Aslan Valley (RoM Zone)  

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Map of Aslan Valley
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypePublic Outdoor
Expansion Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 20 to 35
Connecting Zones Ystra Highlands (south), Silverspring (northwest)
DungeonsNecropolis of Mirrors, The Origin
TownsSilverfall, The Distillery
CavesDerelict Mine, Rumpus Mine
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The Aslan Valley, dwarfed by towering crags on both sides, is shrouded in a primordial atmosphere. The Humans didn’t find any resources of significant value when they arrived, so they quickly moved on, leaving behind an almost untouched, pristine landscape.

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Aslan Valley is divided into two main areas, Aslan North (levels 18-25) and Aslan South (Levels 26-35), by the river on the northern edge of the only town, Silverfall.

The first camp you encounter, coming from Silverspring, is Qilana Camp which has quests for the Woodland of Qilana and the Deserted Mine to the north. Next is Hunters Camp, involved in the Goblin Village and Rumpus Mine.

West of Hunters Camp is the dark and mysterious Jade Valley. Deep within the Valley stands the portal to the dangerous high-level Instanced Dungeon, The Origin.

Crossing the river you come to the town of Silverfall, with a range of quests and the Silverfall Bulletin Board for Daily Quests throughout the zone. Silverfall sits on the northern edge of New Moon Forest and features crafting stations and an Auction House but no House Maid.

Continuing on the road southwest through New Moon Forest brings you to The Distillery and the gate to Ystra Highlands. The Distillery does have a House Maid and many quest NPCs involving the Forest and the Necropolis of Mirrors, a 35+ Elite Instanced Dungeon.

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