Medeus the Vile (Aion Mob)  

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Medeus the Vile
Medeus the Vile
lvl 45     Pre-emptive Attack
Expert, Hero, Boss, Social, Aggressive
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Medeus the Vile

To find this Mob in-game, use /where Medeus the Vile

This mob spawns only during the night.

While not hard enough to warrant more than a six-man group, this guy has some very nasty tricks that make him much more difficult than Gojira, Agro, or Dedrun, all of whom are world bosses of similar level.

He is surrounded by level 45 elite mobs and patrols which need to be cleared out at least on one side before the pull (unless you plan on trying to reset pull).

He opens with a ranged AoE attack which hits for over 4k and drains most if not all of your flight time. Fortunately, he only uses this attack once. It is advisable for the tank to take this attack alone.

Following this, he will cast a single-target one-second cast magical attack on the tank which hits for around 2k. He will do this repeatedly every few seconds. He has very little health for a hero and will melt away fast at this point.

At around 50% health, he will cast a very nasty spell that will put everyone nearby in line of sight to sleep for one minute, drain a ton of MP, put a damage reflection buff on himself and spawn three non-elite 45 adds. This spell might be more deadly if he didn't spawn adds, as they tend to run around and wake all of the sleepers, but he will soon follow this spell with an area fire spell that hits for around 1800. He cast this sleep spell twice during our fight, spawning a different set of three adds each time. DPS should get rid of the adds while Medeus' reflection buff is up.

Beyond 50% health, he will repeatedly (about every 30 seconds) cast a wide-area curse, which puts a 30-min duration debuff on everyone that makes mana potions useless. This needs to be cleansed or removed with a greater healing potion immediately as mana will be in short supply at this point in the fight. He will continue to use his single-target magical attack.

At around 25%, he will cast a wide area wind damage spell which didn't seem to do much other than a little over a thousand damage.

He dropped his chest and belt for us. We suffered a few deaths before we completely figured out the curse debuff, but we plan to go back more prepared, hopefully for that sexy orb.

Note that these damage numbers may be slightly lower than their base values, as I was running Protection Mantra I and Word of Protection I during this fight, and our cleric was running Summer Circle II - the result was that our group had elemental resists pretty heavily stacked. Group was:

46 Templar 44 Chanter (me) 47 Sorcerer 43 Assassin 42 Cleric 41 Cleric

ZAM credits Aion Armory for writeup.

writeup used by permission of the author.

NOTE:Yes, the pic, above, is of Medeus from behind. Sometimes you just take the best pic you can without getting eaten.

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