Strongholds, Morale and Rumors (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Xaviera
 [+] Static Lathrofea
  [44] Strongholds, Morale and Rumors

Expansion: Lands of Despair
Start: Colin Lotus (Ggl)
Related POIs: End: Colin Lotus (Ggl)

Quest Reward:
 XP: 45,248
 TP: 4,524
 Gold: 2,871Gold 
You can earn the following rewards

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Runes of Magic

This is a Public Quest. This means that it is infinitely-repeatable. If a Start Mob is indicated, then talk to that NPC to start each task of the quest. Tasks listed must be performed in order the first time, and randomly thereafter. If no Start Mob is listed the Quest is open to everyone in the zone without the need to initiate each step via an NPC.

Completing this quest 6 times will earn an increased experience reward.

First Phase

Help rescue adventurers lured by the villagers to Robest.

  • Covert Operations - Mark a single villager, 5 sec CD, 25 sec duration
  • Confidentiality Agreement - Send targeted adventurer and all nearby adventurers to a safe place
  • Catch All in One Net - Transport all marked villagers. Earn 1 objective per villager. Must be no nearby adventurers. 25 sec CD.

This only works on villagers and adventurers in Static Lothrofea that have not started to move. Once they start running for Robest they are lost! Mark a villager, wait for CD, mark another, wait for CD, mark a third. Now, quick, target any nearby Adventurer and send them all away, then send all marked villagers!

Second Phase

  • Skilled Probe - Reduce Possession of all adventurers under the influence of the targetted villager
  • Gamble Hint - Reveal the true nature of the villager.
    • If the target is not the mastermind, others nearby become "Innocent"
    • If the target is not a normal villager, they will leave
    • If the target is a normal villager, all nearby adventurers advance to 30 Possession instantly and leave (you lose them).
  • If Gamble Hint succeeds...
    • if target is the Mastermind you gain 10 objectives
    • if not, you gain 5 objectives

Find a group of villagers and adventurers, target the adventurer and look at the number of Possession counters by his portrait. Target a villager and use Gamble Hint. At most you will have to nail two of them to complete this phase.

Third Phase

  • Basic Invisibility - become invisible for 12 seconds
  • Interference Circle - must be invisible, lowers Possession by 1
  • Magic Charge - targets nearest adventurer, reduces Possession by 2

You must convince 5 villagers to give up and leave without possessing an adventurer. You will gain 2 key objectives for each villager that does so. To do this, you need to find adventurers that are in the early stages of Possession. There is no way to reverse Possession of an adventurer once they are over 20 or so but if you can simply hold them at less than 30 long enough the villager will give up and leave!

So, find a likely adventurer to save, terget him and cast Basic Invisibility, Interference Circle and then Magic Charge. repeat this over and over till the villager gives up and leaves.

Fourth Phase

The fight now moves outside the town to the road between Static Lathrofea and Robest.

  • Staggering Blow - Stun a possessed adventurer
  • Never Give Up - Chance to remove Possession from one adventurer, gain 2 Objectvives
    • If you succeed in removing the Possession, Priority Rescue transports them to safety and gives you 8 Objectives.

Go to the road and wait for an adventurer to come along, Stun him to keep him in range, then try to remove his Possession!

Fifth Phase

  • Tell a Lie - Chance to convince the adventurer to leave or become "Suspicious". If he leaves you gain 1 objective.
  • A Lie to Embellish a Lie - Chance to leave or enter "Don't Trust" state. If he leaves you gain 1 objective.
  • Pretend I Was Never Here - Chance to reduce Suspicion and Distrust of all nearby adventurers.

Go back to the road, find an adventurer and tell some lies.

Sixth Phase

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