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Introduced with with the release of Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that are involved in Music Festival, an annual Runes of Magic event held in May-June.

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  • Musical Scale Challenge - Around the central fountain are floating stones with musical notes. Mousing over them will reveal that they are named for the classic scale, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. Venus Garter (Ggl) will ask you to play her specific score. Do so my clicking the notes in sequence. On Simple Melody you can try again and again but on Difficult Melody you only get two tries. She will show you the sequence, be prepared to write fast as she does not leave it up for long! This game is repeatable.
  • Simple reward: Note x1 (Ggl)
  • Difficult reward: Note x3 (Ggl)
  • Cavy's Riot - Each day, at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm (Pacific), large numbers of Cavies will charge Varanas Gates and the northern gate of Obsidian Stronghold. Help calm them down by slapping them around a little. After 540 Cavies (Ggl) and 300 Cavy Soldiers (Ggl) have been defeated their general will show himself. Fighting the Cavies will earn various rewards including event-specific ones like Note (Ggl)s and Musical Score (Ggl)s.
  • Musical Horse Trial

If you get Note x15 (Ggl) and Musical Score x15 (Ggl) you can exchange them for Julia's Package (Ggl).

Julia's Package (Ggl) will contain ONE of the following:


Mobs all over Taborea seem to have been rummaging through a bard's storeroom, carrying off Torn Scores. I am sure the Bards at Varanas would be interesting in examining these!

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