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Kiting is a term that was coined by players in EverQuest and refers to dragging a mob around like a kite on a string, keeping a mob out of melee range while continuing to pile damage on him at range. In this way you can safely destroy mobs far above your level.

Snare-Kiting: Snare the mob (reducing his movement rate) then toss spells at him while moving around so he can't catch you.

Fear-Kiting: Place a Fear spell on the mob so he tries to run away from you while you kill him. This works very well with a pet, but beware that your target does not run into other Social mobs!

Quad-Kiting: Perhaps the most dangerous of all, this is used by Enchanters. Charm a pet, then kite multiple other mobs around. When the pet is hurt, release him and grab the strongest of your targets, continuing until only one, very weakened enemy, remains, then kill him and go get some more.

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