The Nymph's Gown (Aion Quest)  

Poeta Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Poeta
Start Place: Daminu Forest
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Examine Namus's Diary (PW/AA) (uncommon drop from Grove Abex)
Level 5 The Nymph's Gown
  1. You found a book that seems to be Namus's diary. You should take it to him.
  2. Did you read any entries?
    • Yes
      1. After dark, steal the feathered gown in Nymph's Pond as Namus asked you.
      2. You've been spotted by the gown's owner! Quickly, run away and meet Namus.
      3. Do you give him the gown?
        • Yes, receive 3,120 XP and 960 Kinah
        • No
          1. You can give the gown to Namus, or take it to Asteros, telling them everything that has happened. What will you do?
            • Give the gown to Namus
              1. receive 3,120 XP and 960 Kinah
            • Talk to Asteros
              1. Tell him about the gown?
                • Yes, you receive 3,970 XP and 500 Kinah
                • No, go back to #3
    • No, receive ? XP and Kinah
 Basic Reward
  • Varies, depending on your choices.
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Quest Notes

This quest is one long chain of decisions, but since your journal will only show the results of your choices, it will not look much like the Objectives, above.

The big problem is... Namus is totally wrong about the woman bathing in the pond. She is not a Nymph, but a powerful Daeva, and a friend of the village priest, Asteros.

Whether you read it, or not, the quest still moves forward.

If you give the gown to Namus, he will be thankful and give you your reward, less xp, but more kinah. This leads to another quest in Sanctum, An Ax for Namus and a cute follow-up story.

However, if you refuse to give the gown to Namus, you will then be directed to go see Asteros, and get more xp, but less kinah, as well as the follow-up for this option: A Lingering Mystery.

Quest Series
A Lingering Mystery
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Quest Series
An Ax for Namus
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In order to determine all the rewards, we will need to run this quite a few times and make different choices.

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