Verteron Citadel (Aion Place)  

Verteron Citadel
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LocationVerteron / Verteron Swamp ( 1625.5, 1528.5, 120.2  )
ResourcesSmall Vortex 1p, Small Vortex 25p
ConnectionsVerteron Swamp
Flight?Free-flight and gliding are allowed here.
Pad Location: 1641.2, 1499.7, 120.0
Teleportation to:

Flight to:

There is an Obelisk ( 1691.9, 1479.3, 121.4 ) where you can bind for a fee, and a Soul Healer is available.
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Verteron Citadel

A fortress at the center of the Verteron Swamp. It was constructed to defend the Abyss Gateway.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Verteron Citadel

In-game paste-able link: (will appear in game chat windows as [Verteron Citadel])

This Place is a quest hub in the Verteron Quest Series.


There is only a single 1p and a single 25p Aether node within the Citadel walls. Six more 1p nodes can be found outside, above Verteron Swamp.

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