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Task Overview

Task Overview:

Tasks are a subset of the Quest system in Dark Age of Camelot. They are randomly generated by the game engine, "spawning" on friendly NPCs.

There are 3 kinds of tasks. FedEx (delivery), Consignment (Tradeskill), and Kill Tasks. I don't know alot about Consignment tasks, so I'll let someone else fill in on them.

For both Kill and Fedex tasks the following holds true:

Characters under level 20 can do the same number of tasks as their level. (eg: Level two can do two tasks) The total xp from these Tasks will be 30% of the total xp required for that level. This might diminsh to 25% by level 19.

They also return a sizable amount of coin per level.

Tasks which you fail by allowing the timer to expire do not count towards the total you can do that level.

FedEx Tasks

FedEx tasks are initiated by targetting a normal NPC. (Quest NPC, Merchant, Trainer, Crier, etc...) and saying "help" to them.

If they have a task for you, they will say something along the lines of: "Please take this leather Tube to Try Bigtroll in Galapen to the east of here".

The tube will appear in your inventory, and you will have 120ish Minutes to complete the run to wherever you've been sent. When you find the npc you're supposed to deliver the item to, drop the item on them (give it to them) to complete the task.

If they don't have a task for you, you will get the same message of "nothing for you at this time, come back when you're more powerful". Different NPCs randomly spawn tasks of different levels, so check around when you arrive in a place.

Kill Tasks

Kill tasks are a variation on the FedEx task.

To get a Kill task, you need to talk to a named guard. "Sir IStandAround", "Guard Svortlen" for example. "guardsmen" or "Viking Jarl" will not work.

Again, target them and say "Help", they'll respond with "pleased you can help the realm... go kill a MonsterA and return to me" if it has a task, and with the same message as FedEx if he doesn't have a task. Again, they spawn randomly for different levels on different guards.

When you kill your target, you need to return to the guard to receive your reward. Right clicking on the guard after you've make your kill target will finish the task and grant your reward.

So for a kill task, it's talk to guard, go kill monster, return to guard, right click on guard. Again, you have 120ish Minutes to complete these steps. Kill tasks tend to be level appropriate, in that they'll ask you to kill blue level creatures.

Consignment Tasks

These are tasks for the merchant player. Talking to a vendor in the capital city will result in them asking you to make them an item Which they will then reward your for in extra money. I'm not a merchant, and haven't done any of these tasks, so I can't say much more..

As a rule, doing your tasks per level is an excellent way to level a little faster, as well as to make money for gear. Delivery tasks are almost made for classes with speed, and kill tasks compliment regular hunting very very well.

Happy Tasking!

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