Altgard (Aion Zone)  

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Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 20-35
Zone Connections
Morheim (via road in Impetusium)

Flight Stations

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Map of Altgard
The Road to Morheim in Impetusium connects to Road to Altgard (of course) just northeast of Patamor Ridge Path in Morheim.

Campaign Quests

Upon arrival in Altgard you report, first, to Brigade General Suthran. He is glad to see you, as he has many tasks that need some attention and his command has been stretched thin with their regular duties.

Speak to Meibjar about reports of Sapiens, and others, that have been seen near the Citadel (Encroachers). Also, see Valuerin to receive an important maintenance task (Fungus Among Us).

The General has received reports that the Mumu tribe is growing Odella. If true, this is dangerous news. Meet with Loriniah at Moslan Crossing and check into it (A Dangerous Crop, Fear This).

Lepharist Revolutionaries have been seen in the vicinity of Manir's Ferry Dock. Talk to Olenja and find out what they are looking for (Scout It Out, Take The Initiative, Trespassers At The Observatory).

The Mau of the Black Claw Tribe have been very active, lately, which is not good this close to the Fortress. Talk to Taora, in Mahindel Swamp, and see what you can do to put a stop to it (Know Your Enemy, Keeping the Black Claw Tribe in Check).

Keep the General apprised of your progress. He may have further orders when you have things in hand.

Standard Quests

Recently, wagons on the way to the Altgard Observatory were attacked. Neifenmer and Urnir have different theories on who attacked the wagons. Neifenmer believes it was the Lepharists, while Urnir believes the Peckus are responsible. Once you complete your investigation, present the facts to Deyla, the Daeva of Deduction, at the of Artisans (Aion Place)] in Pandaemonium. (Neifenmer's Reasoning, Urnir's Reasoning, My Dear Deava (Aion Quest)])

Notes on Leveling

If you have been leveling on quests, doing only the hunting required to complete the quests, you will probably run out of quests just as you reach Basfelt Village. You should be level 12 by this time, but the minimum level of the lowest quest in the village is 13. Go back down the road and hunt Wild Togs around Karl's Campsite until you ding. It should not take very long.

Named Monsters

Image Name and Location Level Notes
Commander Mohen (PW/yg) in Mosbear Habitat 13 Mohen's Belt (PW/AA)
Mohen's Greatsword (PW/AA)
Mohen's Jewel (PW/AA)
Mohen's Longbow (PW/AA)
Mohen's Spear (PW/AA)
Mohen's Staff (PW/AA)
Silverback Haku (PW/yg) in Mosbear Habitat 17 Haku's Shoes (PW/AA)
Chieftain Manumumu (PW/yg) in Mumu Village 17 Manumumu's Glasses (PW/AA)
Manumumu's Wedding Ring (PW/AA)
Numurru Quickfist (PW/yg) in Black Claw Outpost 17 Elite Mau Armor (Feet)
Numurru's Jewel (PW/AA)
Numurru's Sword (PW/AA)
Fourpoints (PW/yg) in Black Claw Outpost 17 Elite Matara's Dagger (PW/AA)
Matara's Staff (PW/AA)
Mau Armor (Hands)
Scowl (PW/yg) in Black Claw Outpost 18 Elite Belt of the Black Claw Tribe (PW/AA)
Black Claw Seal (PW/AA)
Mau Armor (Legs)
The Peltclaimer (PW/yg) in Black Claw Outpost 18 Elite Belt of the Black Claw Tribe (PW/AA)
Black Claw Seal (PW/AA)
Mau Armor (Body)
Mubaba's Earrings (PW/AA)
Jahama the Ruthless (PW/yg) in Black Claw Outpost 18 Elite Belt of the Black Claw Tribe (PW/AA)
Black Claw Seal (PW/AA)
Jahama's Longbow (PW/AA)
Jahama's Spear (PW/AA)
Jahama's Tome (PW/AA)
Stoneskin Stoffu in Gribade Crater Lake 18 Stoffu's Heart (PW/AA)
Stoffu's Shield (PW/AA)
Karat Ikid (PW/yg) in Gribade Canyon 18 Karat Ikid's Greatsword (PW/AA)
Bluewing (PW/yg) in Calderon Hill 19 Naimas's Mail (PW/AA)
Chieftain Kumbaron in Black Claw Outpost 20 Elite Belt of the Black Claw Tribe (PW/AA)
Black Claw Seal (PW/AA)
Kumbaron's Mask (PW/AA)
Black Claw Chieftain's Weapons
Mau Armor (Head)
Depthcharge (PW/yg) in Impetusium 20 Starraea's Leather Gloves (PW/AA)
Note: For drops in the Notes column, we list only Superior or better drops on this table, and some of those will be a single link to a Set page. For a complete list of the drops we know about, see the mob's page.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are gleaned from the plethora of questions folks ask in Region Chat over and over.

  1. Q: Where is Borender?
    A: He is on top of the ice ABOVE the Abyss Gate that floats over Altgard Fortress. (Fungus Among Us, The Scribbler)
  2. Q: Where is Noroia?
    A: She is in the Altgard Dungeon, which is UNDER the Fortress. The entrance is inside the inner bailey, in the northwest area. (The Scribbler)
  3. Q: Where is MuMu Bon?
    A: He is in the Altgard Dungeon, in a cell at the back. See Noroia question, above. (Mau in Ten Minutes a Day)
  4. "Q: Where is the Teleport Pad?'
    A: There is only a single Teleporter in the zone, at Altgard Fortress, across the plaza from the Obelisk. There are three Transport NPCs: Altgard Fortress, Basfelt Village, and Trader's Berth
  5. Q: What is/Where are "Skurvs" and "Mau"?
    A: Skurvs are the little mouse guys that work for the human-sized Mau (cat guys). Skurvs and Mau can be found in the MuMu Farmland, MuMu Village, Black Claw Outpost and Black Claw Village. (A Dangerous Crop, Fear This)
  6. Q: What drops the Sturdy Leather Belt? I have killed HUNDREDS of Skurv and Mau!
    A: The belt is dropped by MuMu Patrols in the MuMu Farmland but unlike the Hairpin, from the MuMu Farmers and MuMu Gatherers, the Belt is an uncommon drop. Just keep killing and you will get them. Try different mobs, move around a little, and you will get them. (A Dangerous Crop)
  7. Q: What am I supposed to find at Manir's Ferry Dock?
    A: Examine the paper pinned to the desk by a dagger in the house on the north side of the water at Manir's Ferry Dock in the northwest of Moslan Forest. (Scout It Out)
  8. Q: I failed to kill Infernus, for A Mythical Monster. Now the incense burner does not work. What am I doing wrong?
    A: You need to go back to Lamir and get more incense. (A Mythical Monster)
  9. Q: What does BC stand for?
    A: Black Claw Tribe. Refers to all of the quests in Black Claw Outpost and Black Claw Village.

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