Last Heir (level 43)  

Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Trainer
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  Enchanting Willow
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Min Level:43
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Chieftess Niamh
Last Updated:Mon Oct 17 15:05:58 2005
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

As of patch 1.79 this quest is no longer being given out, only those with this quest in their journals prior to the 1.79 patch can complete this quest. This quest has been replaced with a new Epic quest Shattering the Alliance (Epic 8).

Hiya, this is the description for the Path of Harmony epic quest, level 43

1. See your trainer in TNN. Your trainer will tell you about rumors that although you killed Morven, a new danger is in the Bog of Cullen. He/She sends you to Chieftess Niamh to investigate.

2. Take a horse to Innis, talk to Chieftess Niamh. She will tell you more about these rumors, that she of course has no guards or harpers free to investigate the matter so she asks... you guessed right... she asks you to further investigate. Next one to interview is Kimba in Culraid.

3. Get a horse to Culraid from Innis and see the irbolg lady in the treehouse. She tells you about shrieking wraiths that cause trouble to
travellers and the unwary and that even the Siabra fear the wraiths. She sends you to a stranger who made his new home at the Innis Parthanan Farm, northeast of Innis.

4. Get a horse back to Innis and head northeast from the town. At the top of a small hill there is the farm and in the house there is the stranger, name is Donnchadh 57k, 26k. You two have a bit of chit chat and he tells you that you are cursed because you killed Morven's last heirs and that the only way to get rid of the curse that not only
affects you, it endangers all of Hibernia (Huzzah!), is with his help. Of course before he helps you, he wants you to do something for him. He needs a spirit sword and a spirit scabbard from 2 Dullahans.

5. Kill 2 Dullahans. Dullahans are a night spawn and can be found directly south west of Innis (around loc 45k 45k). At Level 43, I did this with a 50 Bard and it was easy like stealing sweets from a baby.

6. Return the two items to the stranger at the farm and receive your reward and the next task that can't be done before level 45.

  • Bladeturn Belt -- Blademaster

  • Ivory Beaded Sash -- Valewalker

  • String of Thoughts -- Mentalist

  • Empathetic Ring -- Druid

  • Strand of Freshwater Pearls -- Animist

  • Cloak of Stolen Dreams -- Vampiir

  • Rewards:
      Empathetic Ring
      Bladeturn Belt
      Ivory Beaded Sash
      String of Thoughts
      Strand of Freshwater Pearls
      Cloak of Stolen Dreams

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    # Oct 14 2005 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
    Dullahans is around loc 45k 45k very near to innis
    step 6
    # May 07 2003 at 4:50 PM Rating: Default
    When I returned with the dullahan parts, the cottage was guarded by 5-8 pookhas, agressive, fanned out in a protective circle to prevent me from entering. They did not BAF with a shout-pull, but they were purp con to 44 blade and con red/purp to level 46 warden.
    Druid reward
    # Mar 14 2003 at 6:09 AM Rating: Excellent
    At Level 46 a druid received a Empathetic Ring Con +9pts Emp +9 pts NA +3 pts and 1,642,934,658 experience for this part.
    Stranger's Name
    # Jan 12 2003 at 11:01 PM Rating: Excellent
    54 posts
    The name of the stranger is Donnchadh.

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