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Runes of Magic
Smelting (Refining)
InstructorsTools • Recipes

To use your Smelting skill, you must be near Blacksmithing Tools.

The recipes for all Ore Smelting are the same:

  • 2 Ore makes a Sand
  • 4 Sand makes a Nugget
  • 8 Ore makes a Nugget
  • 6 Nuggets makes an Ingot
  • 48 Ore makes an Ingot

You can also disassemble a higher-tier item back into the raw material that made it, but you get less out of it than you put in.

Smelting recipes can be purchased from any Mining Instructor.

Resource Nodes
Products (Quantities Required††)
1Zinc Ore
Flame Dust (uncommon)
(2) -> Zinc Sand (6) -> Zinc Nugget (6) -> Zinc Ingot
(2) -> Flame Dust Sand (6) -> Flame Dust Nugget (6) -> Flame Dust Ingot (Ggl)
8Tin Ore(2) -> Tin Sand (6) -> Tin Nugget (6) -> Tin Ingot (Ggl)
11Cyanide (uncommon)(2) -> Cyanide Sand (6) -> Cyanide Nugget (6) -> Cyanide Ingot
14Iron Ore(2) -> Iron Sand (6) -> Iron Nugget (6) -> Iron Ingot
20Copper Ore(2) -> Copper Sand (6) -> Copper Nugget (6) -> Copper Ingot (Ggl)
21Rock Crystal Ore (uncommon)(2) -> Rock Crystal Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Rock Crystal Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Rock Crystal Ingot (Ggl)
26Dark Crystal Ore(2) -> Dark Crystal Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Dark Crystal Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Dark Crystal Ingot (Ggl)
31Mysticite (uncommon)(2) -> Mysticite Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Mysticite Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Mysticite Ingot (Ggl)
32Silver Ore(2) -> Silver Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Silver Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Silver Ingot (Ggl)
38Wizard-Iron Ore(2) -> Wizard-Iron Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Wizard-Iron Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Wizard-Iron Ingot (Ggl)
41Mithril Ore(2) -> Mithril Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Mithril Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Mithril Ingot
44Moon Silver Ore(2) -> Moon Silver Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Moon Silver Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Moon Silver Ingot
50Abyss-Mercury Ore
Frost Crystal (uncommon)
(2) -> Abyss-Mercury Sand (Ggl) (6) -> Abyss-Mercury Nugget (Ggl) (6) -> Abyss-Mercury Ingot (Ggl)
† The word in parentheses is an indication of the frequency with which that Resource Node type will appear in the area appropriate to that level.
†† The number in parentheses is the quantity of the earlier rank needed to produce one.

Elite Skill Training Certificates

To make these, you will need 24 Ore for each Certificate, for each 2-class combination. Because you can have 3 classes to choose from, this means there are 6 possible combinations and each have unique Elite skills, so think in terms of 18 Nuggets or 144 Ore to get you through. Be sure you put these in the bank as you gather them!

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