Age of Myths (RoM Lore)  

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Runes of Magic

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Changes to the World

Time passed, the races evolved, and Ayvenas was glad to see calm and stable growth. One day, while writing in the book of “Taborea,” a thought crossed Ayvenas’ mind: “What would his world be like if it was imbalanced?”

Without his knowing, Ayvenas’ thought was recorded, and Taborea began to change.

Transformations and Hope

Ayvenas’ envoys taught all Taboreans knowledge and skills, but differences among the people emerged. The envoys taught everyone to live by the virtue of their own strengths, and most people devoted themselves to farming or hunting, but a few turned to stealing. The envoys taught everyone to unite in the face of danger, and most people lived together peacefully, but some fought amongst themselves.

Eventually, Ayvenas’ envoys developed individual characteristics and consciousnesses. Once the envoys were guardians of balance, but the balance was shattered when they began mixing with different creatures. This blend of elemental envoys and Taborean creatures resulted in countless magical beings — the dragons being the most powerful.

The actions of those mighty creatures are the basis of many myths, which is why this epoch is called the Age of Myths.

Myth of the Oracles

Ayvenas was stunned when he realized his creation — Taborea — had slipped from his control. He decided to tear apart the chapters of the future and scatter the fragments throughout the land. He wanted to give the power of the world to the people so that they could shape Taborea’s future.

The divine envoys were unaware of this plan, and once their powers were gone, they felt great despair. They even tried to restore the fragments to regain their powers. Only then did they become aware of Ayvenas’ wishes and complied. At Ayvenas’ command, the envoys pulled back and vanished from the world, thus ending the Age of Myths.

Over the centuries, Ayvenas’ destruction of his own creation became legend. Humans of later eras called the scattered pieces of Taborea "oracles." Some even say that he who obtains the oracles can define the future.

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