Hidden Insurrection  

Submitted by:Adashar Liddell
Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Trainer
Avg. Time:2 hours
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Related Zones:
  Forest Sauvage
  Llyn Barfog
Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Captain Rhodri
  Lieutenant Kuebler
  Master Eadig
  Twr ap Alsig
Last Updated:Fri Sep 15 02:21:04 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

Performed under version 1.52

I arrived at the Guild of Shadows in Camelot where Master Eadig (for Mercs it wll be Master Arenis) greeted me with a task in which I was, of course, [interested]. Eadig continued to
explain that there was again trouble in Snowdonia. Routine sounding but
Eadig had his [doubts]. Eadig declined further comment and sent me off to Snowdonia.

[Step #1] Seek out Captain Rhodri at the Snowdonia Border keep.

Rhodri and I quickly got [down to business]. We spoke of the [Arawnites] and border at Sauvage. Rhodri gave me a Note and told me to [speak with Lieutenant Kuebler] in Castle Sauvage.

[Step #2] Deliver Rhodri's letter to Lieutenant Kuebler. He can be found at
Castle Sauvage on second floor from Rhodri.

Kuebler called me a lackey and told me to return to Snowdonia. How long
must I suffer this?

[Step #3] Return to Captain Rhodri at the Snowdonia border keep.

Rhodri grumbled and gave me a Chest for [Twr ap Alsig] of Barfog. Loc 35k, 30k. Apparently he mistook me for a minstrel.

[Step #4] Speak to Twr ap Alsig of Barfog about the [goblin] uprising. Deliver to him Sir Bor's chest filled with riches.

Handing the chest to Twr ap Alsig netted me 52,428,800 experience points. When I mentioned a [goblin] uprising, Alsig said their new order was the result of an [outside influence]. Alsig suspected a tunnel in Tepok's Mine provided a [link to the borderlands] that allowed dwarves to spread their foul word to the goblin hordes. Alsig suggested that I find a Savant goblin. Of course, I knew what I was to do. Loc for Tepok's 5k, 3k

[Step #5] Locate the mine controlled by goblins within the Black Mountains. Seek out a Savant within the mine and learn what you can of the passageways. You may be forced to slay the goblin and search his belongings.

As I glided past the oblivious fisher hatchlings, I felt a warm breeze blow
past and I was awarded 53,428,800 exp. Finally, some appreciation. At
every intersection, I took a right turn until I came upon Goblin Monitors, Cleaners, and Directors. There the Savant wandered, accompanied by his pet.

As I perforated the Savant's arteries, he shrieked "My pets shall put you in your place!" The Savant fell quickly and I was able to scoop up a dwarven dispatch from the Savant's belongings before I was overwhelmed by blue cons.

[Step #6] The dispatch speaks of an attack to be carried out upon the locals within Barfog! Carry this dispatch to Twr ap Alsig within Barfog to warn him of this impending danger.

Binding close to Barfog is advisable. When I handed the dispatch to Twr ap
Alsig, he quickly composed a document for Sir Bors and send me off with
another 52,428,800 experience. I was able to hitch a ride off a very kind
minstrel who sped me to Snowdonia.

[Step #7] Return to Captain Rhodri at the Snowdonia border keep.

Rhodri greeted me: "This is a great day Adashar! I shall travel to meet with
Twr ap Alsig and his people. Perhaps between us we can once and forever be
united as one realm. Well, we can at least hope. You have done well and Sir
Bors would see that you are rewarded. What reward do you desire? [Death's
, a thrusting weapon? [Death Dancer] a slashing weapon? [Spark of Midnight], a left-handed slashing weapon? [Crackling Impaler], a left-handed
thrusting weapon?"

I received another 52,428,800 exp and I took the Death's Touch. Cons orange at level 40

Being a fan of slightly faster weapons, I handed it right back to Rhodri,
getting the same options as before. This time I chose the Crackling
Impaler, also cons orange at level 40

Rhodri would not take the Crackling Impaler; I surmise the trade is a one
time thing.

For this quest I got 76,098,236 per section. I received that on exiting
the dungeons with a message "You feel like your being watched" So in total I received 380,491,180 of XP and a staff.

  • Crackling Impaler -- Infiltrator and Mercenary
  • Death's Touch --
  • Glitter, Spark, and Dazzle -- Mercenary
  • Staff of: Cursed Bondage; Clouded Vision; or Ceaseless Agony -- Necromancer
  • Blood Encrusted Whip, Kiss of Death, Sap of Lost Will, Bloodletter and Flail of Fallen Grace -- Reaver
  • Staff of: Eternal Lifeforce; Earth Channeling; or Spirit Consumption -- Cabalist
  • Sap of Lost Will -- Reaver
  • Bloodletter -- Reaver

  • Arcing Bludgeoner -- Mercenary
  • Barbed Whip of Heresy -- Heretic
  • War Chain of Heresy -- Heretic
  • War Hammer of Heresy -- Heretic

  • Rewards:
      Death's Touch
      Crackling Impaler
      Staff of Cursed Bondage
      Staff of Clouded Vision
      Staff of Ceaseless Agony
      Blood Encrusted Whip
      Staff of Eternal Lifeforce
      Staff of Earth Channeling
      Staff of Spirit Consumption
      Spark of Midnight
      Death Dancer
      Flail of Fallen Graces
      Sap of Lost Will
      Lustrous Staff of Eternal Channeling
      Arcing Bludgeoner
      Barbed Whip of Heresy
      War Chain of Heresy
      War Hammer of Heresy
      Blood Encrusted Flail

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    extra xp
    # Feb 27 2005 at 5:17 AM Rating: Default
    when i was on my way out of tepoks, i got a message, you feel as someone is watching you, and got 87,413,920 exp
    Level 49 XP reward
    # Sep 17 2004 at 2:12 PM Rating: Excellent
    84 posts
    Received 158,934,000 XPs for talking to Twr ap Alsig

    Received 158,934,000 XPs for finding/entering Tepok's Mine

    Received 158,934,000 XPs for leaving Tepok's

    Received 158,934,000 XPs for informing Twr ap Alsig of the impending attack

    Received 158,934,000 XPs for delivering the note to Rhodri

    # Jul 31 2003 at 3:53 AM Rating: Decent
    do u have to be level 35 or 40?
    RE: level?
    # May 10 2004 at 8:49 AM Rating: Default
    My god... I CANNOT FIND TEPOK I some how ended up in lyn barfog so damn annoying >_< spent 2 hours so far AND CANNOT FIND IT
    RE: level?
    # Apr 03 2004 at 9:58 AM Rating: Decent
    # Jul 20 2003 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
    Quest now begins with Master Almund ..couldn't find Eadig..in Guild of Shadows.
    left hand weapons
    # May 11 2003 at 5:10 PM Rating: Default
    which thrust weapon can be used in the left hand?
    additional info on quest
    # Mar 26 2003 at 10:58 AM Rating: Excellent
    Level 41 Reaver --Solo and unbuffed except for reaver buff

    Version 1.60

    Lieutenant Kuebler can be found 2nd floor of sauvage in same place we find Capt. Rhodiri

    There is now a horse route from Snow station to Lynn Barfog

    Horse route from Snow station to barfog will drop you at 60,24. Run SW from drop-off towards lake.

    Twr Ap Alsig is inside merchant house at lake
    Location # 35, 30

    Run NE back to the stable master at Lyn Barfog 60, 24

    Tepok mines is located at 5088,2910, 4913 (run sw along the road from snow station to first tower. Run West over the mountain. Tepok mines is located at bottom of mountain.

    Grays to me until i found the goblins. Take only right turns in mine.

    Goblins - green to me
    Juggernauts - blue
    Goblin Monitors - blue
    Goblin Imperators - green

    Savant - blue (he wanders the area with his pet)
    Pet Juggernaut - blue

    Savant and pet attack at the same time

    Reaver Rewards --

    Kiss of Death - Thrusting Weapon

    Sap of Lost Will - Crush Weapon

    Bloodletter - Slash - 14.1 @3.5 speed (slooooow!!)
    slash +5, Parry +4

    Flail of Fallen Grace - Flex crush

    Blood Encrusted Whip - Flex Slash

    Total time spent on quest: 1 1/2 hour
    total exp: .7

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