Site Update #12

Site Update

We've been busy working on the upcoming Terror of Luclin expansion folks!

We've got plenty of info to share. You can already see what we have by using your favorite searching tools for anything Terror of Luclin related.

We'll open the wiki for ToL on the day of the launch for December 7th which is not far away!

We'll still be busy entering in info even after the expansion has launched so stay tuned!


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Updated Items: Magnetic BladeSpaulders of the SlavemasterCaptive Coin Stone SandalsFancy Painting

Bestiary Updates: Spiritbound OracleEnslaved MysticSteelslave War Criminal



Updated Items: Left Eye of the Third VampireJonas Dagmire's Skeletal HandFrayed Flesh ScrapCaptive Coin Stone SandalsGoblin Idol of RujarkAncient Rujarkian Goblin DaggerSpaulders of the SlavemasterSteelslave Bladed Boots

Bestiary Updates: a broken trialmasterSteelslave GuardsmanSlave MarauderSteelslave VisionaryEnslaved MysticSteelslave War Criminal



Updated Quests: The Summoning of TerrorAccess to the Yxtta Primal Caves: The Riddles

Updated Recipes: Coconut Shake (Ice of Velious)Coconut Shake (Ice)

Bestiary Updates: A Froglok Slavea ghoul ritualista yun ghoul wizardA Guk Ghoul WizardJaeil the InsaneZol Ghoul Knight



Updated Items: Shield of StridingFrigid Shroud of the Sleeper's GuardOrnate Greaves MoldOrnate Leather Wristband PatternTasty TrufflesJagged Stone-Inset SpauldersSteelslave Surgeon's RobeElite Steelslave Stone BladeSpaulders of the SlavemasterGreaves of the Orcish MasterRing of Hardened AshRing of IceCelestial ScabardLucid Shard

Updated Quests: Warrior Epic: Make it Augmentable

Updated Recipes: Vanilla Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Pumpkin Shake (Ice of Velious)Walnut Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Pumpkin Shake (Ice)Vanilla Ice Cream (Ice)Walnut Ice Cream (Ice)Scroll: Vinelash Assault Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: a goranga scoutSteelslave ChampionSteelslave War CriminalSteelslave VisionaryIronfang SlayerSteelslave Guardsmana sourcap sporelingMerchant Kalmu [Leather Armor]Master SmithSteelslave War CriminalEnslaved MysticUlessa the Insane - CoVSteelslave GuardsmanSpiritbound Oracle



Updated Items: Steelslave Surgeon's RobeTower of SebilisMoonbound CharmAncestor's ClawCeremonial ClubBloodmoon Dream StealerBlood TearTribal DrumCracked Wooden Mug

Updated Quests: The Summoning of TerrorLxanvom LaborsSmall Feuds (Gnome Memorial Mountain) (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Scroll: Vinelash Assault Rk. IIFaded Restless Velium Katar

Bestiary Updates: Ironfang SlayerGloomclaw



Updated Items: Silk FilamentSteelslave Surgeon's RobeMagnetic BladeOminous OrangeadeFancy PaintingMask of VanishingChips of GraniteShissar Cerebral CortexAkhevan Brain StemGronk's SwordSkull of HerminaInitiate's Legplates of WarPristine Spider SilkLegplate Mold of WarLegplate Material of WarBrown Lizard ScaleInitiate's Helm of WarHelm Mold of WarHelm Material of WarDark Colored FungusInitiate's Gauntlets of WarGreen Lizard TalonGauntlet Mold of WarGauntlet Material of WarBlack Lizard TalonInitiate's Breastplate of WarOrange Lizard ScaleLight Colored FungusBreastplate Mold of WarBreastplate Material of WarInitiate's Bracer of WarBracer Mold of WarBracer Material of WarBlack Spider SilkInitiate's Boots of WarShort Lizard TailGiant Bat FurBoot Mold of WarBoot Material of WarWhite Lizard ScaleMulti-Colored FungusFroglok Tadpole FleshAssembly Kit of WarArmplate Mold of WarInitiate's Armplates of WarArmplate Material of WarBraided Belt of Dragonshide

Updated Quests: Kevlin Diggs' DebtWhite SashCraknek Warrior's HelmCraknek Warrior's GauntletsCraknek Warrior's LegplatesCraknek Warrior's BreastplateCraknek Warrior's ArmplatesCraknek Warrior's BracerCraknek Warrior's BootsCraknek Warrior's Other JobAchievement: Foreign AffairCarving Pumpkins


Updated Recipes: Armplate Material of WarBoot Material of WarBreastplate Material of WarHelm Material of WarLegplate Material of WarInitiate's Helm of WarInitiate's Legplates of WarInitiate's Gauntlets of WarInitiate's Breastplate of WarInitiate's Bracer of WarInitiate's Boots of WarInitiate's Armplates of War

Bestiary Updates: Spiritbound Oraclea drained shiliskin soldiera haunted chest Tjudawos the Ancient - CoV



Updated Items: Spaulders of the SlavemasterGreaves of the Orcish MasterElite Steelslave Stone BladeDecayed VisorSacred BowlTiny Gold FistDisturbed Beast Essence

Updated Quests: Summoning Beasties

Updated Recipes: Gold Onyx Pendant

Bestiary Updates: a fallen heretica chestTiakoCouncilwoman Kerashaan undershore mindbendera splorgath nightmareBloodied HarrowerSteelslave BlademasterDiabo Tatrua - ToLa blood bagCruorDiabo Va Atraeth [Quests]CallowwingTemariel Xi Tetoracu



Updated Items: Spell: Illusion: GuktanThe Famous Mosa Lina PaintingPainting Entitled 'A Scale in Time'Archaic Shield of StoneTrueborn's Dagger of the DarkScion Bloodstained MaskShadowed BracerSpiritbound Stone SleevesGirdle of Bloodstained StonesStone Bracelet of Battle Mastery

Updated Quests: Pilfered Possessions

Bestiary Updates: Steelslave Beast TamerSteelslave BerserkerMaster SmithSteelslave ThrasherEnslaved ProphetSteelslave Raid ChiefNemets, King of the ShadowhandsKishma the Informeran arena championan undershore mindbendera splorgath nightmare

New Zones: The Freeport Arena: Pilfered Possessions

Zone Updates: The Freeport Arena: Pilfered Possessions



Updated Items: Lost Ancient Elven RingNecklace of the TroglodyteEroded Royal Face MaskSoother's Extravagant NecklaceCape of Broken EnchantmentsStrifetorn FaceguardUnliving ConcoctionFestering ClarityCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster BracerRaw Crypt-Hunter's WristguardRaw Crypt-Hunter's SleevesRaw Crypt-Hunter's LeggingsRaw Crypt-Hunter's GlovesRaw Crypt-Hunter's ChestpieceRaw Crypt-Hunter's CapRaw Crypt-Hunter's BootsCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster BreastplateStaff of the Dark Apprentice

Updated Quests: A Dark HeartHunter of The Sleeper's Tomb (10 Points) (CoV)

Updated Recipes: Celestial Essence (Rune of Crippling) - 3

Bestiary Updates: a horror constructA Lizard RitualistDismaya Tae Ew warriora Tae Ew wardera Tae Ew proselytea Thulian High RitualistAn Amygdalan Protectora Tae Ew justicara Tae Ew judicatora Tae Ew fanatica Thul Tae Ew zealota frenzied tiger raptora Tae Ew protectora jungle stalkera large huntera pool of slimea swirling oozea gyrating massan oozea Thul Tae Ew defendera Tae Ew lifestealera Thul Tae Ew justicara blood claw raptora fierce jungle raptorGimlik Cogbogglea shiverbacka Tae Ew disciplea Tae Ew spiritcallera tiger raptora jungle raptora jungle huntera Tae Ew converta Tae Ew defendera Tae Ew bloodcallera frenzied jungle raptora Thul Tae Ew spiritcallerA Thul Tae Ew Wardera Tae Ew zealota greenblood piranhaa large greenblood piranhaa Tae Ew lifedrinkera Thul Tae Ew bloodcallera Thul Tae Ew lifestealera Thul Tae Ew judicatora lifestealer mosquitoA Thul Tae Ew Protectoran enraged Tae Ew fanatica Thul Tae Ew High PriestTahia Felwaha crystaline massa Tae Ew spear fishera fierce tiger raptora diseased mosquitoan enraged shiverbacka swirling red massa frenzied shiverbacka blood fin piranhaTerrorclawa Thul Tae Ew fanatica razor fin piranhaa quivering massa toxic jungle huntera graystriped mosquitoa Thul Tae Ew adepta Tae Ew bloodfienda Tae Ew warlorda Tae Ew warmasterSoul SiphonToxiferiousa silverflank shiverbacka rotting shiverbacka Tae Ew trappera rotting gorillaa pool of black oozean ooze covered ritualista rotting horroran acidic massa razor tooth piranhaa gelatinous massDreadfanga living voida Thul Tae Ew torturera Tae Ew huntera disciple of ThuleFrightchasera Tae Ew aggressora diamond scale piranhaa poisonstrand huntera virulent mosquitoa Thul Tae Ew ritualista swirling green massAvatar of TerrorAvatar of Frighta Thul Tae Ew despoilerAvatar of FearAvatar of Dreadan enraged discipleCrushing Mass of Icea noxious jungle spideran envenomed hunteran enraged AmygdalanEnchanted Ice Forma barbed scale piranhaa Tae Ew propheta sickly mosquitoIkpug GiblodSilverfanga Thul Tae Ew crusadera swirling black massan unseen forcean enraged tiger raptorSkeletal Understudyan unmasked changelingTae Ew GuardLifesapper MosquitoJungle HunterGuard KhatarussGuard ScithissGuard ThrascissTae Ew Watcheran acidic oozeSentient Resonancea Thul Tae Ew Trackeran enraged shiverbackan enraged jungle raptora Gorgona Thul Tae Ew HunterEngineer TristosLerosmaa boiling oozea bubbling oozea Spinechill SpiderFlintikki PeltpileUlessa the Insane - CoVSenshali Va DetraDiabo Xi Xakreuma worrisome shade [Raids and Missions]Diabo Sivuela [Quests]Spiritbound OracleDaibo Xi Xundraux [Raid Merchant]a nervous freed slave [Group and Parcel Merchant]Rowain McKay [Raids]


Updated Items: Stone BeansUndershore FungusSorcerer's Vigilant NecklaceGoblin BonesCongealed Bile-Based OozeCreeping Silk StrandsSmall Parts KitSmall Clockwork TalismanPowered Clockwork TalismanSmall Lined CaseThe Binden ConcerrentiaStrange Jeweler's Schematic

Updated Quests: Adventurer's StoneAccess to the Theater of Blood/Plane of MusicFiriona Vie #1: Charges of TreasonDulak BanditsFirelings [Delivery] (10 Points)Firelings [Remodeling] (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Velium Infused Fish Scale Sheet

Bestiary Updates: Tabben Bromal [Tinkering Supplies]Jimlok KeylifterElder Clinkaa Stillmoon gravel wardena cunning mountain puma



Updated Items: Eroded Royal Face MaskStolen Shawl of Hidden HereticsCape of Broken EnchantmentsLost Ancient Elven RingGirdle of Bloodstained StonesEarring of Sand TidesGeomantic Compact Writings

New Quests: Maiden's Eye Traveler (10 Points)Umbral Plains Traveler (10 Points)Path of Shadows, Protected by Blood (10 Points)Quiet as a Church Mouse (10 Points)Lingering Shadows (10 PointsSacrificial Artifacts (10 Points)Akheva InsigniaReliefs of Vex Thal (10 Points)Captured Glimpses (10 Points)Vex Thal Librarian (10 Points)Prisoner Grub (10 Points)Basilica Sentencings (10 Points)Correspondence from Lcea Katta (10 Points)Gargoyle Fragments (10 Points)Drops of Blood (10 Points)Bloodfalls Battlefield (10 Points)Vampire Chess Set (10 Points)Flora of the Bloodfalls (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Spell Torn HolgreshBone-Riddled DervishChirping ConstructGabbling ConstructEnchanted Ice FormSentient ResonanceSiphoned Manticore



Updated Items: Velium SoulstoneTorrential SoulstoneSoulstonePristine SoulstonePrismatic SoulstonePhantasmal SoulstoneMinor SoulstoneLuminous SoulstoneLesser SoulstoneIridescent SoulstoneGreater SoulstoneGlowing SoulstoneFaceted SoulstoneDraconic SoulstoneCoalescent Soulstone

New Quests: Hunter of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Hunter of Umbral Plains (10 Points)Hunter of Ka Vethan (10 Points)Hunter of Vex Thal (10 Points)Hunter of Shadow Valley (10 Points)Hunter of Basilica of Adumbration (10 Points)Hunter of Bloodfalls (10 Points)Novice Hunter of Terror of Luclin (20 Points)Adept Hunter of Terror of Luclin (20 Points)Veteran Hunter of Terror of Luclin (30 Points)

Bestiary Updates: A Disciple of Luclin [Summoning Reagents]



New Quests: Mercenary of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Outpost Reclamation Orders (10 Points)Partisan of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Maiden's Eye Scavenger (10 Points)Mercenary of Umbral Plains (10 Points)Umbral Plains Scavenger (10 Points)Ka Vethan Scavenger (10 Points)Vex Thal Scavenger (10 Points)Shadow Valley Scavenger (10 Points)Basilica of Adumbration Scavenger (10 Points)Bloodfalls Scavenger (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Rogue Master SketchFound Paper (10 Points)Vampyre Diaryes (10 Points)Breaker of Chains (10 Points)Elysians Bone Relics (10 Points)Crude Fyr Jen Tools (10 Points)Twilight Orchid Medley (10 Points)Bountiful Poisonous Webcaps (10 Points)Path of Shadows, Protected by Blood (10 Points)Quiet as a Church Mouse (10 Points)Lingering Shadows (10 Points)Sacrificial Artifacts (10 Points)Akheva Insignia (10 Points)Reliefs of Vex Thal (10 Points)Captured Glimpses (10 Points)Vex Thal Librarian (10 Points)Prisoner Grub (10 Points)Basilica Sentencings (10 Points)Correspondence from Lcea Katta (10 Points)Gargoyle Fragments (10 Points)Drops of Blood (10 Points)Vampire Chess Set (10 Points)Flora of the Bloodfalls (10 Points)


Updated Items: Lost Ancient Elven RingCape of Broken EnchantmentsPristine Jeweled GlovesTome of Eternal PreservationEthereal Black Dragon Heart

New Quests: Partisan of Umbral Plains (10 Points)Mercenary of Ka Vethan (10 Points)Partisan of Ka Vethan (10 Points)Mercenary of Vex Thal (10 Points)Mercenary of Shadow Valley (10 Points)Partisan of Shadow Valley (10 Points)Mercenary of Basilica of Adumbration (10 Points)Partisan of Basilica of Adumbration (10 Points)Mercenary of Bloodfalls (10 Points)Partisan of Bloodfalls (10 Points)Hero of Ka Vethan (10 Points)Shei Vinitras: Running With Shears (10 Points)Shei Vinitras: Don't Cut the Strings (10 Points)Shei Vinitras: Mending Ways (10 Points)Hero of Vex Thal (10 Points)Savior of Vex Thal (20 Points)

Updated Quests: Mercenary of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Partisan of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Mercenary of Umbral Plains (10 Points)Bloodfalls Scavenger (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Flighty AmalgamRecreated HolgreshConscious Magical EssenceHolgresh TricksterKildrukaun the Ancient - CoV



Updated Items: Enchanters Sack

New Quests: Aten Ha Ra: Calm the Stones (10 Points)Aten Ha Ra: Merge Not (10 Points)Aten Ha Ra: Unstomped (10 Points)Hero of Basilica of Adumbration (10 Points)Savior of Basilica of Adumbration: Oubliette of Light (20 Points)Oubliette of Light: Graspless (10 Points)Oubliette of Light: Complete Control (10 Points)Oubliette of Light: Unchained (10 Points)Hero of Bloodfalls (10 Points)Close the Gate: No Moss (10 Points)Close the Gate: Shadow Self (10 Points)Close the Gate: Underwhelming Shadows (10 Points)Mired in Omens (20 Points)Lost in Shadows (20 Points)Steeped in Blood (20 Points)Shadow Seeker (30 Points)Savior of Ka Vethan (20 Points)Savior of Bloodfalls (20 Points)Challenger of Terror of Luclin (50 Points)Paragon of Terror of Luclin (40 Points)Champion of Terror of Luclin (30 Points)Explorer of Terror of Luclin (20 Points)Shadow Slayer (60 Points)Defender of Blood (60 Points)Master of Terror of Luclin (100 Points)Chasing ShadowsFlights of ShadowsTumbling ShadowsHunting BeetlesA Taste of VenomTerror Limbs for FirewoodFirst Vision of the UnknownSecond Vision of the UnknownThird Vision of the UnknownFree the Goranga: In Their Time (10 Points)Conqueror of Umbral Plains (30 Points)Shei VinitrasConqueror of Maiden's Eye (10 Points)Vanquisher of Free the Goranga (20 Points)Free the Goranga: Price of No Freedom (10 Points)Free the Goranga: The Needs of a Few (10 Points)Vanquisher of Zelnithak (20 Points)Zelnithak: Unreleased Power (10 Points)Zelnithak: In Bounds (10 Points)Zelnithak: Unsharded (10 Points)Vanquisher of Doomshade (20 Points)Doomshade: All Togather Now (10 Points)Doomshade: None Togather Now (10 Points)Doomshade: Forced to Fade (10 Points)Vanquisher of Netherbian Swarm Commander (20 Points)Netherbian Swarm Commander: Save the Innocent (10 Points)Netherbian Swarm Commander: Infestation Free (10 Points)Netherbian Swarm Commander: Each in Turn (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Enchanter Epic: Staff of the SerpentMercenary of Bloodfalls (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: a greater ice bonesEliknot Terrilon [Quests]Istoph Banock [Quests]Akhevan Scrying Bowl [Quests]a restless drakeena worthy sacrificean unworthy sacrificedator xi an vaunaerPli CentienPli Centien XakraPli LiakoPli SenshaliVius CentiXin ThallZun CentienZun Centien XakraZun LiakoZun SenshaliShei VinitrasKildrukaun the Ancient - CoV

New Zones: Ka Vethan - Shei Vinitras - Group Mission

Zone Updates: Basilica of Adumbration - Oubliette of Light - Group MissionKa Vethan - Shei Vinitras - Group Mission



New Items: Too many to list

Updated Items: Drachnid Clawpoint

Bestiary Updates: Champion Oricx



New Items: Luclinite Laced OleanderLuclinite Laced LarkspurLuclinite Laced CaladiumLuclinite Laced LaburnumLuclinite Laced PrivetLuclinite Laced DelphiniumOf Flowing Blood Volume 2 - JewelryOf Flowing Blood Volume 3 - PotteryOf Flowing Blood Volume 4 - Fish ScalesOf Flowing Blood Volume 5 - TinkeringOf Flowing Blood Volume 6 - ArmorOf Flowing Blood Volume 7 - WeaponsOf Flowing Blood Volume 8 - VictualsOf Flowing Blood Volume 9 - RunestonesLuclinite Enrichment MediumLuclinite Enduement MediumLuclinite Potion VialLuclinite Laced Poison VialLuclinite Laced Sealed Poison VialBite of the Shissar XXILuclinite Laced Nigriventer VenomLuclinite Laced Mamba VenomLuclinite Laced Gormar VenomLuclinite Laced Taipan VenomLuclinite Laced Choresine SampleLuclinite Laced MuscimolBloodied Luclinite Core Mana BatteryUnfired Guardian's Faded Bloodied MaskUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of VigorUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of VigorUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of SecurityGrilled Bloodied FishSauteed Luclin TubersLuclin Barberry JuiceChokeberry JuiceLuclin Sparkling WaterOssified Bloodied OreOf Flowing Blood Volume 1 - BasicsBloodied Luclinite PowderBloodied Luclinite Fish ScalesHoned Bloodied LucliniteEnchanted Honed Bloodied LucliniteBloodied Luclinite Fish Scale PatchBloodied Luclinite Fish Scale SwatchBloodied Luclinite Fish Scale SheetDuo Bloodied Luclinite EarringDuo Bloodied Luclinite NecklaceDuo Bloodied Luclinite RingMarquise Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetSquare Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetPear Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetHalf-Moon Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetTrillion Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetRound Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetOval Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetBloodied Luclinite Corrupted HideBloodied Luclinite Corrupted SilkBloodied Luclinite Corrupted TimberBloodied Luclinite Transmogrifant PatchLuclin Flame AngelLuclin Dragon Blood CichlidBloodied Fish FilletsBloodied VegetablesCaliginous MeatLuclin ChokeberryLuclin BarberryBlood-Tainted WaterBloodied Luclinite SheetBloodied Luclinite Chainmail LinksBloodied Luclinite LeatherBloodied Luclinite Heavy FabricBloodied Luclinite BoardBloodied Luclinite Corrupted Garnet

Updated Items: Too Many To List

New Quests: Conqueror of Ka Vethan (10 Points)Vanquisher of Shei Vinitras (20 Points)

Bestiary Updates: a ghoul cavaliera ghoul savanta ghoul executionera ghoul scribe



Updated Items: Shattered BladeMelted HiltFoul Doomfire BrimstoneSeared OozeSmoldering TentacleCrystallized Soul of FireReinforced Sandstone-Hilt SwordPile of Doomfire AshIgneous Rock of DoomfireSaltpeterScroll: Illusion: Sarnak OracleDeathfist Scout ScalpMinor Muramite RuneLesser Muramite Rune

Updated Quests: Initiate Dark Priest's BracerMarr's Blessing

Updated Recipes: Potential Earring of Rallos Zek

Bestiary Updates: a Vrodak bloodclawa swirling smokeSilania JanaidNightfang Glidera fereth captain



Updated Items: Gem of ChaosNimble Crystalline ShardTormented LereGooey Shadow StoneDovh's Eternal DiamondShade Stone of IntellectServant's SustenanceNorrathian Stone of Sure FlightMysterious Medicine VesselIllusive SoundBlakn's Box of DiamondsTooth Fang EarringSylra's TrinketSmall Stone of ShadowsFascinating Medicine DollShadowed Stone of WavesShadowed Stone of TranquilityShadowed Stone of StormsShadowed Stone of ShowersShadowed Stone of KnowledgeShadowed Stone of CrisesShadowed Stone of ClevernessJagged Thought Leech HornGlooming Stone EyeStone of the PatriarchHazy Luclinite ChalcedonySpectral Ghoul CloakSpy's Gem of StealthZev'ran's Bauble of MightUnfired Guardian's Faded Bloodied MaskUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of VigorUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of VigorBloodied Luclinite PowderUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of SecurityUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of BrilliancePristine Garnet of ConstitutionEnchanted Breastplate MoldEnchanted Gauntlet MoldEnchanted Greaves MoldEnchanted Boot MoldEnchanted Armguard MoldEnchanted Bracer MoldEnchanted Helm MoldSteel Warriors Assembly KitTattered Note

New Quests: Partisan of Vex Thal (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Doomshade: All Togather Now (10 Points)

New Recipes: Unfired Faded Bloodied Charm of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of SecurityUnfired Faded Bloodied Charm of VigorUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of BrillianceUnfired Faded Bloodied Idol of VigorUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of AdroitnessUnfired Faded Bloodied Mask of BrillianceUnfired Guardian's Faded Bloodied Mask

Bestiary Updates: Milea ClothspinnerEbon Strongbear [Warrior Guildmaster]Nerissa Clothspinner [Armor]a Rosch Val Gnolla Tesch Val GnollDonrigin Fleetfoota dark chest



Updated Items: Fortified Feather DusterModest Binding PowderGrim MementoForged Velium BattlehammerChokeberry JuiceBloodied VegetablesSauteed Luclin TubersTrillion Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetSquare Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetRound Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetPear Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetOval Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetMarquise Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetBloodied Luclinite Corrupted GarnetGrilled Bloodied FishLuclin Sparkling WaterGorowyn Translocator Lantern

New Quests: Close the Gate (Group Mission)

Updated Quests: Guilds & The Guild LobbyToV Rank II Level 115 Spells: Glowing Engraved Velium RuneOubliette of Light (Group Mission)Vex Thal Librarian (10 Points)

New Recipes: Luclin Sparkling WaterGrilled Bloodied FishMarquise Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetOval Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetPear Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetRound Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetSquare Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetTrillion Cut Bloodied Luclinite GarnetSauteed Luclin TubersChokeberry Juice

Bestiary Updates: a werewolfThe Ishva Malan Ishva Lteth gnollKurrpok Splitpawa luggald subvertera Chetari HoarderFloeA Bruning Winda mass of shadowsa smirking guardiana writhing shadowa writhing shadowAten Ha RaEom ThallEom Va DynEom ZethonEom Zethon XakraPli CentienPli Centien XakraPli LiakoPli Liako XakraPli Senshali XakraPli ThallPli Thall XakraPli Va DynPli Va LiakoPli Va LiakoPli Va Liako XakraPli ZethonPli Zethon ZakraQua CentienQua Centiena Rosch Val Gnolla Tesch Val Gnolla Nisch Val GnollKtheek the Ripper - CoV

New Zones: Bloodfalls - Close the Gate - Group MissionVex Thal - Aten Ha Ra - Group Mission

Zone Updates: Bloodfalls - Close the Gate - Group MissionVex Thal - Aten Ha Ra - Group Mission



New Items: Beta Fish of ToL Group T1Beta Fish of ToL Group T2Beta Fish of ToL Group TSThe Path of Shadows: SubmissivenessThe Path of Shadows: ExuberanceThe Path of Shadows: RadianceNotes between Sextons: Respect Your AltarNotes between Sextons: These Fools Need HelpNotes between Sextons: False IdolsNotes between Sextons: Worthy This TimeNotes between Sextons: Buckets of BloodNotes between Sextons: Deserters To Be PunishedCorrespondence from Lcea Katta, #8Tattered War HelmRended Runic CuirassShined Gargoyle ScaleEngraving of an Akheva SacrificeEngraving of Akheva AuthorityEngraving of Akheva LeadershipFrayed Leather SlingTarnished Long SwordPetrified Leather BracerBasilica Sentencing: Xys AkuelEngraving of the Akheva DestinyIshinaerPustulent Webcap SporesBroken Slave CollarEngraving of Akhevan MightWoven Chain LinkBroken Ankle RestraintsCrushed Slave Summoning BellBasilica Sentencing: Madasami OtajumEngraving of the Akhevan WayEngraving of Vex ThalCracked Burda ClubSplintered Round ShieldCharred Terror TwistFestering Webcap SporesDecaying WebcapStrangely Worded Note about SawsStrangely Worded Note about GlobesBroken Wrist ShacklesSnapped Guard KeyringEngraving of a Peering AkhevaTavuel xi SivuelaN'atulus ora TetorauPerse Nightshade OrchidRotting Webcap SporesBruising WebcapTome: Frothing RageTome: Instinctive RetaliationTome: Temple ShatterTome: Maiming Axe ThrowTome: Jarring ImpactTome: Pulverizing VolleyTome: Buttressed FrenzyTome: Blinding FrenzyTome: Shared ViolenceTome: Axe of Xin DiaboScroll: Va Xakra's MaelstromScroll: Chieftain's UnityScroll: Spirit of PantheaTome: Axe of the ConquerorTome: Tendon ShredTome: Primed RetaliationTome: Oppressing FrenzyTome: Stinging IncisionTome: Swift PunchTome: Vicious WhirlScroll: Vampyric EndemicScroll: Cissela's MeliorationScroll: Dire BiteTome: Eruption of ClawsScroll: Wearying BiteScroll: Unsurpassed VelocityScroll: Spiritual EruditionScroll: Zelniak's BiteScroll: Frozen BlightScroll: Protective WarderScroll: Spirit of SiverTome: ClobberScroll: Growl of the Clouded LeopardScroll: Polar RoarScroll: Sylra Fris' ChillScroll: Comrade's UnityScroll: Spellbreaker's FortressScroll: Bellow at the MoonScroll: Ander's FeralgiaScroll: Ward of the BeguilerScroll: Polyluminous RuneScroll: Mind VortexScroll: Mana Radix AuraScroll: Mesmeric StareScroll: MindreapScroll: Marvel's UnityScroll: Issuance of Mana RadixScroll: Perilous BewildermentScroll: Illusion: TegiScroll: Illusion: ShadeScroll: Promised ReliefScroll: Salve of JaegirScroll: Akhevan BloodScroll: Focus of JaegirTome: Bestial FiercenessScroll: Symbiotic AllianceScroll: Panthea's AggressionScroll: Panthea's ProtectionScroll: Korah's MendingScroll: Spiritual VigorScroll: Crystalline LanceScroll: Marvel's EchoScroll: Legion of XethegScroll: Invigorated MinionScroll: Scrying VisionsScroll: Aegis of SefraScroll: Polyluminous AssaultScroll: BewildermentScroll: Throttling GripScroll: Mana RebirthScroll: Chaotic PuzzlementScroll: Tranquil IssuanceScroll: Ghastly RuneScroll: Enhancing AuraScroll: Eclipsed AuspiceScroll: Bewildering WaveScroll: Brimstone EnduranceScroll: Color ConflagrationScroll: Dizzying VortexScroll: Legion of LiakoScroll: Hastening of JharinScroll: Eclipsed RuneScroll: Perplexing ConstrictionScroll: Issuance of AmeliorationScroll: Confounding GlanceScroll: Marvel's CommandScroll: Voice of PerceptionScroll: Chaotic CalamityScroll: Conscription of AirScroll: Conscription of WaterScroll: Conscription of FireScroll: Conscription of EarthScroll: Monster Summoning XIVScroll: Grant Shak Dathor's ArmamentsScroll: Grant the Centien's PlateScroll: Grant the Diabo's HeirloomsScroll: Marvel's RuneScroll: Constance's AnimationScroll: Rune of TearcScroll: AddleScroll: Tears of XenaciousScroll: Speed of ItzalScroll: Chromatic FlareScroll: Psychological AppropriationScroll: Aegis of XethegScroll: Still MindScroll: Edict of TashanScroll: InveigleScroll: Addling FlashScroll: Marvel's AuraScroll: Runic Incandescence AuraScroll: ChromashearScroll: Remote Color ConflagrationScroll: Beam of Molten OlivineScroll: Barrage of ManyScroll: Relentless SymbiosisScroll: Scorching SkinScroll: Kanoite StanceScroll: Ravaging SandsScroll: Renewal of IilivinaScroll: Rain of Molten OlivineScroll: Beam of FalchionsScroll: Summon Forbearing ServantScroll: Iceflame BarricadeScroll: Vvolcanic VeilScroll: Chaotic LargesseScroll: Fiery BlastScroll: Circle of Emberweave CoatScroll: Rain of FalchionsScroll: Carbide MalosinetraScroll: Gather VigorScroll: Spear of Molten LucliniteScroll: Summon Forbearing MinionScroll: Roiling ServantScroll: Remote Roiling ServantScroll: Tundra Ice CascadeScroll: Diabo Xi Fer's PyrobladeScroll: FlashbroilScroll: Lunar Ice CometScroll: Moonflame PillarScroll: Ethereal IgnitionScroll: Claw of the VoidScroll: TeladajaScroll: Hypothermic TorrentScroll: The Diabo's FireScroll: Thricewoven LunacyScroll: Ethereal TwistScroll: Shadow Valley GateScroll: Shadow Valley PortalScroll: Translocate: Shadow ValleyScroll: Emberweave CoatScroll: Bolt of Molten OlivineScroll: Destruction of SandScroll: Burnout XVScroll: Ophiolite BodyguardScroll: Sickle of Umbral ModulationScroll: Relentless GuardianScroll: Shock of Carbide SteelScroll: Lure of the Cold MoonScroll: Tears of Night FireScroll: Concussive FusilladeScroll: Aegis of the UmbraScroll: Vaporizing BeamScroll: Wildflame StrikeScroll: Claw of ItzalScroll: KatelamaraScroll: Coil of FlameScroll: Shadow HarvestScroll: Cloudburst JoltstrikeScroll: Ethereal MortarScroll: Leap of LevinsparksScroll: Darkice PillarScroll: CerebrumfreezeScroll: Lure of FyrthekScroll: Scales of the CrystalwingScroll: Branched LightningScroll: Lightning MaelstromScroll: ChillblastScroll: Chillmist GuardScroll: Chaos WhirlScroll: Funnel of UmbraScroll: Claw of the DuskflameScroll: Moonscale HuskScroll: Volcanic BarrageScroll: SoulflayScroll: Diabo Tatrua's Swift SicknessScroll: Zelnithak's Pallid HazeScroll: LunasideScroll: Mind AtrophyScroll: Pyre of Va XakraScroll: Harrowing DarknessScroll: Ignite CognitionScroll: Unrelenting AssassinScroll: Mistmoore's CommandScroll: Hemorrhagic VenomScroll: Scalding ShadowScroll: Inspire AllyScroll: Call Skeleton MassScroll: Xenacious' Swift LifedrawScroll: Cremate BonesScroll: Proclamation for BloodScroll: Infected WoundsScroll: Twilight LeechScroll: Shield of ShadowScroll: Penumbra ManaclesScroll: Frigid SalubrityScroll: Pyre of the NeglectedScroll: Chaotic AcridnessScroll: Bestow RotScroll: Thall Va Kelun's FlashblazeScroll: Shield of InevitabilityScroll: Aegis of RumblecrushScroll: Embalming VeninScroll: Fleshrot's DecayScroll: Maraud EssenceScroll: Xenacious' Swift VenomScroll: Grip of QuietusScroll: Luclin's ConquerorScroll: Cascading ShadeshieldScroll: Xetheg's Swift DeconstructionScroll: Sigil of UndeathScroll: ExtinctionScroll: The Protector's GraspScroll: Scent of The GraveScroll: DecompositionScroll: Lunatic ShriekScroll: Carrion SkinScroll: Talisman of the UsurperScroll: Spirit of RenewalScroll: Ward of RebirthScroll: Pack of Lunar WolvesScroll: Blood of MayongScroll: Polar GiftScroll: Reckless ResurgenceScroll: Lenrel's CurseScroll: Cruor's MaladyScroll: Thanatos' ProclamationScroll: Va Xakra's Rain of VenomScroll: Txiki's MalosinaraScroll: Desperate Vampyre BloodScroll: Spirit ReinforcementScroll: Korah's MendingScroll: Hoary AgreementScroll: Ander's BiteScroll: Antediluvian InterruptionScroll: Effervescent CounterbiasScroll: Halcyon SquallScroll: Doomshade's PandemicScroll: Tekuel BreathScroll: Heavy SleetScroll: ObeahScroll: Nectar of DestitutionScroll: Namdrows' VenomTome: Gutsy EscapeTome: ShadowstrikeScroll: MalosinetraScroll: Unity of the VampyreScroll: Fleshrot's Spear of VenomScroll: Talisman of the KerranScroll: Breath of the TegiScroll: Virulent DecayScroll: Diabo Sivuela's FaithfulScroll: Aten Ha Ra's DrowseScroll: MelancholyScroll: Rowain's RecourseScroll: Brightfeld's AfflictionTome: BeguileTome: Exotoxin DisciplineTome: Obfuscated BladeTome: Agitating SmokeTome: Unrelenting AcrimonyScroll: Despicable BargainScroll: Touch of TxikiScroll: Xenacious' SkinScroll: Dire CensureScroll: Dire SeizureTome: Sanguine BladeScroll: Torrent of MelancholyTome: AmbuscadeTome: Foolish MarkTome: Baleful Aim DisciplineTome: Jugular RendTome: Blinding CandescenceTome: Unseeable DisciplineTome: LanceTome: Precise Dagger-ThrowTome: Netherbian BladeScroll: Minion of ItzalScroll: Gift of ItzalScroll: Aten Ha Ra's CovenantTome: Xetheg's CarapaceTome: Fyrthek MantleScroll: Insidious RenunciationScroll: Spear of BloodwretchScroll: AntipathyScroll: Drape of the AkhevaScroll: Penumbral CallScroll: Unscrupulous BlightScroll: Terror of AnderScroll: Mental AnguishScroll: Cruor's BiteScroll: Brightfeld's HorrorScroll: Tekuel SkinScroll: Virulent DarknessScroll: Usurper's AudacityTome: Grisly BladeScroll: Shroud of ZelinsteinScroll: Parlay for PowerScroll: Blood of TearcScroll: Plague of FleshrotTome: Corrupted Guardian DisciplineScroll: Swarm of BloodfliesScroll: Lunarflare BoonScroll: Summer's TorrentScroll: Dusksage CoatScroll: Eyes of the SenshaliScroll: Whirlwind of ArrowsScroll: Devastating BarrageScroll: Desperate GeyserScroll: Shout of the Dusksage StalkerScroll: Protection of the ValleyScroll: HeartruinScroll: Vociferous BladesScroll: Focused Whirlwind of ArrowsScroll: Steeled by the HuntTome: Dusksage Stalker's DisciplineScroll: Touch of NamdrowsScroll: Bond of BynnScroll: Darkflow SpringScroll: Drifting DreamshadeScroll: DuskveilScroll: Claimed ShotsTome: Tempest of BladesScroll: Strength of the Dusksage StalkerScroll: Coagulated WindTome: Jolting Roundhouse KicksTome: Enraging Roundhouse KicksScroll: Nocturnal BoonScroll: Bay of the PredatorScroll: Cloak of BloodbarbsScroll: Jolting LucliniteScroll: Lingering QuietusScroll: Luclin's Darkfire CloakScroll: Dusksage Stalker's VigorScroll: Lunar BalmScroll: Lunarflare AshScroll: Moonthorn CoatScroll: Wrathful FuryScroll: Preservation of the BasilicaScroll: Crush of the UmbraScroll: Brilliant AcquittalScroll: Protective RevelationScroll: Hand of the Dreaming KeeperScroll: Force of the UmbraScroll: Force of the MaidenScroll: Shield of ShadethornsScroll: Bloodbeetle SwarmScroll: Regenerating SteelScroll: Force of GenerosityScroll: Aurora of DawningTome: Righteous CensureScroll: Burst of DawnbreakScroll: Armor of Unyielding GraceScroll: Forthright CleansingTome: Armor of the ForthrightTome: Supernal MantleScroll: Splash of RepentanceScroll: Mark of the Eclipsed CohortScroll: Wave of BereavementScroll: Brell's Tenacious BarrierScroll: CulpabilityTome: Unrelenting AffirmationScroll: Parlay for HonorScroll: Raptured LightScroll: Lesson of GuiltTome: Revered Guardian DisciplineScroll: Crush of the Twilight SeaScroll: UpbraidScroll: Ardent AudacityScroll: Balanced PurityScroll: Mark of the ProtectorScroll: Tranquil WordsScroll: Doctrine of AnnulmentScroll: Shadewell KeeperScroll: Symbol of LiakoTome: Armor of Akhevan RunesTome: Namdrows' RoarTome: Unrelenting AttentionTome: Brightfeld's Onslaught DisciplineTome: Resolute StandTome: BristleTome: Twilight ShoutTome: Hurricane BladesTome: Exploitive StrikeTome: Warrior's AegisTome: Full Moon's ChampionTome: Primal DefenseTome: Levincrash Defense DisciplineTome: RepudiateScroll: Adamant StanceScroll: Soothing TouchScroll: Pious ForceScroll: ConsecrateScroll: HymnalSong: Aura of Pli Xin LiakoSong: Wave of NocturnSong: Von Deek's Spiteful LyricSong: Echo of Pli Xin LiakoSong: Luclin's Burning CallScroll: Spirit of the TenaciousScroll: Talisman of the TenaciousSong: War March of Centien Xi Va XakraSong: War Chorus of the BloodbeastSong: Shak Dathor's Chant of FlameSong: Arcane HarmonySong: Slumber of the DiaboSong: Zelinstein's Lively CrescendoSong: Namdrows' Assonant BindingSong: Voice of the DiaboSong: Shojralen's Song of SufferingSong: Satisfying AccelerandoSong: Kai's Reckless RenewalSong: Psalm of the PiousSong: Aura of Shei VinitrasSong: Sogran's InsultSong: Echo of Shei VinitrasSong: Constance's AriaSong: Chorus of Shei VinitrasSong: Xetheg's Spry SonataSong: Fyrthek Fior's Psalm of PotencySong: Cruor's Chant of PoisonTome: Buffeting of FistsSong: Silence of QuietusSong: Lullaby of NightfallSong: Aria of Pli Xin LiakoSong: Coagulus' Chant of DiseaseSong: Pulse of NikolasSong: Vibrato BarrierSong: Sylra Fris' Chant of FrostSong: Fatesong of LuccaTome: Dragon's PoiseTome: Disciplined ReflexesTome: Breath of StillnessTome: Echo of FlinchingTome: Counterblow DisciplineTome: Technique of the Lunar FistTome: Repeal DeathScroll: Legacy of BloodspikesScroll: Onyx BlessingScroll: Moonwhisper CrystalsScroll: Mask of the Dusksage TenderScroll: LunarushScroll: SootheseanceScroll: Nature's Sweltering WrathScroll: Chill of the Dusksage TenderScroll: Bloodspike RushScroll: Ring of Shadow ValleyScroll: Circle of Shadow ValleyScroll: Zephyr: Shadow ValleyTome: Bloodwalker's SynergyTome: Dreamwhisper ApparitionTome: Sting of the NetherbianScroll: ClotavidaScroll: Promised RevivificationScroll: Scrutiny of RoScroll: Skin to LichenScroll: Horde of DuskwigsScroll: Shadespine CoatScroll: Winter's WildbrumeScroll: Survival of the UnrelentingScroll: Remote SunboltScroll: Nightchill AuraScroll: Bloody RoarScroll: Onyx MoonbeamScroll: SunpyreScroll: Summer SunpyreScroll: Adrenaline SpateScroll: Bulwark of the ReptileScroll: Primal FrostScroll: Sunwarmth BlessingScroll: Bloodied ThornmawScroll: Remote MoonchillTome: Night's CalmingTome: PerforateScroll: Chant of the ZelniakScroll: Fervent GrowthScroll: Unmend the UnnaturalScroll: Nature's SuccorScroll: Bolstered GrowthScroll: Tenebrous SunrayScroll: Bedlam of the StormbornScroll: DuskthornScroll: Beast's BellowingScroll: Cinch of RoScroll: Heliacal ConflagrationScroll: Nightwhisper's BreezeScroll: Twilight ChillScroll: Twilight BreathScroll: Nightspire BulwarkScroll: Luclinite SkinScroll: Armor of PenanceScroll: Unified Hand of the DiaboScroll: Unified Hand of PersistenceScroll: Elixir of BenevolenceScroll: Rallied Sanctuary of VieScroll: Bastion of DivinityScroll: Rallied Greater Blessing of VieScroll: Determined RenewalScroll: Word of Greater RejuvenationScroll: Divine ContraventionScroll: Refreshing SplashScroll: Venerated GroundScroll: Greater Bulwark of VieScroll: Fervent LightScroll: Sound of ProvidenceScroll: Promised ReclamationScroll: Atoned InterventionScroll: Sermon of RepentanceScroll: Unyielding RebukeScroll: Mark of EzraScroll: Purge CorruptionScroll: Silent SealScroll: Incorruptible Hammer of ObliterationScroll: ChromablastScroll: Shining FortitudeScroll: Hand of Unyielding InfusionScroll: Devout AcquittalScroll: Yaulp XVIIScroll: AweblastScroll: Contenting GlowScroll: Vow of TenacityScroll: VindicationScroll: Word of RedressScroll: Hallowed ElixirScroll: Divine WritScroll: Ward of ProhibitionScroll: Divine BulwarkScroll: Eighteenth RejuvenationScroll: Divine MediationScroll: Unified PersistenceScroll: Ward of PersistenceScroll: Hammer of PenanceScroll: Syllable of InvigorationScroll: Issuance of ConvictionScroll: Vow of PerniciousnessScroll: Deny CorruptionScroll: Tectonic ShadowventScroll: Sanctified BloodScroll: Extirpate the UndeadScroll: Unity of the SanguineScroll: Guileless RemedyLuclin Berry CoolerDistillate of Divine Healing XXILuclin Lavender Ginger BeerLuclin BarberryadeChokeberry TeaFaded Bloodied Luclinite HammerFaded Bloodied Luclinite of HarmonyFaded Bloodied Luclinite Wrist ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Feet ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Head ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Arms ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Legs ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Chest ArmorSanguineous FocusRefined Mana TonicLuclinite Fortified DrinkFaded Bloodied Luclinite Hands ArmorBloodstone AntidoteChampion's RestorativeDistillate of Health XXIDistillate of Clarity XXIDistillate of Celestial Healing XXIDistillate of Spirituality XXIDistillate of Replenishment XXIBlood Pacifying PotionAbility: Enchant Honed Bloodied Luclinite (x1)Ability: Enchant Honed Bloodied Luclinite (x10)Scorpion's Agony XXILuclinite Laced Delphinium ExtractGelidran Lament XXIPyrilen Burn XXISolusek's Burn XXIE`ci's Lament XXIHate of the Shissar XXIAnger of the Shissar XXITallon's Tactic XXIMonk's Bane XXIArcher's Bane XXIWarlord's Bane XXIMessenger's Bane XXIQuellious' Trauma XXISpider's Bite XXIStrike of Ssraeshza XXIVallon's Tactic XXILuclinite Laced Muscimol ExtractLuclinite Laced Oleander ExtractLuclinite Laced Larkspur ExtractLuclinite Laced Caladium ExtractLuclinite Laced Laburnum ExtractLuclinite Laced Privet ExtractStrike of the Shissar XXIFighter's Bane XXISummoner's Faded Bloodied Luclinite EarringFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Tower ShieldFaded Bloodied Luclinite Spiked ShieldFaded Bloodied Luclinite BucklerFaded Bloodied Luclinite MaceFaded Bloodied Luclinite WandFaded Bloodied Luclinite Short SpearFaded Bloodied Luclinite MaulFaded Bloodied Luclinite LongbowFaded Bloodied Luclinite Riding BowFaded Bloodied Luclinite ClubFaded Bloodied Luclinite CenserFaded Bloodied Luclinite Flanged MaceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Fighting StaffFaded Bloodied Luclinite Great CenserFaded Bloodied Luclinite Arcane StaffFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Mask of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Mask of AdroitnessGuardian's Faded Bloodied Luclinite MaskFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite RapierFaded Bloodied Luclinite War SwordFaded Bloodied Luclinite KatarFaded Bloodied Luclinite Hooked DaggerFaded Bloodied Luclinite AxeFaded Bloodied Luclinite BroadswordFaded Bloodied Luclinite Spiral DaggerFaded Bloodied Luclinite AthameLuclin Savory RoastLuclin Braised Short RibsLuclin Garlic Stir-FryLuclin Fish StewLuclin Nutritious DumplingsFaded Bloodied Luclinite of IngenuityFaded Bloodied Luclinite of ProficiencyFaded Bloodied Luclinite of SavvinessFaded Bloodied Luclinite of ResilienceFaded Bloodied Luclinite of IntensityFaded Bloodied Luclinite of CelerityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of DevastationFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of StrikingFaded Bloodied Luclinite Amice of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Amice of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Amice of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Cloak of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Cloak of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Cloak of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite SwordFaded Bloodied Luclinite ScimitarFaded Bloodied Luclinite BardicheFaded Bloodied Luclinite SpearFaded Bloodied Luclinite Two Headed SpearReactive Luclinite Ensanguined Gem of StrikingCongruent Luclinite Ensanguined Gem of StrikingReactive Luclinite Ensanguined Gem of DevastationCongruent Luclinite Ensanguined Gem of Devastation

Updated Items: Attendant Jalia FamiliarSodaliteScroll: Vicarum's RetortGnoll Pup LeashRusty Ornamental BracerLesser Muramite RuneMysterious Stone of Swirling WonderMinor Muramite RuneSuit of Draconic Lava ClothOf Flowing Blood Volume 11 - PotionsOf Flowing Blood Volume 10 - PoisonsOwlbear SaddleMetamorph Wand - RockhopperMetamorph Wand - LightcrawlerZelniak SaddleBloodbound SatchelPainting: Terror of LuclinTeleport Item Key Ring Slot (5)Umbral Plains Scrying BowlContract of the StonegrabberUmbral Plains MushroomVisage of the AkhevaOf Flowing Blood Volume 09 - RunestonesOf Flowing Blood Volume 08 - VictualsOf Flowing Blood Volume 07 - WeaponsOf Flowing Blood Volume 06 - ArmorOf Flowing Blood Volume 05 - TinkeringOf Flowing Blood Volume 04 - Fish ScalesOf Flowing Blood Volume 03 - PotteryOf Flowing Blood Volume 02 - JewelryOf Flowing Blood Volume 01 - BasicsFaded Waning Gibbous Wrist ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Legs ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Head ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Hands ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Feet ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Chest ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Arms ArmorMinor ToL Raid RuneMedian ToL Raid RuneLesser ToL Raid RuneMedal of ConflictScarlet MarkWaxing Crescent Honed LucliniteWaning Gibbous Honed LucliniteWaning Crescent Honed LucliniteLuclinite Enduement MediumCalcified Bloodied OreLuclinite Enrichment MediumOssified Bloodied OreBloodied Luclinite Transmogrifant PatchAviak Avenger Charm

New Quests: ToL Rank III Level 111 Spells: Minor ToL Raid RuneToL Rank III Level 112 Spells: Lesser ToL Raid RuneToL Rank III Level 113 Spells: Median ToL Raid Rune

Updated Quests: Achievement: Hunter of The Twilight Sea

Bestiary Updates: a brownie guardthe ghoul arch magusa Ishva Lteth gnolla vas ren warmastera chilled chest - ZlandicarStonefootCraftsman FerinioEom ZethonPli Va Liako XakraQua Centien XakraQua LiakoQua Liako ZakraQua SenshaliQua Senshali XakraQua ThallQua Thall XakraQua Va DynQua Va LiakoQua Va Liako XakraQua ZethonQua Zethon XakraZov CentienZov SenshaliZov ThallZov Va LiakoZov ZethonZun CentienZun Centien XakraZun SenshaliZun ThallZun Va DynZun Va LiakoZun ZethonZun Zethon XakraIcefloeaviak avenger



New Items: Basilica Sentencing: Centien Zun'xaStrangely Worded Note about LegsStrangely Worded Note about MongrelsStrangely Worded Note about HearthStrangely Worded Note about TowersStrangely Worded Note about BeastsSefra's Necklace

Updated Items: Too many to list

New Recipes: Distillate of Celestial Healing XXIDistillate of Clarity XXIDistillate of Divine Healing XXIDistillate of Health XXIDistillate of Replenishment XXIDistillate of Spirituality XXIBlood Pacifying PotionBloodstone AntidoteChampion's RestorativeLuclinite Fortified DrinkRefined Mana TonicSanguineous FocusFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Earring of VigorSummoner's Faded Bloodied Luclinite EarringFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Necklace of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of VigorHoned Bloodied LucliniteLuclin Fish StewLuclin Nutritious DumplingsLuclin Savory RoastLuclin Braised Short RibsLuclin Garlic Stir-FryLuclin Barberry JuiceLuclin BarberryadeChokeberry TeaLuclin Lavender Ginger BeerLuclin Berry CoolerFaded Bloodied Luclinite Arcane StaffFaded Bloodied Luclinite BucklerFaded Bloodied Luclinite CenserFaded Bloodied Luclinite ClubFaded Bloodied Luclinite Fighting StaffFaded Bloodied Luclinite Flanged MaceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Great CenserFaded Bloodied Luclinite HammerFaded Bloodied Luclinite LongbowFaded Bloodied Luclinite MaulFaded Bloodied Luclinite Riding BowFaded Bloodied Luclinite Short SpearFaded Bloodied Luclinite Spiked ShieldFaded Bloodied Luclinite Tower ShieldFaded Bloodied Luclinite WandFaded Bloodied Luclinite MaceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Idol of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Charm of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Mask of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Mask of BrillianceGuardian's Faded Bloodied Luclinite MaskAbility: Enchant Honed Bloodied Luclinite (x1)Ability: Enchant Honed Bloodied Luclinite (x10)Faded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of VigorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of DevastationFaded Bloodied Luclinite Gem of StrikingFaded Bloodied Luclinite of CelerityFaded Bloodied Luclinite of HarmonyFaded Bloodied Luclinite of IngenuityFaded Bloodied Luclinite of IntensityFaded Bloodied Luclinite of ProficiencyFaded Bloodied Luclinite of ResilienceFaded Bloodied Luclinite of SavvinessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of AdroitnessFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of BrillianceFaded Bloodied Luclinite Belt of VigorLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster BreastplateLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster BracerLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster GreavesLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster HelmLuclinite Ensanguined Loremaster VambracesLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood ArmwrapsLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood TunicLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Dragonbrood CowlLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger CoatLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger CoifLuclinite Ensanguined Warmonger SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator BracerLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator BreastplateLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator GreavesLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator HelmLuclinite Ensanguined Illuminator VambracesLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker TunicLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker CowlLuclinite Ensanguined Lifewalker ArmwrapsLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock SandalsLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock RobeLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock PantsLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock CapLuclinite Ensanguined Mindlock SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver SandalsLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver RobeLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver PantsLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver CapLuclinite Ensanguined Flameweaver SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge ArmwrapsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge TunicLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulforge CowlLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer SandalsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer RobeLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer PantsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer CapLuclinite Ensanguined Soulslayer SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch BracerLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch BreastplateLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch GreavesLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch HelmLuclinite Ensanguined Exarch VambracesWaning Gibbous Loremaster BootsWaning Gibbous Loremaster BracerWaning Gibbous Loremaster BreastplateWaning Gibbous Loremaster GauntletsWaning Gibbous Loremaster GreavesWaning Gibbous Loremaster HelmWaning Gibbous Loremaster VambracesWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood BootsWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward CoatLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward CoifLuclinite Ensanguined Natureward SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale CoatLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale LeggingsLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale CoifLuclinite Ensanguined Shadowscale SleevesLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender BracerLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender BreastplateLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender GreavesLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender HelmLuclinite Ensanguined Soulrender VambracesLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker CoatLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker LeggingsWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood TunicLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker CoifLuclinite Ensanguined Spiritwalker SleevesWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire BootsLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire BracerLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire BreastplateLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire GauntletsLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire GreavesLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire HelmLuclinite Ensanguined Legionnaire VambracesLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire SandalsLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire WristguardLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire RobeLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire GlovesLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire PantsLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire CapLuclinite Ensanguined Frostfire SleevesWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood LeggingsFaded Bloodied Luclinite Wrist ArmorWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood CowlWaning Gibbous Dragonbrood ArmwrapsFaded Bloodied Luclinite Legs ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Head ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Hands ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Feet ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Chest ArmorFaded Bloodied Luclinite Arms ArmorWaning Gibbous Warmonger BootsWaning Gibbous Warmonger WristguardWaning Gibbous Warmonger CoatWaning Gibbous Warmonger GauntletsWaning Gibbous Warmonger LeggingsWaning Gibbous Warmonger CoifWaning Gibbous Warmonger SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster BootsLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster BracerLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster HelmLuclinite Coagulated Loremaster VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood BootsLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood TunicLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood GlovesLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood CowlLuclinite Coagulated Dragonbrood ArmwrapsLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger BootsLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger CoatLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger CoifLuclinite Coagulated Warmonger SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator BootsLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator BracerLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator HelmLuclinite Coagulated Illuminator VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker BootsLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker TunicWaning Gibbous Illuminator BootsLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker GlovesLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker LeggingsWaning Gibbous Illuminator BracerLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker CowlWaning Gibbous Illuminator BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Lifewalker ArmwrapsWaning Gibbous Illuminator GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock CapWaning Gibbous Illuminator GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock RobeWaning Gibbous Illuminator HelmLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock GlovesWaning Gibbous Illuminator VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock PantsLuclinite Coagulated Mindlock SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver SandalsLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver WristguardWaning Gibbous Lifewalker BootsLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver RobeWaning Gibbous Lifewalker WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver GlovesWaning Gibbous Lifewalker TunicWaning Gibbous Lifewalker GlovesWaning Gibbous Lifewalker LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver PantsWaning Gibbous Lifewalker CowlWaning Gibbous Lifewalker ArmwrapsLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver CapLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver CapLuclinite Coagulated Flameweaver SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Soulforge BootsLuclinite Coagulated Soulforge ArmwrapsLuclinite Coagulated Soulforge GlovesLuclinite Coagulated Soulforge LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Soulforge CowlLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer SandalsLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer RobeLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer GlovesLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer PantsLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer CapLuclinite Coagulated Soulslayer SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Exarch BootsLuclinite Coagulated Exarch BracerLuclinite Coagulated Exarch BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Exarch GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Exarch GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Exarch HelmLuclinite Coagulated Exarch VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Natureward BootsLuclinite Coagulated Natureward WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Natureward CoatLuclinite Coagulated Natureward GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Natureward LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Natureward CoifLuclinite Coagulated Natureward SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale BootsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale CoatLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale CoifLuclinite Coagulated Shadowscale SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender BootsLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender BracerLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender HelmLuclinite Coagulated Soulrender VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker BootsLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker CoatLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker LeggingsLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker CoifLuclinite Coagulated Spiritwalker SleevesLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire BootsLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire BracerLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire BreastplateLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire GauntletsLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire GreavesLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire HelmLuclinite Coagulated Legionnaire VambracesLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire SandalsLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire WristguardLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire RobeLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire GlovesLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire PantsLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire CapLuclinite Coagulated Frostfire SleevesWaning Gibbous Mindlock SandalsWaning Gibbous Mindlock WristguardWaning Gibbous Mindlock RobeWaning Gibbous Mindlock GlovesWaning Gibbous Mindlock PantsWaning Gibbous Mindlock CapWaning Gibbous Mindlock Sleeves

Updated Recipes: Baked Restless Roots

Bestiary Updates: Sylra FrisDiscordling Collector



New Items: Tawny Nightshade OrchidVerdant Nightshade OrchidOcherous Nightshade OrchidClaret WebcapFools WebcapShrouded WebcapWeathered LanceaThe Path of Shadows: TranscendenceCorrespondence from Lcea Katta, #2Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #4Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #5Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #3Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #6Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #7Correspondence from Lcea Katta, #1Basilica Sentencing: Huntsman KrilaxBasilica Sentencing: Olyam BanockBasilica Sentencing: Valdanov ZevfeerBasilica Sentencing: IntrudersBasilica Sentencing: Mayong MistmooreBloodgood LeafBlackened Drop of BloodCaustic Drop of BloodClotted Drop of BloodDried Drop of BloodCrimson Drop of BloodFrozen Drop of BloodDragon's Blood BarkDried Sanguine LeafRazorleaf FernExposed RootsFallen Blood Leaf

Updated Items:  Too Many to List

Updated Quests: Lupine Claw GauntletsWerewolf Skin CloakFree the WardensRiven Halasian Weapons and Gear (Shadow Valley) (10 Points)Raven Gifts (Shadow Valley) (10 Points)Found Paper (10 Points)Breaker of Chains (10 Points)Twilight Orchid Medley (10 Points)Bountiful Poisonous Webcaps (10 Points)Path of Shadows, Protected by Blood (10 Points)Quiet as a Church Mouse (10 Points)Reliefs of Vex Thal (10 Points)Vex Thal Librarian (10 Points)Basilica Sentencings (10 Points)Correspondence from Lcea Katta (10 Points)Drops of Blood (10 Points)Flora of the Bloodfalls (10 Points)

New Recipes: Waning Gibbous Exarch BootsWaning Gibbous Exarch BracerWaning Gibbous Exarch BreastplateWaning Gibbous Exarch GauntletsWaning Gibbous Exarch GreavesWaning Gibbous Exarch HelmWaning Gibbous Exarch VambracesWaning Gibbous Natureward BootsWaning Gibbous Natureward WristguardWaning Gibbous Natureward CoatWaning Gibbous Natureward GauntletsWaning Gibbous Natureward LeggingsWaning Gibbous Natureward CoifWaning Gibbous Natureward Sleeves

Updated Recipes: Purified Velium

Bestiary Updates: a desperate drake - CoVa nervous drake - CoVa stoic journeyman - CoVan enigmatic drake - CoVa deathfist orc scoutAgent of Change [Dreadlands [ Gorenaire Expedition ]]Ishta Xi Ivanieum [Ranger and Druid Spells]Dabo Xi Xakreum [Necromancer, Shadowknight Spell]Dabo Xi Xiall [Cleric and Paladin Spells]Tetorau Xi Xundraux [Melee Tomes]Tetorau Xi Tetoracu [Shaman and Beastlord Spells]Tetorau Xi Tatrau [Enchanter and Bard Spells]Dabo Xi Atraeth [Wizard and Magician Spells]Marik ClubthornKildrukaun the Ancient - CoVa Lteth Val Scribe


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