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Skill NameLvlTypeCost†RangeCast TimeCooldownEffect Description
Elemental Catalysis1Class0Self0600reduces casting time of all skills to 1 second, for 8 seconds.
Flame1Class202253070.0+21.0/grade fire damage to target
Electrostatic Charge2Class75Self020absorbs 40+16/grade damage for 60 seconds
Plasma Arrow2Class7520002040+x/grade wind damage, 33% chance to put caster in "Charged" state (increasing spell crit by 2%+.7%/grade)
Fireball4General30 0622.0+x/grade fire damage
Spark8ClassPassiveFireball and Flame gain a chance to cause additional explosive fire damage
Lightning8General20 02028.9+x/grade wind damage + stun for 2.8 seconds
Electric Bolt10Class30 107.0+x/grade wind damage, and an additional 6.0+x/grade every 2 seconds for 12 seconds
Discharge10Class40Self015releases Electrostatic Charge inflicting 56+x/grade wind damage and Daze for 5 seconds to all targets within Range
Wisdom12GeneralPassiveincreases Int by 10.0+1.0/grade
Galaxy14Class35Self0041.5+x/grade magical damage per hit for a maximum of 5 hits
Electric Explosion15Class10Self2035+x/grade wind damage (Charge required)
Holy Light Strike15M/K Elite15 2 35+17.5/grade light damage (each grade adds 1.5 Mana to the cost)
Essence of Magic15M/P Elite3500 increases Magical damage by 10+x/grade for 20 minutes
Cursed Fangs15M/R Elite30 Energy00200Projectiles: target takes 20+6/grade dark damage every 2 seconds, caster takes the same damage if Fang Ritual is active
Sound of Thunder15M/S Elite40 Conc 1 target is unable to move for 5 seconds (unless damaged)
Magical Talent15M/W Elite35 Rage0 increases Maximum MP by 50+10/grade for 5 minutes
Intensification16General10 020increases damage of the next skill cast (within 30 seconds) by 45.0+x/grade
Silence20General15 024target is unable to cast any spell/skill for 3.9+x/grade seconds
Rays of Light20M/K Elite30200 2
Purify20M/P Elite150175015removes a curse
Kiss of the Vampire20M/R Elite40150060summons a ghostly vampire that inflicts 30+9/grade dark damage and heals you for 30+9/grade HP
Fire Arrow20M/S Elite30 0 increases Magic crit rate and adds additional fire damage to your Projectiles for 5 minutes
Magical Enlightenment20M/W Elite35 Rage restores 10+1/grade MP every 4 seconds for 5 minutes
Fire Knowledge22ClassPassiveincreases resistance to fire by 2.0+.4/grade and increases fire damage by 5%+1%/grade
Wind Knowledge22ClassPassiveincreases resistance to wind by 2.0+.4/grade and increases wind damage by 5%+1%/grade
Fire Ward24General120000increases party's fire resistance by 5.0+x/grade for 10 minutes
Improved Holy Light Strike25M/K ElitePassiveadds a 30% daze proc chance to Holy Light Strike
True Fire Core25M/P ElitePassiveFlame and Fireball now have a higher chance to explode for additional damage
Demoralized25M/R Elite30 Energy150060target is unable to attack for 6 seconds (Not Upgradable)
Seed25M/S Elite 10+2/grade damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. (stackable, limit=3)
Elemental Explosion25M/W Elite35 Rage increases Magical crit rate by 3%+.2%/grade for 5 minutes
Purgatory Fire26Class3550InstantNoneSummons purgatory fire, causing 33.8+x/grade points of Fire damage to targets within a range of 50.
Energy Influx28Class450Instant120The chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks is increased by 7.0+x/grade for 28.5 seconds.
Energy Well30ClassNone0Instant120Mana costs for all skills are reduced by 9.5%+x%/grade for 50.0 seconds.
Messenger of Light30M/K Elite30 +3/grade 0 increases damage of all Light skills by 5%+1/grade for 10 minutes
Rising Tide Mastery30M/P ElitePassivemakes Rising Tide instant cast with a 4 second cooldown (once upgraded, Rising Tide cannot be changed back)
Fang Ritual30M/R Elite3000Selfincreases damage of all dark magic skills by 1%+.3%/grade for 10 minutes
Fire Rose Explosion30M/S Elite 0 detonates all Seeds on target for Seeds*(20+6/grade) fire damage (cannot be mitigated)
Rage Mana30M/W Elite Self0120converts your Rage into 20+20/grade MP
Elemental Weakness32Class50250Instant Decrease all the target's resistances by 24.0+x/grade points for 30.0 seconds.
Thunderstorm34Class50180Instant Summon a thunderstorm that inflicts 3 times 30.0+x/grade Wind damage to targets within range with an additional Slowdown in movement and attacks for 5.0 seconds.
† Cost is in Mana Points unless specified otherwise
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