Eternal Stench (Aion Quest)  

Heiron Quest Series
Elyos Only
Repeatable (0/10)
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Heiron
Start Place: Kishar Observation Post
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Talk with Brosia in Heiron at Kishar Observation Post after completing Stench on the Road.
Level 34 Eternal Stench
Get rid of stinking Spirits.
 Basic Reward
4,900 Kinah
     Optional Reward (Select One)
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    All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

    Quest Notes

    The Ruined Soil Spirits can be found on the road up into the mountains east of Kishar. Contaminated Terra Spirits are past the mountains, west along the mountain range, along the south side of the road to Patema Ruins and Jeiaparan Village.

    Stench on the Road Heiron
    Quest Series
    Kishar Observation Post
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    OOC The name of this quest is probably a reference to The Bog of Eternal Stench, a place in the 1986 Jim Henson film, Labyrinth.

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