The Degenerated Elves (RoM Quest Series)  

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The Degenerated Elves
Epic Quest Series
Starting ZoneNorthern Janost Forest
Rec. Levels59 to 59
Previous Return the Glory

This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
Runes of Magic
Epic Quest Series

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Runes of Magic
Although Elves are creatures of Nature, a thousand years ago, shortly after the Great Barrier was raised, shadows in the forest led a group of elves astray in a quest for more and more Nature's Power. This addiction weakened the Janost Forest and led to the corruption of the land.[1]

Although Return the Glory is not an Epic quest series, it does lead directly into this Epic quest series.

Northern Janost Forest

unlocked by completing Callaway's Realization in the Return the Glory quest series

  1. Lafen in Dimstar Swamp
    1. [59] The Ambushed Elf - Gather Flower of Life x8 (Ggl)
    2. [59] Lafen's Staff - Get Inscribed Staff (Ggl) from Dimstar Pukaris
    3. [59] Don't Stop For A Second - Get Earth Seed x8 (Ggl) from Flowers of Earth in Croso Woodland
    4. [59] Unquenchable Thirst - Deliver the Package (Ggl) to Nax near the Griffith Camp
  2. Nax by Griffith Camp
    1. [59] The Earth's Sighs - Converse with Nax
    2. [59] Something Amiss In The Forest - Investigate the state of the plants on the east and west sides of Dimstar Swamp and the Jyr'nathon Forest
    3. [59] Elven Guerrillas - Meet Alsiber
  3. Alisber at Forest Survey camp
    1. [59] Upholding Dignity - Listen to Alisber
    2. [59] The Forest's Lament - Get Crystal of the Great Earth x5 (Ggl)
    3. [59] Confused Willpower - Use the Earth's Molten Cores to redeem 5 Jyr'no Elven Warriors
    4. [59] Unbreakable Will - Listen to Alisber (near Nax)
  4. Two tasks:
  5. Abroniya by Griffith Camp
    1. [59] An Exotic Visitor - Chat with Abroniya
  6. Nax by Griffith Camp
    1. [59] Forest Shadows - Inspect the seals on the three Magic Circles in Dimstar Swamp
  7. Alisber in Dimstar Swamp
    1. [59] Hidden Enemies - Stand by Alisber as he meets Antaikolon
  8. Antaikolon [King of the Elves]
    1. [59] Unstable Power of Nature - Allow Antaikolon, then make your report about the barrier
  9. Abroniya by Griffith Camp
    1. [59] Another Royal Family - Read the Note (Ggl), get Magic Leaves x5 (Ggl) from Dimstar Bolmus, then touch the leaves and the Transparent Crystal (Ggl) to the Ordinary Pile of Stones to retrieve the Package (Ggl)
  10. Antaikolon
    1. [59] Forest Restoration - Use the Purifying Convergence Stones (Ggl) to return the Mutated Soil to normal and get Concentrated Stone Fragment x5 (Ggl)
  11. Alisber
    1. [59] Alisber's Worry - Transfer the Holy Mark to Nax the Holy Tree and observe his response (he changes into Furious Nax, level 58 Crown Elite!)
  12. Nax the Holy Tree
    1. [59] Nax the Holy Tree's response - Find the Dried Willow
  13. Antaikolon
    1. [59] Elf Mutilation - Talk to Nax the Holy Tree
  14. Nax the Holy Tree
    1. [59] Murky Darkness - Examine the Forest Stone Tablet
    2. [59] Nax the Holy Tree's Worries -
  15. Antaikolon
    1. [59] Riding a Blessing - Follow the trail of Spring Water Guidance to find Kakada the Bodo
  16. Kakada
    1. [59] Help Cure Big Water - Use the Blessed Convergence Stone (Ggl) at the Source of the Swamp to cure it
    2. [59] Kakada's Good News - Talk to Antaikolon
  17. Antaikolon
    1. [59] Get Rid of the Shadow's Disguise - Take vines to Eliyar
    2. [59] Elven Page - Talk to Kakada
  18. Kakada
    1. [59] Merge Bad Rune Power - Use the Vortex Core (Ggl) to merge the five rune powers into one Rune Convergence Core (Ggl) and give it to Antaikolon
  19. Antaikolon
    1. [59] Destroy the Forbidden Rune - Follow Antaikolon's instructions and help destroy the forbidden rune in the Star Spring
    2. [59] Beginning of Life - Plant the Newborn Seedling (Ggl) in the Earthen Mound Left After Energy Balancing

  1. ^ paraphrased from a conversation with Nax during the quest, The Earth's Sighs

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