Aslan Valley (RoM Quest Series)  

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Aslan Valley
Quest Series
Title SeriesAslan Valley
Starting ZoneAslan Valley
Rec. Levels20 to 30
Previous Silverspring
Next Ystra Highlands
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Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Epic Quests

There are 2 Epic Quest Series with Chapters that take place wholly or partially in Aslan Valley

Crown Elites

Here are the Crown Elites we know of. At least three of them have quests or quest chains associated with them. For those that do, we list the first (or only) quest in their chain in parentheses.

Vahtos' Apprentice

This is parts two and three in the series which began in Silverspring and concludes in the Ystra Highlands.

Turmoil Ring
Aida Norley

  1. [20][Elite] Vahtos' Apprentice's Test - Find and remove Crazy Kiosade, the Dragonfly Boss
  2. [20] The Monster's Weakness
  3. [20][Elite] Crazy Kiosade

Bloodthirst Earring
Becky Norley

  1. Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition - Demon Vine
  2. [30][Elite] Joblid the Giant Flower

Aslan North

Started by examining the Black Tree

  1. [22] Black Tree - Ask Simone about the strange Black Tree.
  2. [22] Holy Flower - Get a Holy Flower (Ggl) to counteract the Black Tree's evil poison magic.
  3. [20] Healing - Use the Alchemy Flask next to Simone to distill the flower.
  4. [20] Shaman's Diagnosis - Speak with Shaman Eno at Silverfall so he can check your aura.

Qilana Camp


  1. Minimum Level 20:
  2. Minimum Level 21:



  1. [20] Investigating the Source
  2. [20] Report Back
  3. [22] Tools of Attraction - Get 12 Cold Hairy Frog Bodies.
  4. [20] Recipe for Destruction - Bury Simone's hairy frog bodies in Derelict Mine.


  1. [21] Recovered Cooking Tools - Kill Dwarves to recover 20 Kirolo's Cooking Tool (Ggl)s


  1. [22] Mysterious Mushrooms
  2. [22] Nadaseez's Plan

Derelict Mine

Cors Blake

Hunters Camp

Most of the quests here require Level 23.

Cornelius (Ggl)

  1. [26] Things That Go Bump - Kill 20 Hammertooth Noisemakers at the Goblin Village
  2. [26] Strange Machine - Find the Machinery Design Chart (Ggl)
  3. [26] Stop the Noise - Stop the machine

Birken (Ggl)

Roland Ebon


  1. [25] Maintaining the Ecological Balance - Obtain 12 Anteater Tooth (Ggl)s from Whiptail Anteater (Ggl)s
  2. [25] Unexpected Effect - Obtain 12 Anteater Claw (Ggl)s from Hard-claw Anteater (Ggl)s


  1. First:
  2. [25] Weapons Equal Survival - (repeatable?) Obtain 13 Elaborate Goblin Weapon (Ggl)s

Berta (Ggl)

Bruedin (Ggl)Woorf (Ggl)

  1. [25] Missing Hunter - Find Woorf (Ggl) on Bloodhound Mountain
  2. [25] Hunter's Greed - Get the Hunter's Digging Tool (Ggl) for Woorf (Ggl)
  3. [25] Guardians of the Ore - Find Woorf (Ggl) on Bloodhound Mountain

Barkbark (Ggl)

  1. [25] Removing the Traps
  2. [27] Saving the Seeds

Goblin Village

Lingbo (Ggl) [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]

  1. [23] Hammertooth Tools - Hammertooth Tool x7 (Ggl) from Hammertooth Roughnecks

Testa (Ggl)

  1. [27] Sage Magic - Kill 20 Hammertooth Sages
  2. [27] The Scholar's Judgement - Talk to Lingbo
  3. [27] Green Potion - Obtain a Sage's Green Potion from a Hammertooth Sage

Prutos (Ggl)

  1. [27] Wounded Hunter - get a Healing Pack (Ggl) from the camp
  2. [27] The Unseen Monster - Kill the Furious Goblin

Item Triggered • SimoneTarkun

  1. [24] Peculiar Potion - Take the potion to Simone
  2. [24] Medicine Analysis - Take Simone's analysis to Tarkun
  3. [25] Damaging Alchemy Equipment - Destroy the Goblin Alchemy Equipment in the Rumpus Mine

Aslan South



Shaman Eno

Silverfall Bulletin Board - Daily Quests



New Moon Forest

Holles • Shaman Eno (Silverfall)

  1. [27] Aslan Essence - Kill 20 Mature Ents
  2. [28] Ent Dust - Obtain Samples of Ent Dust x20 (Ggl)
  3. [28] Purifying Ritual - Obtain 20 Bumblebee Hive (Ggl)s
  4. [28] Don't Lose Another Second - Bury the Green Breath at the five altars

The Distillery


  1. [28] Ent Research - Collect some Ent samples
  2. [28] Missing Researcher - Find the researcher in Necropolis of Mirrors
  3. [30] Altars in the Lake - Examine the Ancient Altar at the Lake of Eternal Silence
  4. [35] Parting Message - Take the Rune Block to Fandy Tell
  5. [35] Chest of Mirrors from the Necropolis of Mirrors - get the Core of the Chest of Mirrors (Ggl)





Goeny [Supplier]


unlocked by completing Altars in the Lake

  1. [30] Little Girl Bessie - Go to the Hunters Camp and talk to bessie
  2. [30] Story Time - Tell Bessie a story
  3. [30] Giving Proof - Prove you are not all stories and no meat
  4. [35][Elite] Crisis at the Necropolis of Mirrors - Clear the three Bosses

New Moon Camp




  1. [28] The Secret of Bear Paws - Obtain Sharpclaw Bear Paw x12 (Ggl)
  2. [28] Pollen Stew - Obtain Demon Vine Pollen x12 (Ggl)
  3. [28] Red Grease - Obtain Red Scorpion Oil x12 (Ggl)

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