Sascilia Steppes (RoM Zone)  

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Map of Sascilia Steppes
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 1 to 20
Connecting Zones The Obsidian Bastion of Dust Devil Canyon to the east, and Dragonfang Ridge to the south
DungeonsPasper's Shrine, Arcane Chamber of Sathkur
CitiesObsidian Stronghold
TownsReifort Camp, Ayren Caravan
CavesSlave Hole
ResourcesAsh Wood, Zinc Ore, Mountain Demon Grass, Willow Wood, Tin Ore, Beetroot, Stone Rotan Wood, Cyanide, Bison Grass, Maple Wood, Iron Ore, Bitterleaf
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In this landscape of intermingling moors and steppes, a multitude of creatures can be found. Khant, the “Shrine of the Capra”, is a former Human settlement that has since been abandoned and is now shrouded in mystery.

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This is the second "newb" zone, providing an alternate 1-20 progression so that, by the time your character exhausts the quests in Howling Mountains about the time you reach 10, you can pick your second class and move to Sascilia Steppes to level that class up to match, but then you still have more content to travel through, continuing to raise your classes together.

When you are finally ready to head to Dragonfang Ridge, there is a way to bypass the very dangerous road through Dogamor. Go to Nanbo Sathkur's cave on the south edge of Mispel Marsh (Ggl). Now go west a short way and there is a switchback path going up, to a pass through the mountains which meets the road to Dragonfang south of Dogamor! This is, unfortunately, a one-way shortcut.

There is a cave north of the Sathkur Ruins that I am calling the Sathkur Thieves' Cave. It is not on the map, but is the home of a Level 20 Elite, Pillager Hali.

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