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Mage : Spiritmaster
Starting Stats
WeaponsOrb, Spellbook
Spiritmasters use the power of the Spirits to strike fear in the enemy's heart, and have the capability of summoning pets to turn the tide in combat. By all accounts, the path of the Spiritmaster is one of the more testing paths to journey.
You can view a video, "Introducing the Spiritmaster", at YouTube.

The Important Stuff

This is like "Bludwyng's Top Ten Things He Want's To Tell All New Spiritmasters", except that there aren't ten things in the list, yet.

  1. Your pet does heal when you rest, but very slowly. He is too busy guarding you to rest, so you must heal him. It does not matter how much this hurts you, as your pet should never let the mob reach you while it lives. And if it is dead, you probably are, too.
  2. If your pet is extremely hurt at the end of a fight (20% or less), dismiss him and summon another before you rest. It costs much less HP and MP to summon a new one than to heal the old one that much. If you are Level 34+, be sure to use your Spirit Absorption (PW) before you dismiss your pet!
  3. Use Spirit Threat (PW) as often as it comes up when fighting tougher mobs. This will help your pet maintain aggro when you heal him!
  4. Keep your Stone Skin up at all times, just in case your pet is unable to keep the mobs hate. This will buy you a little time to pet taunt, slow, snare or fear the mob to get it off you.
  5. When your pet is in the Automatic State he is very hard to control and cannot be called off a mob. A Pet Pull is impossible in this state. Switch him to Manual State to tell him to attack ONLY when you say so. In Manual he can be called off a mob. If you use a pet when grouped, always keep him in Manual State unless you want to piss off your tank! Automatic/Manual State Selection is the little button with two squares to the left of your pet control hotkeys. Automatic is the two boxes divided by a diagonal line, and Manual is the two boxes overlapping.


You get new skills every 2 levels from 3 to 9, then every 3 levels from 10 to 40, then every level from 42 to 50. For an overly complete list of skills, see Spiritmaster Skills at Aion Armory.


I use four macros to divide my skills into four divisions. this has the advantage of making some of them reusable during longer fights.

  • Pet Aggro - Sprit Wrath Position (PW), Pet Attack, Spirit Threat (PW), Spirit Thunderbolt Claw (PW), and Spirit Disturbance (PW)
  • DOTs - Summon Water Energy (PW), Erosion (PW), Chain of Earth (PW), and Stone Shock (PW)
  • Burn - Summon Wind Energy (PW), Erosion (PW), Flame Bolt, and Blaze (PW)
  • Loot All - Absorb Energy (PW), Stone Skin, and /Skill Pick Up Item
In most PvE fights against 2-dot mobs I don't Use Burn. Don't need to burn a dead mob. Exchange the Summon Energy's for whatever your 2 biggest are at the moment. At 31 they are Water and Wind.


This section is taken from a post on the official forums that summarized an earlier post at IGN. I have taken liberties with the editing and clean-up, and any errors are undoubtedly mine.

Altogether you get 5 pets, your 4 main pets each having 4 levels (or upgrades).You also get 4 energy orbs (corresponding to the 4 appropriate elements) that are temporary. Here is a broad scope of the 5 pets and Energy Orbs:

LevelsPet NameRole
12234n/aFire SpiritMelee Offensive
13253747Wind SpiritMagical Melee Offensive
162840n/aEarth SpiritTanking
193141n/aWater SpiritMagical Ranged Offensive
50Magma SpiritEarth-Fire Hybrid, Asmodian-only
Tempest SpiritWind-Water Hybrid, Elyos-only
Note: The stats, above, were captured at Level 19 (except Magma/Tempest). Each pet's stats improve as you and your pet level up. See the linked Skill page for complete stats by Rank and Level.

Beginning with patch 1.9, Stat effects on items and manastones now also boost your spirit pet's stats. The stat boosts that are affected are: HP, Physical Attack, Crit Strike, Accuracy, Evasion,Physical Defense, Magic Boost, Magic Accuracy, and Magic Resistance.

Energy Orbs - One skill for each element, limited to the number of attacks it can make, can fly with the Spirit Master. These are what are commonly known as Dumb-Fire Pets.

  • Magma Spirit - Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit Combination, lasts 5 minutes, gained at level 50, Divine Skill, Asmodian Only
  • Tempest Spirit - Water Spirit and Wind Spirit Combination, gained at level 50, Divine Skill, Elyos Only.

The Fire pet is like your own personal gladiator. They can take a good hit and they can dish out some pain. Your water pet can range with you and is like your personal sorcerer. They hit hard and are a great assister that stay right next to you during combat, although they have low HP and can't take many hits. Your wind pet is like an assassin. He has low defense and low HP, but when he swings in melee he hits hard and quick,oh ya and stuns. Your earth pet is like your personal Templar. His damage is a little lower than that of the Fire Pet, but what he lacks in damage, he makes up in tanking ability. This pet has the highest defense and HP of any other pet.

Fire - The fire pet is like your personal Gladiator. He is the main pet you will be using in PvE. He doesn't offer some of the nicer perks that the other pets do, but that is because this pet has no real weakness. It is steady and strong, reliable and effective. It has the best taunt rate than any of the other pets and will ensure quick and easy leveling. It may not be the best in a specific circumstance, but in all scenarios it is a good addition.

Wind -This is the Assassin of the pets. It has high ASPD (which can be increased even more), a high chance to physically crit, can stun, and offers the ability to increase the drop rate of loot on mobs. This is typically people's favorite pet class. In a group setting in PvE it adds a great deal of extra damage to the table and better loot. In PvP, it can chase down people and stun them. It also does amazing damage and can put a serious dent in someone if they keep running and don't try and CC/kill it. Although it is a very strong and favorable pet, it is not very good for solo PvE. It has low defense and low HP making it hard to keep alive. Typically one spends more time resting than they do leveling with this pet out while solo PvE-ing.

Earth - The earth pet is your personal Templar. It takes damage like a champ, and excels at absorbing damage outright, reducing rest time. It is not optimal to use this pet all the time in PvE. It is good when you are trying to kill a high level mob (possibly named) for a quest or loot while solo. When the fire pet just can't stay alive long enough, use the earth pet because this is where he shines! Although not the greatest pet in PvP it does have its application. Mainly in large scale fights, and especially around forts, where you want a good interrupter but a pet that can stay alive through the hordes of AE spells.

Water - The Water Pet is like your own personal Sorcerer. It isn't the best pet to use in solo PvE, but is VERY effective in PvP and group PvE as it adds to your overall damage and can knock people out of flight. It is very weak physically, although has decent magical resists, and it also has the lowest HP out of all the pets. This is the pet you want to keep by your side, or at the very least, stick on a target to interrupt (such as a ranged mob or a sorcerer) until your party can focus on the target. Just because this class is very straight forward, do not push it from your game play. They are strong and very effective in group settings.

Magma Spirit: The Magma pet is currently a hybrid pet. It takes on the qualities of the Fire and Earth Spirits. Most of its abilities differ from the Tempest Spirit in many ways, and is Asmodian only. Amongst having even higher DEF and HP than the earth pet, and better DPS/ASPD than the fire pet, it is an amazing body guard and assist train pet. Some of its abilities are:

  • Absorbing 100%of the damage for the Spirit Master for 2 mins while damaging the target it is on.
  • Increasing its Physical Atk Rate (not crit) and Magical Resists A damaging skill that creates an absorb shield for 50% of your HP, and loweringthe targets Physical Defense
  • Heals all group members within 15m by 750HP and casts a 30s, 16% Physical Atkbuff for all group members within range.

Tempest Spirit: The Tempest pet is currently a hybrid pet. It takes on the qualities of the Water and Wind Spirits. Most of its abilities differ from the Magma Spirit in many ways, and is Elyos only. Amongst having even higher ASPD, and DPS than the Water and Wind Spirits with a boost to its DEF and HP, it keeps its ranged abilities as well as its quick movement speed and stunning abilities. Some of its abilities are:

  • Pet buff that grants 20% Physical Atk Crit and 35% more ASPD for 30s
  • Damaging skill that now Crashes players out of flight AND stuns them
  • Group buff for everyone within 15m of the pet that increase Physical Accuracy by 100, Dodge by 200, Magical Accuracy by 100 and Magical Resist by 200for 30 sec.

Divine Point Skills

  • DPI - Spirit Armor of Light (PW) - A Pet Buff that, at rank III lvl 1, increases your pet's Magic Boost by 600, Attack Speed by 10%, Speed by 10%, Physical Defense by 12% and Physical and Magical Attack by 80% for 10 min. It also hels th pet for 91 HP every 6 sec. This is extremely effective when used with the Earth Spirit pet.
  • DPII - Disenchant (PW) - Removes 3 Regular magical buffs from target and nearby enemies.
  • DPIII - Cursecloud (PW) - Inflicts 754 magical earth damage (AE), and an additional 656 every 6 sec for 54 sec. Additionally, all affected targets will damage themselves for 5% of their max HP if they use any magical attack.

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