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In Hibernia, the island of HyBrasil was generally considered to be a long-lost myth enclosed in the depths of time. For generations, myths told around the campfires of the Realm spoke of the beautiful wooded paradise of HyBrasil, homeland to the Sylvan, the protectors of the ancient woodlands. These same legends described how the Celts and Firbolg were taught both the love of nature as well as the use of nature as the source of their druidic magic. Campfire tales such as these were thought to be legend only – until the Hibernian Council was visited one day by an emissary of the Sylvan, a creature directly from the pages of myth.

The Sylvan emissary brought with him a tale of great woe – HyBrasil, their home, was being invaded by a race of creatures focuses on destroying the very land itself. These evil monsters, called Fomorians, seemed to have a purpose to their actions – they seemed to seek out the Sylvan and their most treasured natural areas, and destroy them, taking delight in the wanton destruction of both Sylvan and tree alike. The Sylvan have no recourse but to ally with the Hibernians to drive the Fomorians out of HyBrasil.

Links to Official Shrouded Isles screenshots:
Center of Hibernian village
Waterfall with Botonid in the foreground
Sylvan Outpost in HyBrasil
Female Sylvan inside hollow tree
Hollow log bridge over river with Manti in foreground
Hibernian Landscape
View 1 of Hibernian Dungeon of Galladoria
View 2 of Hibernian dungeon of Galladoria
Hibernian waterfall with new trees and ground vegetation

Links and Maps:

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