Kuriullu Pass (Aion Place)  

Kuriullu Pass
Kuriullu Pass
Levels35 to 37
ResourcesAdamantium, Lazuli, Meon, Platinum, Sobi, Ulmus Log, Zeyla
ConnectionsKuriullu Mountain, Mystic Spring of Agairon, Lepharist Citadel
Flight?Gliding only.
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Rifts form here.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Kuriullu Pass


This pass is between the Geroch Caldera, to the west, and the Kuriullu Mountains and the Lepharist Citadel to the east.

Several small hunter villages of the Kerubiel Kerubs can be found here. Griffons can also be found nesting here, along the cliff-edge that overlooks the Lepharist Citadel.

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