Coplin's Spirit  

Submitted by:Nether
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Anrid
Related Quests:
  Grenlock Clan
  Fallen Warrior
  Forgotten Journey
  Saving the Clan (level 43)
  Saving the Clan (level 50)
  The Three Sisters
  Saving the Clan (level 45)
  Saving the Clan (level 48)
  New Crest
Related Zones:
  Skona Ravine
Min Level:20
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Coplin Alfevson
Last Updated:Sun Feb 25 04:20:26 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

04.06.05 Per Patch 1.75:
- Grenlock Clan - Coplin has moved further north in Myrkwood. He can be found near the weeping willows.

- Grenlock Clan - Ove Alfevson now resides near the entrance to Askheim. He has been seen wandering the road to Gna Faste as well.

- Grenlock Clan - Players must now seek Jordande in Gotar instead of Tradande in Skona.

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

After completing the first part of the Grenlock crest quest and reaching level 20, go back and speak to Anrid in Jordheim. She will instruct you to seek out the spirit of Coplin in Myrkwood to recover the second piece of the crest.

Coplin spawns near Myrkwood Forest 21863, 16582 He will talk to you about the balance of nature and how all creatures must learn to live in harmony, and then tell you to find Jordande, a host of the earth looking mob in Gotar, loc=23338,49090 (also seen at loc=22726, 54716.) He will give you the second piece of the Grenlock crest when you speak to him. Return the crest piece to Anrid in Jordheim to receive your reward.

[Step #3] Return the Crest piece to Anrid within the walls of Jordheim.

Anrid says, "Did you meet with Coplin and get the second piece of the crest?"

You give the second crest piece to Anrid.

Anrid says, "Wonderful. You are doing well. Perhaps on this track we can once again restore the Grenlock Crest to its original glory! Be safe in your travels!"

You receive Spirit-dweller's Sleeves from Anrid!
You have finished the Coplins' Spirit quest

  • Runemaster -- Runed Mystical Pants
  • Spiritmaster -- Spirit-dweller's Sleeves
  • Bonedancer -- Boned Mystical Pants
  • Warlock --Cursed Soothsayer Staff

  • Rewards:
      Spirit-dweller's Sleeves
      Runed Mystical Pants
      Boned Mystical Pants
      Cursed Soothsayer Staff

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    Uthgard 2.0 Position Update
    # Feb 20 2017 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    Uthgard 2.0 Position Update:
    Coplin Alfevson
    Myrkwood Forest:
    loc=8753,56769,5032 dir=135

    Edited, Feb 20th 2017 11:04am by UthgardGuide
    Coplin's Spirit
    # Sep 13 2006 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
    169 posts
    Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.
    Jordande Location
    # Jun 03 2005 at 12:44 PM Rating: Good
    I found Jordande at 23338/4909 in Gotar. You get attacked but Jordande helps you.
    Coplin postion
    # May 08 2005 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
    RE: Coplin postion
    # May 08 2005 at 2:30 PM Rating: Good
    Found Coplin at 21811, 16615, 4733 in nw Myrkwood Forest and Trandande a named host of the earth in sw Gotar next lake at a farm.
    Tradande finding her
    # Feb 07 2005 at 6:32 PM Rating: Decent
    Ok after a couple deaths from the mobs in Skona this is what I have found. DO NOT attempt this at night wrong, just do not do. I tried in the afternoon and the mobs passing within arrgo range of the Tradande was just deadly, too deadly.

    If you head west from the WW fort you'll go through a wooded area and see a hill shortly after after zoning in from Myrkwood. Start to angle SW try to look for the ravine and keep on your right. Do this early morning as passing mobs are at the lowest level I ever found there. The location number given is acurate so if needed type /faceloc #, # (48683, 31705) to be heading correctly.

    If you enter Skona too far north you will run into Shrieking Willows, dark blue to my lvl 23 Bonedancer. Just avoid them keep heading west the hill should appear and the ravine southwest of that. Again do a /faceloc 48683, 31705 to get oriented.

    OK now I had completed the Creatures of Myrkwood quest to help the werewolves and improve my faction and when I spoke with Tradande I did not get any arrgo from the spawning werewolves, but the Bonedancer I was with did get 2 after him. Don't know if doing the quest actually made a difference but worth stating.

    Good luck hope this helps.

    # Sep 13 2004 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
    hey will just send a Correction for Coplin's Spirit he can be found at loc 8563,55880,5028
    the loc 8490, 55854 is not correct :-)
    Coplin das Arschloch :)
    # Aug 29 2003 at 10:48 PM Rating: Decent
    Ich habe nie diese Suche versucht, aber ein Freund besagtes auch coplin würde nicht mit ihm! sprechen!
    Tradande is a Tree
    # Aug 20 2003 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
    Tradande is at about 48k,31k and is a named Tree Spirit. I didn't see that mentioned specifically anywhere. Makes it easier to find if you know what you are looking for!
    Trandade...leave him for the hunters
    # Jul 01 2003 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
    i just think it's sad. Hunter's are so gimped, and the Trandade OTD (spear of the elements) is one of the few good thing to happen to hunters. So here, I, a bonedancer, do on a quest to talk to him, and he gets killed. How long does a hunter have to wait for him to spawn to get one of the very few hunter drops in mid? I mean, how much can one class suffer? im kinda sore that mythic has screwed not just hunters, but all archer classes in general.
    # May 23 2003 at 3:44 PM Rating: Default
    Tradande spawns around 48683, 31705 in Skona.
    Well, that is in the middle of the sea, ill try post the other /loc when i find him :)
    # Dec 14 2002 at 6:29 AM Rating: Decent
    Bonemasters get a boned version of the runed pants.
    # Jul 11 2002 at 3:12 PM Rating: Default
    has anybody the whole dialogue with coplin
    # Jun 27 2002 at 3:16 AM Rating: Default
    How do the location co-ordinates work?
    Are they like a grid or something else?
    # Jun 23 2002 at 8:32 AM Rating: Decent
    my bad, delete this..

    Edited, Sun Jun 23 09:25:02 2002
    What to say to coplin before ?
    # May 15 2002 at 3:42 AM Rating: Default
    I found Coplins Spirit and i could speak with him. To bad that he stops answering at some point. [nicht heute] or [not today] ?

    When in say Tradante to him he answers, but i believe that some part is missing between [nicht heute] und [Tradante], cause the Quest log doesn't change and says that i still have to speak with coplins spirit.

    Could someone help please?
    RE: What to say to coplin before ?
    # May 18 2002 at 1:04 AM Rating: Default
    Yes it's by me the self prob....

    Re: Coplin
    # May 14 2002 at 6:24 AM Rating: Default
    Yes, this bug seems to to be existing since january, but GOA is still not willed to fix it :/
    I can speak with coplin, but at one point, i can click on the [higlighted text] as much as i want, but nothing happens. I also tryed to speak this text out, in all forms but without success...
    It seems, that we have to wait for GOA to fix it
    # May 10 2002 at 6:23 AM Rating: Default
    u must say "tradande" to coplin
    RE: Einage
    # May 11 2002 at 6:31 AM Rating: Default
    with /s tradande or /send coplin tradande??

    and thx
    # May 04 2002 at 2:23 AM Rating: Default
    he doesn't speak to me
    # Apr 06 2002 at 3:06 AM Rating: Default
    I hope it will be fixed soon
    No Coplin
    # Apr 06 2002 at 1:36 AM Rating: Default
    I went to the LOC given and waited for 3 game days and nights and Coplin didnt show...hmmm! Well if anyone can confirm the/loc or any alt /loc I would be very greatful.

    Thank you

    Noita Helsdottir
    RE: No Coplin
    # Apr 24 2002 at 2:01 PM Rating: Default
    Location was right in my case. He was there on my arrival.
    When you speak to Tradande next, be ready to sprint...

    Heeder Nighteyes
    Spiritmaster lvl 20
    Midgard, Prydwen
    # Apr 02 2002 at 2:29 PM Rating: Default
    tja selbst nach dem patch - kein gespräch mit coplin (((((
    # Mar 30 2002 at 5:01 PM Rating: Default
    sorry..I mean doesnt want to speak with me
    # Mar 30 2002 at 4:59 PM Rating: Default
    Coplin will not speak with me:((((((((((((((
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