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Lords of the Elyos

When the Tower of Eternity split, the powerful Empyrean Lords split off into two groups. One of these groups were the Seraphim Lords, who inhabited the beautiful southern remains of Atreia. These Lords believed themselves to be blessed and chosen by Aion, and blame the Shedim Lords for the destruction of The Tower of Eternity, feeling that their unwillingness to engage in peace talks contributed to the Epic Cataclysm.

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Ariel (Lady of the Light)

Prior to the destruction of the Tower of Eternity, Ariel ruled Southern Atreia and used her wisdom and compassion to protect those within her care. Since the splitting of the world, she has taken up the position of the leader of the Seraphim. While she is still displays obvious compassion for the Elyos, she has nothing but disdain for the Shedim Lords and their followers.

Vaizel (Lord of Freedom)

Care-free and unrestrained, Vaizel is the Lord of Freedom and acts as the protector for the Ranger and Assassin classes. He shares many traits with those classes as well, as Vaizel is often serious and focused despite his easy-going nature, and often wanders the shattered world of Atreia in disguise, observing both friend and foe alike.

Kaisinel (Lady of Illusion)

The patron protector of Mages, Sorcerers, and Spiritmasters, Kaisinel's connection with the Aether allows her to use powerful spells at any time. However, her mood is gloomy and solitary due to a defeat she once suffered at the hands of Lumiel, one of the Shedim Lords. As the result of this humiliation, she has withdrawn from her fellow Lords to a point that makes them uncomfortable.

Nezakan (Lord of Justice)

The protector of Templars, Warriors, and Gladiators, Nezakan has an unmatched sense of loyalty to Ariel and the Seraphim. Stoic and tough, Nezakan dispenses justice with his sword and trusted Aegis shield.

Yustiel (Lady of Life)

As the protector of Priests, Clerics, and Chanters, Lady Yustiel holds life in the ultimate regard. For that reason, the current conflict fills her with a deep sorrow, knowing that the blood of both friend and foe are being spilled. Although she supports the rest of the Seraphim Lords, she hopes that one day both the Seraphim and Shedim can put aside their conflict and reunite.


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