Invaders from the Sea (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Coast of Opportunity
 [+] Heffner Camp
  [7] Invaders from the Sea

Expansion: Lands of Despair
Start: Johnny Walk
End: Johnny Walk

Quest Reward:
 XP: 141
 TP: 14
 Gold: 154Gold 
You can earn the following rewards

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Runes of Magic

This is a Public Quest. This means that it is infinitely-repeatable. If a Start Mob is indicated, then talk to that NPC to start each task of the quest. Tasks listed must be performed in order the first time, and randomly thereafter. If no Start Mob is listed the Quest is open to everyone in the zone without the need to initiate each step via an NPC.

Note: The Old Bag from this quest rewards, when you open one, a Training Certificate IF you are eligible for an Elite Skill at the time. That means that if you repeat this quest while you are within the level range to get rewards from it and save the rewards till later, you may never have to grind your fingers to the bone to get materials for Training Certificates! If you open the bags early when you do not need them, all you get is 80-200 gold. Additionally, these Certificates are ONLY recognized by the trainers in Heffner Camp and Morfantas City.

The pirates from the north are very interested in the abundant resources in Heffner Camp! But the Silvershadow Adventurers won't let them Succeed! Go to Heffner Camp and find Johhny Walk. He has some tasks for you!

Stalemate Situation

The confrontation between Silvershadow Adventurers and the pirates from the north has fallen into a stalemate. No one can get the upper hand!

There are nine different tasks that Johhny Walk (Ggl) might give you. You can identify the task by the name of the first Mission Skill that appears on your bar. The order is random but once he gives you one, even if you abandon it and ask again, you will get the same one over and over until you complete it.

You will see an Effect on you that gives the name of the task.


  • Exploding Rune Circle (AE Dmg)
  • Stiff Impression (AE Taunt, )
  • Energy Shield (Ward, 9 sec duration)

Taunt the pirates to you (Alt-2), AE them down (Alt-1), and ward yourself (Alt-3) as needed. All three skills have a 30 second cooldown. Gain 1 point for each pirate that is killed by your Exploding Rune Circle.

Ailic's Recruitment Orders

Persuade the pirate to join your camp, at whatever cost and whatever means. Of course, that's referring to personal costs.

  • Moral Persuasion (Charm <50% HP)
  • Out of Pocket (Bribe)
  • Gentle Strike (Heal/Charm)

Target pirates, harm them or wait for others to do so, then Bribe or Charm them to change sides! If you are higher-level, you may want to un-equip your weapon...

Phirius Workshop's Scheme

  • Give Faux Diamond (Initiate Impending Doom state, 40 secs)
  • Public Testimony (Makes other pirates attack your target, must be in Impending Doom state)

Obviously, target a pirate in a group, put Impending Doom (Alt-1) on him, then make it real (Alt-2). When he dies Impending Doom will spread to others (5 secs)! Be sure to watch your target and refresh the testimony on him as it fades, then when he dies (you can help him along, btw) use tab-target to find other infected pirates and Testify against them, too!

Quick Guide to Facility Repair

The defense facilities continue to suffer damage from the pirates' non-stop attacks. Follow the Experienced Artisan's instructions and use all the abilities to repair them. If you can complete repair a facility you will receive 2 Key Objectives.

  • Report to the Experienced Craftsman (Command an Experienced Craftsman to begin repair work)
  • Fixing Technique (When Experienced Craftsman yells "Fix that end!")
  • Measuring Technique (When Experienced Craftsman yells "It's time to measure that distance!")
  • Assembly Technique (When Experienced Craftsman yells "Good! Assemble it!"

Report to an Experienced Craftsman (Ggl) by the barricades, then help him by using the other three skills as requested. You have to be fast to do what he asks. Remember; Fix! Measure! Assemble!

Elves' Power of Nature

  • Hand of Earth (Root/Dmg a pirate, 60 sec CD)
  • Breath of Nature (Heal an adventurer, reduce CD of Hand of Earth by 20 seconds)

To get the quest update the pirate must die while Hand of Earth is active. We suggest you help him along. Heal Adventurers to speed up the cooldown of Hand of Earth. Points are awarded for each pirate that dies while Hand of Earth is active.

I was born to research

Even in an environment where everyone is fighting lkike crazy, Ailic's Community can still focus principally on research.

  • Live Samples (Pirate <50% HP, harvest Fresh Sample within 6 seconds)
  • Ailic's Forte (Transports you to the Storage Device IF you are within Heffner Camp)
  • Deliver the Sample (Deposit the Fresh Sample in the Storage Device)

You must find a Pirate within Heffner Camp (or pull him within it) that is at 49% HP (or less) or make one so, then hit each of the three skills, in sequence. You have only 6 seconds after the first skill to hit the third skill and deposit the Sample, and the game does not make allowances for if you zone slow. Press Alt-1 and Alt-2 as almost one movement, then start pressing Alt-3 before the screen even comes back. You will probably miss a few but eventually you should get 10 wins. If you are having real problems with this, try turning your Video settings down to Low.


  • Dagger Throw (200m range, small Bleed DOT)
  • Grapple (50m range, 75% dmg if target is under Bleed effect)

You get one update for using Grapple correctly, two updates if the target dies as a result, so you want to get the mob down a little, use Dagger Throw, then Grapple within 4 seconds for the kill. You could also just watch the NPCs fighting, then wait till one gets below 75%, then use both skills. Remember, Grapple has one-fourth the range of Dagger Throw!

Heffner's Double-edged Plan

  • Spread Rumors (Target Pirate, Chance to cause Shaken Morale)
  • Itchy All Over (Target Pirate, causes Insufferable Itch, contagious)
  • Refreshing Powder (Target player or Adventurer, removes the effects of Insufferable Itch)

You earn one Key Objective for each Shaken Morale or Insufferable Itch you cause to a pirate, and one update for each Insufferable Itch you cure. When you hit a Pirate with Itchy All Over, immediately target and cure whoever he is fighting!

Adventurer Camaraderie

Adventurers live out each day not knowing if there will be a tomorrow. It is this sinister environment that makes their feelings for each other that much deeper! Such feelings are their strongest weapon!

  • Hang in there, brother! (Target Adventurer with <50% HP, grants Revolutionary Spirit)
  • Leave Me Alone! Go Away! (Your HP must be <50%, grants all Adventurers with 150m with Emotional Excitement)

Each Pirate killed by an Adventurer under either effect gives you one update. Find an Adventurer with several pirates, watch for him to fall below 50%, buff him (Alt-1), then quickly kill all pirates that were beating on him. All that is needed is for him to have aggro with the pirate.

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