Essencetapping Hat (Aion Item)  

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Essencetapping Hat
Type Head
Information about Stats

Displays ground or airborne gatherables below skill level ___ on the compass.

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There are ten hats available, five for Essencetapping and five for Aethertapping. They are sold by a merchant near the Essencetapping and Aethertapping Masters in the two cities.

These hats are NOT soulbound and can be stored in the Account Warehouse even after being used, so you never have to sell off your very expensive lower-grade hats, just store them then pass them down to your next alt.

HatDetects Up ToPriceHatDetects Up ToPrice
Novice Essencetapping Hat (PW/AA)99p5,310 Kinah Novice Aethertapping Hat (PW/AA)99p5,310 Kinah
Apprentice Essencetapping Hat (PW/AA)199p23,614 Kinah Apprentice Aethertapping Hat (PW/AA)199p23,614 Kinah
Journeyman Essencetapping Hat (PW/AA)299p138,810 Kinah Journeyman Aethertapping Hat (PW/AA)299p138,810 Kinah
Expert Essencetapping Hat399p899,077 Kinah Expert Aethertapping Hat (PW/AA)399p899,077 Kinah
Superb Essencetapping Hat (PW/AA)499p1,640,699 Kinah Superb Aethertapping Hat (PW/AA)499p1,640,699 Kinah

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