Basin of the Fallen (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
DNArmory map
Autumn Shore (Dread Forest Pass)
Easy Level: 20
Abyss Level: 23
Scarlet Scythe
Abyss Bosses
Joseph the Mad
Scarlet Scythe
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Dragon Nest

Path: Autumn Shore (Dread Forest Pass) —> Basin of the Fallen

Stage 1

The small path to the left hides a Treasure Chest.

Stage 2

There are 3 portals at the end of the winding hillside path. There is a Protection Stone by each portal. Choose. Eliminate the enemies near one of the portals, then activate the stone. Activating the stone will summon a few mobs. Kill them to open that portal. This deactivates the other two.

So, Monty, which will it be? Door Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number Three? Well, actually, you must go to the south portal first then the central one, then finally the northern portal.

There is also a Treasure Chest just to the west of the southern portal.

Stage 3

Boss: Scarlet Scythe

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