To Be a HelBound: Drum-horns of Camelot

Mark unveils the latest class concept for Kickstarter success Camelot Unchained!

The Kickstarter campaign may have ended, but the updates are still coming thick and fast for Camelot Unchained as Mark lifts the veil, or rather the mask on the latest class concept, the HelBound™. 

Mark and his team are taking the whole crowd-sourcing thing quite seriously as you will notice the particular use of the word "concept", meaning this is by no means final, and they are looking for community feedback on it.

So what are the HelBound?

"Today’s class is the HelBound™ and as the word Hel would suggest, they are a Viking class. Members of this class have sworn allegiance to the “Greater Power” Hel and they would fill the role of a “healer” class for the Viking Realm. However, as the story lays out, they are much more interesting than just a plain ole healer. Oh, and as to what a Greater Power is and how Hel fits into our world, you’ll just have to read the story to find out. There are lots of dangling bits/hints (and a few participles too I’m sure) and we’re not going to fill in all the blanks just yet. We’ve got lots of nice shiny new concept art as well, including some cool looking weapon concepts to go along with this class concept. You’ll also notice that we’ve included some basic armor concepts for the class as well. As always, these are all very early and rough concepts; especially factoring in how much our artists accomplished in a little more than a week!"

As with all reveals there is a short stories' worth of lore to accompany it, something about sweaty priests disrobing to drum-horn music *shrug*, go have a read, I feel I'm not doing it justice. There are also a number of concept drawings for you to gander at. 


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