Theobomos (Aion Zone)  

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Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 20-55
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Map of Theobomos

Theobomos is a PvE zone for those that wish to limit the amount of PvP they subject themselves to until they reach level cap.

Once a lovely land, a place of lush woods, sparkling brooks, and teaming with life. Then, following an attack in which the Daevas were victorious and drove the Balaur back, Fregion spat his hate at the land and cursed it. That hate still burns in The Scorchlands; a ball of never-ending flame that does the same to the land and all it touches. Elim who lived there have been transformed into Agrints and Rotrons: mindless, rage-filled, and eternally aflame.[1] The continued burning of The Scorchlands is of concern to Ankises, a Daeva of Flame, who could use some help getting to the true root of the problem there (Meeting with Burning Agrint).

The Shugo of the Menikherk Excavation are exploring the ruins in the Crimson Barrens, but are being thwarted by Kerubim who have mysteriously filled the ruins, making it too dangerous to work there (Kerubim Hindering Excavation, Before the Precious Relic Disappears).

In the northwest lies Revenge Valley, the lair of Viragos. It so happens that the feathers of Viragos make excellent writing implements (A Novice Writer's Agony).

There are two places you can fly from the Excavation Camp: To the southeast is the Observatory Village, with quests starting at 43 but the main series starts at 45, and to the northwest lies Jamanok Inn.

Theobomos Lepharist Research Center is a popular instance here. The Entrance is in Theobomos Stronghold, and is unlocked during the Project Drakanhammer campaign quest.

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