Demons' Breach  

Min Level:1
Max Level:10
Demons' Breach is divided into 2 parts:
Nergal's Breach - Lvl 1-4 RvR Enabled Dungeon
Balban's Breach - Lvl 5-10 RvR Enabled Dungeon
Per patch 1.93 (4.02.08)
- The level requirement for the RVR dungeon, Balban's Breach, has been changed from 5-9 to 5-10.

Damage Shield - Anyone that hits the target with a melee attack is damaged by this protective shield.

Nergal's Breach Entrance:
Entrance in Camelot Hills: loc=13844,31236,2756 dir=241
Entrance in Lough Derg: loc=35231, 2882
Entrance in Vale of Mularn: loc=54582,50463,4860 dir=24

Balban's Breach Entrance:
Entrance in Black Mountains South: loc=41101, 45791 (on the top of the ridge, West of Ludlow.)
Entrance in East Svealand: loc=43391,5463,4860 dir=100
Entrance in Connacht: loc=60571,54897,5949 dir=21 (on hill southeast of Ardee)

Bordering Zones:

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