Saturday January 15, 2011

DAoC Update

New Albion Items: Sound's Dusk Knights Studded BootsSound's Knight Studded HelmSound's Knight Studded SleevesSound's Knight Studded LeggingsSound's Pious Knight Studded GlovesSound's Pious Knight Studded Hauberk
New All Items: Spirit OrbDragon Scale ShavingsRevivifying Salve

Updated Albion Items: Maleficent Darkspire Martial MaceGrove Queen Staff of the UndeadSilver-Stitched Bracer of SpiritEmerald Encrusted NecklaceOld Vigilant Oathbinder Warplate (nld)Sound's Pious Knight Chain HauberkMended Boogey HelmAncient Brass-Tipped WhipBrilliant Golden Tree-cleaverDeathseeker CloakEldspar Crafted CrossbowReconnoiterer RingLuminous Stonepin Woven VestInferno Woodsman LeggingsBelt of Eternal RestGauntlets of Eternal RestDirk of Eternal Rest
Updated Midgard Items: Silksteel Ash Stained Sleeves (Mid)Fearless Leather Cap (Mid)Arcanium Legs of the Ascendant (Mid)
Updated All Items: Effusion of EnvigorationShapeshifter Gem

Updated Albion Mobs: Bob (trifecta)Phillip (trifecta)Horris (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Alb)Vigilant SoulEanfled TinctorGranite Giant HerdsmanBruatur
Updated Midgard Mobs: Throm (trifecta)Geist (trifecta)Sigfried (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Mid)Leif (trifecta)
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Sonall (trifecta)Kelan (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Hib)Riley (trifecta dealer)Mogue (trifecta)

Updated Albion Quests: The Tolling Bell (Alb)Menhir Menace (Epic 5)
Updated Midgard Quests: A Pretender to the Tomte Throne


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