A New Threat in an Old Form (Alb)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Royal Scribe's Room
Start NPC:Theof Barnswallow
Related Quests:
  The Heart of the Matter (Alb)
Min Level:45
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Apocalypse (Doppelganger Lord)
  Queen Kula (Doppelganger Lord)
  Splinter of Olcasgean (Doppelganger Lord)
Related Items:
  Piece of the Heart of Apocalypse Doppelganger Lord
  Piece of the Heart of Olcasgean Doppelganger Lord
  Piece of the Heart of Queen Kula Doppelganger Lord
Last Updated:Thu May 21 03:38:07 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per Patch 1.98 (05.06.09):

- Due to the hasty departure of the Scholars of the Ancient Ways after Queen Lilith's defeat, the following quests from the Doppelganger Invasion can now be turned in to Traurig in Camelot, Oropyehho in Jordheim, or Droevig in Tir na Nog. Please note that these quests can no longer be acquired and so this only applies to players who still have them in their journals but could not turn them in.

Speak with Theof Barnswallow in the Royal Scribe's Room in Camelot, loc=27137,13857.

The Doppelganger retreat was not a victory as we hoped, but a lull in the storm. Using the respite to their advantage, they have changed tactics. Along with a campaign of distraction, they have invoked more powerful and chaotic forces.

Reports indicate the arch-fiends are not mere illusions, as they so not shift form under attack like normal Doppelgangers. This may be, but I have my doubts. It is inconceivable these arch-fiends could be bent to the will of the Doppelgangers. It is my belief these are just a new Doppelganger abomination. In either case, they need to be defeated and studied.

Head to the Frontiers and dispatch these foul creations. If you require additional assistance, I might have a theory about how to aid you in your task.

Locate and defeat Apocalypse in Pennine Mountains, Queen Kula in Jamtland Mountains, and Splinter of Olcasgean in Breifine. Bring a piece of each back to Theof Barnswallow in Camelot as proof. (Talk to Theof about his theories for additional assistance.)

Quest Goal: Give Apocalypse's Heart to Theof.
Quest Goal: Give Queen Kula's Heart to Theof.
Quest Goal: Give Splinter of Olcasgean's Heart to Theof.

Basic Rewards:
Token of Valor
Doppelganger Heart Shard
36 gold 76 silver 18 copper

  Token of Valor
  Doppelganger Heart Shard


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