Geist (trifecta)  

Realm: Midgard
Type: Merchant
Trifecta Dealer

one match:
Aurulite Chip
Daemon Emerald Seal

two matches:
Gem that summons a pet
Daemon Sapphire Seal
Daemon Diamond Seal
100 Gold Rent Tokens
Garden Gnome

three matches:
Weapon Enamel Burnish
Luminescent Stone

Per the 1.101 Release Notes 02.24.10:

* It now costs 10 gold to purchase a Trifecta Token.
* Tier 1 Trifecta rewards now include: essence of an afrit, Dragon Scales and Atlantean Glass.
* Tier 2 Trifecta rewards now include: reforming energies of an afrit, Aurulite Clusters, Dragon Scales and Atlantean Glass.
* Tier 3 Trifecta rewards now include: larger amounts of Dragon Scales and Atlantean Glass, Draconic Stones, Legendary Components, Complete Master Level Credits, Epic Mounts and more.
Minimum Level: 51
Maximum Level: 51
Known Habitats:
   Kobold Undercity
Location of Geist (trifecta)
Goods for Sale:
Last Updated: Tue Mar 1 02:57:19 2011
Picture of Geist (trifecta)

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