Enyalios' Boots  

Start Zone: Arbor Glen
Start NPC:Enaylio's First Guardian
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
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Per patch 1.69:
- Enyalios' Boots - Players will no longer receive a Small Crystalline Phial from the creatures of Aerus if they already have one in their inventory. If players should lose or destroy their existing one, they will be able to obtain another.

Per patch 1.84:
- Enyalio's Boots: The chest that used to spawn Enaylio's Boots has been turned off as the item is no longer required to activate the artifact. The mechanism for encounter credit has not been changed.

Below is the begining information for the Artifact Enyalios' Boots, if you know more information please send it in.

Enyalios' Boots.
Hypo Aerus
30974, 54185

Scholar Kevyn in Haven of Aerus lists the Boots as one of the artifacts he knows of, but won't speak to me about them.

While wandering around in Hypo Aerus, we stumbled upon a few of the floating islands. Atop one of these lies a huge, round marble room, in the center of which is a treasure chest called "Enyalios' Chest".

Also in the room are two sphinxes. Enyalios' First Guardian, and Enyalios' Second Guardian. Both are neutral, but only Enyalios' First Guardian will speak anything worthwhile. And he says a mouthful:

"Greetings to you of mortal blood. The guerdon awaits the laudable entity who conveys the answer of this conundrum before our falconiformic occuli. [Do you wish to hear?] If so, be sure to stay for its entirety or you will miss valuable information which will not be repeated.

I am lucky, it's in my name.
Controlling the air is but a game.
I ride the winds in silver light.
Never noon am I in sight.
My strength is great, my magic mighty --
Until the vessel, then I'm flighty.
My life, you see, is ne'er sans rules.
Because of this even simpleton fools
are given the means to bind my powers.
Then all I can do is sit and glower.
One thing in hand is all they need
when they fight me and succeed.
Resigned I am to follow the law.
But wishes granted are a myth in flaw.

... Your eyes have been cleared, and you will now be able to find the vessel that you will need to solve that which was passed to your ears. Someone in Aerus is bound to have that which you seek. You may wish to write down what you've just heard unless your memory is superb because you will not hear it again."


Enyalio's Boots Scroll 1 of 3 -- dropped off centaur commoners, craftsmen and guards in Green Glades.

Enyalio's Boots Scroll 2 of 3 -- drops off centaur lookouts, spearmen and patrollers.

Enyalios' Boots, 3 of 3 -- drops off centaur scouts, hunters, warriors and healers

Dialog from combining the 3 scrolls:

Any class that can wear studded/reinforced leather, chain/scale, plate armor may use this artifact.

Artifact also levels from RvR and mobs in TOA Dungeons, as per patch 1.71.

  Enyalios Boots (Hib) (reinf)
  Enyalios Boots (Alb) (studded)
  Enyalios Boots (Alb) (chain)
  Enyalios Boots (plate)
  Enyalios Boots (Mid) (chain)
  Enyalios Boots (Mid) (studded)


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