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Spoils of War
June 6 to June 22, 2012
Beginning June 6th, 2012 and extending to June 22nd, 2012, this event follows the fighting in Balaurea.

Provisioning the Front Lines

Every 30 minutes of logged-in time you will receive some [Event] Tasty Grain in your bag, courtesy of the Black Cloud Traders, then every day from 11am to 3pm Central and every evening from 7pm to 11pm Central random mobs throughout Atreia and in many instances will drop [Event] Golden Aether. Combine them to make a [Event] Rations Pack. Open the [Event] Rations Pack to find [Event] Potent Rations (2). Take the [Event] Potent Rations to Koryak in Sanctum or Varya in Pandaemonium for the war effort (and to trade them for special rewards).

[Event] Tasty Grain and [Event] Ration Packs (PW/AA) can also be purchased in the Black Cloud Marketplace.

All prices are in [Event] Potent Rations.

[Event] Jade Box
30 Kinah
[Event] Silver Box
50 Kinah
[Event] Gold Box
100 Kinah
[Event] Firecracker Box
Prices are based on observed in-game prices and may vary based on such things as your current Influence

Besh Temple Blitz

Level 55 and up

During The Spoils of War event, a gateway directly outside the Silentera Canyon entrance will take players to Beshmundir Temple (even if the fortresses are not owned). Players who successfully defeat any combination of Macunbello (PW/AA), Ahbana (PW/AA), Dorakiki (PW/AA), Flarestorm (PW/AA) (one person in your group must have a Flarestorm key!), Isbariya (PW/AA), and Stormwing (PW/AA) 70 times will receive 20x Fine Medal Chests, that contain Mithril Medal (PW/AA)s or AP Relics! Defeating these bosses 100 times will reward 30x Fine Medal Chests! Players may receive only one of these rewards per character. Players have 2 weeks to rack up as many boss kills as possible!

The Black Cloud Marketplace is selling Blitz Packs with items intended to speed up Beshmundir runs and increase XP gain.

See also: Official Spoils of War page.

Live Events

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