Krallic Language Potion (Aion Quest)  

Sanctum Quest Series
Elyos Only
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Sanctum
Start Place: Library Of The Sages
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Talk with Vatonia in Sanctum at Library Of The Sages.
Level 10 Krallic Language Potion
  1. Find Kunberunerk in the Tempest Shipyard.
  2. Decision!
  3. Meet Marmeia and drink the potion
According to rumor, there is a potion that allows you to learn languages quickly. Go to Kunberunerk and ask him about it.
 Basic Reward
Title: Krall Whisperer
  • Understanding of the Krall language.
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All quests reward XP but NCSoft is fond of changing the amounts frequently, to the point that it is simply not wise to try to track the exact amount in a wiki.

Quest Notes

During the day Kunberunerk can be found at Tempest Shipyard, where he works, but at night he is found in the Dionysia Tavern. He moves at about 10am and 10pm, game time.

Mapirerk is just outside of Tempest Shipyard.

Maniparas is in Tolbas Village.

Gaphyrk's Cage
Gaphyrk's Cage
Gaphyrk is at the back of the mine area .. if you take the path to the left heading up towards the mines, and keep left, along a ledge, you'll see a big pile of garbage near a fence in the back. He's next to that big pile of garbage. (It took me forever to find this guy, only to discover him in the lower mine area and not near the village when you do a locate).

Quest Series
Ulaguru Speaks
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TpyoThe quest text says Gaphyrk is in the Dukaki Settlement, but he is not. He is in the Dukaki Mine, and "Locate" will find him.

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