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Horse Routes

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To ride a horse, look for a stables and find the stable master.  Then click on him and he will quote you the prices to ride a horse (5s).  Purchase the ticket from him and it will appear in your inventory.  Then when you are ready to go, pick the ticket up on your mouse and click it on the stable master and you are, literally, off and running.  You will mount the horse and set off quickly to your destination.  The horses run very fast, but will slow down some when going through towns along the route.  You will automatically dismount when you reach the end, or if you wish to dismount prior to reaching the final goal, you can do so by hitting the jump key.

Albion: Classic
Hibernia: Classic
Midgard: Classic

Start Point: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills
Destination: North Camelot Gates

Start Point: North Camelot Gates
Destination: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills

Start: Humberton
Destination: Castle Snowdonia

Start: Castle Snowdonia
Destination: Humberton

Start: Ludlow
Destination: Castle Sauvage

Start: Castle Sauvage
Destination: Ludlow or Adribard's Retreat in Avalon Marsh, East Camelot Gates

Start: Gronyr's Farm in C.Hills
Destination: Campacorentin Station

Start: Camapcorentin Station
Destination: Gronyr's Farm in Camelot Hills, East Camelot Gates, Adribard's Retreat

Start: East Camelot Gates
Destination: Campacorentin Station, Snowdonia Station, West Cornwall, and Castle Sauvage

Start: Snowdonia Station
Destination: East Camelot Gates

Start: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh)
Destination: West Downs (in salisbury), Castle Sauvage, West Cornwall, Campacorentin Station

Start: West Downs (in salisbury)
Destination: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh), Snowdonia Fortress

Start: Cornwall Station
Destination: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest)

Start: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest)
Destination: Cornwall Station

Start: Caer Witrin (in avalon marsh)
Destination: Western Cornwall

Start: Western Cornwall
Destination: Caer Witrin, Adribard's Retreat (both in avalon Marsh) and East Camelot Gates

Start: Sauvage
Destination: Castle Snowdonia

Start: Castle Snowdonia
Destination: Sauvage, West Downs

Start: Llyn Barfog
Destination: Snowdonia


Start: Mag Mell
Destination: Howth, East Lough Derg

Start: Ardee
Destination: Farm in Eastern Lough Derg

Start: Tir Urphost (Moher)
Destination: Ardagh

Start: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep)
Destination: Connla

Start: Tir na mBeo
Destination: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep), Connla

Start: Ardagh
Destination: Connla or Tir Urphost (Moher)

Start: Howth
Destination: Innis Carthaig, or Mag Mell

Start: Connla
Destination: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep), Innis Carthaig, Tir na mBeo

Start: Innis Carthaig
Destination: Tir na mBeo

Start: Druim Cain (Bri Leith border keep)
Destination: Tir na mBeo, Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep), Brynach

Start: Farm in Eastern Lough Derg
Destination: Druim Cain (Bri Leith border keep)

Start: Farm in Eastern Lough Derg
Destination: Mag Mell

Start: Cursed Forest
Destination: Brynach

Start: Tir na Nog (north gate)
Destination: Druim Ligen, Brynach, Innis Carthaig

  Start: Mularn Village
Destination: Audliten, Nalliten, Svadud Faste

Start: Audliten
Destination: Mularn Village

Start: Haggerfel
Destination: Vasudheim

Start: Vasudheim
Destination: Haggerfel, Galplen, Vindsaul Faste, Huginfel

Start: Galplen
Destination: Ft. Atla or Vasudheim

Start: Ft. Atla
Destination: Galplen

Start: Nalliten
Destination: Vindsaul Faste (west svealand border keep), Mularn

Start: Vindsaul Faste (west svealand border keep)
Destination: Nalliten, Vasudheim

Start: Huginfel
Destination: Svasud Faste (Mularn border keep), Vasudheim, Raumarik

Start: Svasud Faste (Mularn border keep)
Destination: Huginfel, Mularn

Start: Gna Faste (Myrkwood)
Destination: Raumarik or Ft. Veldon (Mularn)

Start: Raumarik
Destination: Gna Faste (Myrkwood), Huginfel

Start: Ft. Veldon (Mularn)
Destination: Skona

Start: Vindsaul Faste
Destination: Svasud Faste

Start:Svasud Faste
Destination: Vindsaul Faste
]Avalon: Shrouded Isles   ]HyBrasil: Shrouded Isles   ]Aegir: Shrouded Isles

Start: Anniogel
Destinations: Caer Diogel, Caer Gothwaite, and Fort Gwyntell

Start: Caer Diogel
Destinations: Anniogel and Caer Gothwaite

Start: Caer Gothwaite
Destinations: Caer Diogel, Caifelle, Fort Gwyntell, and Wearyall Village

Start: Caifelle
Destinations: Caer Gothwaite, Wearyall Village

Start: Fort Gwyntell
Destinations: Caer Diogel, Caer Gothwaite, and Wearyall Village

Start: Wearyall Village
Destinations: Caer Gothwaite and Fort Gwyntell


Start: Bann-didein
Destinations: Grove of Domnann and Necht

Start: Drioghaid
Destinations: Grove of Aalid Feie, Grove of Domnann, and Necht

Start: Grove of Aalid Feie
Destinations: Drioghaid, Grove of Domnann, and Necht

Start: Grove of Domnann
Destinations: Bann-didein, Drioghaid, Grove of Aalid Feie, and Necht

Start: Necht
Destinations: Bann-didein, Drioghaid, Grove of Aalid Feie


Start: Aegirhamn
Destinations: Bjarkan, Dyrfjell, Hagall, and Knarr

Start: Bjarkan
Destinations: Aegirhamn, Dyrfjell, Hagall, and Knarr

Start: Dyrfjell
Destinations: Aegirhamn, Bjarkan, Hagall

Start: Hagall
Destinations: Aegirhamn, Bjarkan, Dyrfjell, and Knarr

Start: Knarr
Destinations: Aegirhamn, Bjarkan, and Hagall

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