Emissary: Finding the Fragments (Mid)  

Submitted by:Betha
Start Zone: The High Consul's Sanctum (Mid)
Start NPC:High Consul Thamor
Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion Required
Chapter:1 - 4
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Related Zones:
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(From 1 rating)
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  Athr Hasetti Theyr
Last Updated:Wed Mar 12 03:51:06 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

High Consul Thamor says, "In your conflicts in the frontiers, you have surely visited the island of Agramon. This island was once the Uruz capital. Nothing is left of our city on the surface, but our Labyrinth below still [remains]."
High Consul Thamor says, "This is where we stored our relics before the island was sunk into the ocean. We need to know why the wards that protected the Labyrinth have been broken, bringing us back to these lands."

You have been given the Emissary: Finding the Fragments quest.

High Consul Thamor says, "The wards themselves were inscribed into large stones at the entrances and key points of the Labyrinth. What I want you to do is search Agramon for the nearest entrance to the Labyrinth and look for any remaining pieces of the entrance [wards]."
You have spoken to High Consul Thamor.
High Consul Thamor says, "These are extremely important as the magic within and evidence nearby could tell us something of how they were broken. Return to me with anything you find as soon as possible."

You have entered the Tower of Deifrang.
You select the Broken Ward Stones.
You target [the Broken Ward Stones]

These chunks of stone appear to have come from the nearby archway. You can barely make out chipped remains of some sort of rune on one.

***The Stone is just inside the tower. It is one of 3 together and looks slightly different from the other two.***

You receive the Ward Stone Fragments from the Broken Ward Stones!

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "Hmm, very interesting. I'm hesitant to let the High Consul have all of the fragments just yet, though. The royal mages are very interested in any information on Minotaur magic. I'll keep some of the fragments for further study, but take the rest back to him."

The Athr Hasetti removes a fragment from the pile you collected and hands the rest back to you.

High Consul Thamor says, "Were you able to find the ward stones?"

High Consul Thamor says, "I'll take these fragments back to my people for examination, but from the way you found them, swept aside with obvious disregard for their power, this is obviously the work of one of the [other clans]."

You have been given the Emissary to the Uruz quest.
You have earned 8400 champion experience!
(That's 2.6 bubbles of champion xp)
You are awarded 16,800,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 518 gold and some silver!

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