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[2]Report to Sixfish
 · Isle of Dawn/chunk?
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Speak to Kiri Tentrees
Go To Kiri Tentrees Isle of Dawn
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Warming Up
They Hate The Smell
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Report to Sixfish

"You will need to speak with Veteran Sixfish southeast of here. While our numbers are short, Sixfish does what he can to protect the farmstead. Give him this letter and he will instruct you on what to do."

"Thank you, Vendolyn."

Quest Summary

Report to Veteran Sixfish, just southeast of the Tentrees Farmstead well.

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

Veteran Sixfish says, "I'm glad you're here. We could use some more muscle on this island."

Veteran Sixfish takes the letter from your hands and carefully reads it. After a short while, he looks up at you and says, "Vendolyn, is it? Very well. Welcome to the Isle of Dawn."

We're going to have to test your skills to see if you have what it takes to face the hobgoblins. I know you'd rather get straight into the fight, but we have a minor issue to resolve here first."

Receive quest: Warming Up.

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