Damage over Time (FFXI)  

Damage Over Time, often abbreviated to DOT or DoT, is the concept of steady consistent damage, rather than a single large strike.

Example A DoT spell, such as Dia, does 1HP of damage every 'tick' (3 seconds in Earth time). A direct damaging (DD) spell, such as Thunder, does 60HP (on average) of damage in a single strike.

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Damage over Time (Magic)

There are a wide range of DoT spells within Vana'diel, usually dealing small amounts of damage, over a long period of time.
This damage can add up considerably over time.
Some DoT spells also impart a Debuff effect upon their target alongside the DoT effect.

Examples Dia, Poison, Noctohelix, Foe Requiem, Choke, Poison Breath, Nightmare

Damage over Time (Melee Jobs)

Some melee jobs are categorized amongst the community as DoT jobs, as opposed to DD/'spike' jobs.

Examples of DoT jobs Monk, Dragoon, Warrior (if /nin, and dual wielding)

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