "The Shadow" , the tomte thief, as he appears to spawn in the hill, you may have to use the lantern a few times in different spots before you see him.

  • [Step #4] Kill the tomte thief! If he gets away, USE Bothe's Lantern to find him again.
  • When The Shadow dies you'll get the pop up message of "The Shadow is dead! Return the lantern to Bothe before heading back to Visindakona Magna."

  • [Step #5] Return the lantern to Bothe in Vasudheim.

    Bothe says, "You kill thief! Me happy! Give me light back."

    Bothe says, "Thank you (your name). You Bothe friend now!"

    [Step #6] Return to Visindakona Magna in the Temple of Aesir in Jordheim to report what has happened.

    Visindakona Magna says, "I knew you would return soon. It is good to see you, brave Thane. I have something important of which [to inform you]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "You are back already, Thane? Tell me, what did you find?"

    You tell Visindakona Magna that the shadow turned out to be a tomte thief, and you killed it.

    Visindakona Magna says, "A tomte?! I mean, yes a tomte, but of course. You shouldn't underestimate them, as they can be a force to be reckoned with when [organized]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "Well tomtes have been in Midgard as long as the Norse have, if not longer. They used to only live near our farms, but as the years have passed they migrated into lairs and became much more [powerful]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "It is true that many view them as more of a pest than a true threat to Midgard, but that careless attitude will certainly lead us to disaster. My visions have never been wrong. If that shadow was a tomte, then there lies the threat [we must] counter."

    Visindakona Magna says, "Yes, I will need your help again. Come back here soon, to continue what we have begun. If the time comes and you have not shown back up, I will also leave word with your trainers here in Jordheim. For now, here is a token of thanks from the Council of Gothi. Safe travels, Thane!"

    You receive the Storm Initiate Jewel from Visindakona Magna!
    You are awarded 5,120 experience!
    You are awarded 90 copper!
    You have completed the Vision of the Visindakona (Epic 1) quest!

    (quest exp reward for a lvl 49)

    Storm Initiate Jewel -- Thane
    Apprentice Handmaiden Jewel -- Valkyrie
    Runic Eleve Jewel -- Runemaster

      Apprentice Handmaiden Jewel
      Storm Initiate Jewel
      Runic Eleve Jewel

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    how to speak to Visindakona Magna
    # Apr 07 2021 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it's the only one I've found on the Internet.
    I'm a returning player getting back into DAoC.
    By the time I got out of the Midgard starting area I was level 12. I made my way to Jordheim to get a feel for it again (many good memories). I found my Valkyrie class trainer and she sent me to Visindakona Magna.
    Unfortunately, I can't get her to talk to me. I've tried /offer as indicated in my journal, /speak, and /talk. Nothing works.
    What's the trick to continue this class quest string?
    how to speak to Visindakona Magna
    # Apr 08 2022 at 1:46 AM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    Hi, I Hope you have found how to do since 2021 but here's the solution:

    /s offer
    Where's Bothe?
    # May 07 2007 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
    Bothe's at Loc 62141 14424 Ease Sveland. Just outside Jordheimn's West gate near some tents. I guess it was to cold in Vasudheim for him.
    Where's Bothe? pt 2
    # May 08 2007 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
    Bothe's at Loc 62141 14424 Ease Sveland. Just outside Jordheimn's West gate near some tents. I guess it was to cold in Vasudheim for him.

    Bothe sends you off to kill The Shadow who is located where Bothe originally stood. This is near the docks in Vasudheim Loc 51324 19471. You should get a message saying "This appears to the the right area to find the Shadow, but it's still daytime."
    [Step #3]
    # Dec 15 2005 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
    This took us a while. We actually found him in the lake. We saw him at the shore but did not use the latern fast enough and he got away... swam out into the lake a lil bit and kept using the latern to get him to reappear again.
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