Halfling (EQ2 Character Race)  

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Starting Cities
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ClassesScout, Priest
ProfessionsTailor, Provisioner, Jeweler
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Halfling: Conveyers of Merriment and Mischief

Scout and priest. Agile of finger and foot, halflings make superb scouts. Their inherent wisdom guides many on the spiritual path of the priest.

Halflings are a pudgy people, second shortest of the great races. Some view them as objects of physical abuse and ridicule, but halflings are far from being easy targets. They are quite nimble, a fact that belies their typical appearance. At first glance many races mistake halflings for human children. After a second and closer look, they see the wise faces and the coarse hair growing upon their bare feet. Halflings are typically a merry people, prone to sharing ale and songs with their kin.

Halflings are the creation of Bristlebane, King of Thieves and lord of the Plane of Mischief. They are, as their name implies, about half the height of humans, and are known for their rounded, slightly portly features and oversized hairy feet. Halflings are good-natured and friendly, amiable to just about anyone who doesn't show them open hostility. Though well-intentioned, it is common for halflings to fall into all manner of mischief and shenanigans. Nothing pleases a halfling more than sitting by a fire with family and friends, recounting stories of past adventures. Even so, halflings are durable survivors, formidable in battle when forced into that situation.

Originally from Rivervale, halflings are devoted to their beloved thicket. They build houses into grass-covered mounds of earth, being partial to rounded doorways and low ceilings.

Their strong ties to family and community inspire halflings to become noble Fighters. Their inherent inquisitiveness makes them excellent Scouts. As intellectual pursuits are not the halflings' strong suit.

Halfling clerics and paladins remain devoted to their maker, the crafty Bristlebane. Those who follow the calling of the druidic lifestyle worship Karana.

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