Kromede's Trial (Aion Zone)  

Kromede's Trial
Kromede's Trial
Type Instanced
Party Solo
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 37+
Cooldown 6 hours from entry
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Map of Kromede's Trial

Asmodians: To enter, speak to Bridget at Camp Kistenian in Beluslan. To enter, initially, you need to have the quest Into The Unknown.

Elyos: To enter, speak to Raninia (PW/AA) at Arbolu's Haven in Heiron. To enter, initially, you need to have the quest Nightmare in Shining Armor.

If you die anywhere in the instance and respawn, you will appear inside the instance but in the Grand Cavern, all the way back where you started, even if you were already in Kaliga Manor.

Each of the powerful items you find have a 2 hour time limit. However, if the item expires or you delete it, you can go back to where you got it and get a fresh one.

The Temple
The Temple

Grand cavern: When you come to a rockfall that prevents you from continuing, examine the dead grave robber to get Silver Blade Rotan, target the wall and call him.

Temple Vault: The petrohulk at the door drops the key.

Kaliga's Mansion
Kaliga's Mansion

Kaliga Dungeons:

Dungeon Hall: The Old Relic Chest behind the Key Keeper contains the Explosive Bead (PW/AA).

Manor Entrance: The Prophet's Tower here will give you the Prophet's Blessing effect, granting a shield that blocks 100 damage per blow,to a max or 500, for up to 5 minutes. Maga's Potion is upstairs, guarded by Shadow Executor Asusin (PW/AA). Click the Potion to gain Maga's Potion (PW/AA).

Kaliga Gardens: Be careful of the Manor Gardeners (PW/AA) as they will come with a Man-eating Fungie (PW/AA) add! Attacking the gardener next to the Sleep Flower will spawn Bloodlust Dionae (PW/AA). The Guardian Tower here will give you the Cool Water effect (recovers 200 HP/2 secs for 10 seconds). Clicking the Sleep Flower will get you Sapping Pollen (PW/AA).

Angerr's Bedroom: Lady Angerr - At some point during the fight she will fear you and summon five Lady Angerr's Bloodwing (PW/AA)s. Don't bother running as the bats will not give up. Because of the Fear it would be a good idea to kill the two mobs on the balcony before engaging Lady Angerr. Explosive Bead (PW/AA) might work well when the bats appear. What's more, when you return to her room the bats will still be there. Even so, kill the bats and she will still summon more when you try again to kill her.

Secret Reception: You need a key to open the bookcase to enter. The key is probably on Lady Angerr.

Great Hall:

Banquet Hall: The Fruit Basket on the table to the right of the entrance will give you... This room is your last chance to get the Guards and Defenders you need for A Blacksmith's Dream.

Kaliga Library:

Forbidden Books Repository:

Kaliga Treasury: Here you will finally face Kaliga (PW/AA).

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